What a versatile juicer better

Universal juicer called device capable of processing any raw apples and pears, carrots, beet, turnip, radish, radishes, cherries, plums, apricots. And the bones of fetuses need to be removed (except for apples and pears). Details, read the manual for the device. In this context, citrus press does not fit the definition of the universal, and the press, Conversely, adequately demonstrate the suitability of their own to bear the proud name deriving from the Latin name Universe. What a versatile juicer better - consider in the article.

Universal juicer for apples Salute

Universal juicer for apples Fireworks exploded online. Vladimir of Togliatti on the device receives the whole drink a bucket for 20 minutes. Device belongs to the class of rotary type juice extractors, weighs 4.5 kg, 10 kg load allows apples inside. spin speed is not too high (3000 rpm), but the outer diameter of decent, there are strong vibrations. Vladimir advised to fasten the unit to the floor to avoid the excesses in operation.

Juicer for apples Salute

Neck to download large, the design allows the fruit to throw into the whole. Power Juicer Salute is 400 W, the equipment does not make it to the semi-professional, but the index will provide huge centrifuge and structural strength (experts recommend to refer to semi-models from 1 kW capacity). Mode long, are periodically required stop for cleaning.

Now about the features. Centrifuge at Universal cylindrical-type juicers, cake alone is not going away, no way to throw off the waste with a special lever, as is done in Zhuravinka. For this reason, the apples cool, until the juice flows. Inside is loaded up to 10 kg of fruit, better gradually. Otherwise, all the apples get off to one side, the device will be damaged or injure a person in the process. The disadvantage of not we call, simply use the product, please carefully. But capacity is 60 liters of juice per hour, at 50% spin ratio corresponds to 120 kilograms of fruit. A similar value outputs known Neptune (more precisely, the bottom bracket of range values).

At the bottom of the centrifuge is float, do not touch the bone. Oil cake is spinning in a circle, yet will not bother the user when a lot of apples, the specified option might be attributed to a shortage. After each bucket of apples will have to stop the process to remove the cake from the centrifuge and throw. Do not forget to turn off the universal juicer Salute from the electricity supply. Otherwise, the possibility remains cripple, on the dealer's website there is no information on protection against inclusion with the lid open.

Juicer for stone fruit

Factor extraction may be adjusted by varying the purity of the juice. Inside the centrifuge grid double. Small inner layer may be removed, get a drink with pulp (number will be greater, the process takes less time). Factor is taken into account flexibility, using the universal juicer. Please note, plums and apricots can not be installed inside the whole, it will damage the mesh and blunted grater. About cherry inquire details from the manufacturer or dealer. Juicer for stone fruit will not work.

Universal juicer Neptune

Juicer Neptune refers to the class of rotary instruments with conical centrifuge grid. Resetting the cake is done automatically in a carefully outstretched the capacity of any type. Depending on the specific case may put on the spin and resulting waste. Pre-need to prepare the fruit, remove the core. Large bones are removed of course, apples and pears are allowed to pledge the whole inside. Today versatile juicer Neptune most productive available on the shelves. When own unit mass of 7 kg recycles at least 120 kg of apples per hour. Power juicer is 320 watts.

Please note, the induction motor to operate reliably laid in the foundation of the structure. This particular type of power unit, capable of startup may consume high amounts of energy. In particular nominal capacity overlapped significantly.

Fact supposed to take into account in homes with older wiring. Margin should be 10 times the face value: the capacity of domestic power grids in the 3.2 kW would be sufficient, provided that the disabled other powerful consumers. Failure to comply with the recommendations of causing unpleasant consequences up to the fire.

Salute versatile juicer designed for a long period of work. The exact time is not given in hours, expect value is correlated with the duration of a working day (8 - 10 hours). Apparently, it is assumed that the longer a cottager not usidit with on-site production. Juicer Neptune with larger ones allow to deal with the harvest as quickly as possible. Add that special design grater ejects bone waste, spin rate varies within 30 - 55%, which is considered quite standard indicators for rotary centrifuges with conical net.

Juicers for a lot of juice

Both of these models produced in Russia. One of Penza, the second - from Stavropol. Both juicers for a lot of juice, the quality of speech does not go. The latter is not required if the product is subsequently subjected to thermal treatment and is packaged for banks.

Universal juicer Hurom and Angel Juicer

Believe that the best juicer from Germany? Considered universal rotary juicer great performance, and now take a few words to the plant's production, which is considered the inventor of the method, the slow cold pressing screw. Asian technology unlike in an affordable price, but not a trendsetter drew attention to rule. Juicer (Korea) Hurom worth 16,000 rubles, which at current prices, a high rate.

The warranty on the device is 10 years. Most versatile juicers Hurom constructed on a single circuit with a vertical screw. The difference in power and small design details. For the most part, the model allows to prepare cocktails. At present special outlet conduit flap projecting further option drop-stop. In the course of the discharge outlet is closed, turns into sleep ingredients. After a time the external obegatel carefully moves the contents of the cocktail is ready.

Universal German juicer

Although the screw and durable mesh, before storage into the fruit better prepare. Especially true for stone fruit, vegetables and fruit with a thick skin, like:

  • plums;
  • apricots;
  • pumpkin.

It is entertaining to watch the first commercials of Korean product (in English), which represents a model pioneer. The movie says that auger juicer almost faster than the rotor. In the case of low-power home version - it looks true, but do not attempt universal juicer Hurom compared with Neptune or fireworks. The victory will clearly remain over Russia, and the quality... of Korea. Juice from the leaves of the centrifuge turbid, has a tendency to flake that is visually unpleasant and spoil the feeling of drinking.

Universal auger juicer leaves a maximum of vitamins and enzymes because of the special slow spin, carefully treated with the product and do not heat it. Excluded temperature decay of vitamin C to be run even at 45 degrees Celsius. Which juicer is best depends on the number of processed fruits. To take a single apple auger, the result is 85% (and up to juicy fruit). The pulp of apricot in both cases will mash, it is advisable to look at the twin-screw juicers, are now considered universal and extremely expensive.

Kept secret, but the twin-screw juicers Angel Juicer available in South Korea. Over thirty years ago made the first prototype of this exciting says Mr. Mun Hun Lee. The company was founded two years after the release of the prototype, in 1984, named Angel Co., Ltd. At the same time I saw the light of the first mechanical twin-screw type juicer apples. Electric model appeared only in 1991.

Considering the above, it appears from the East came to the model:

  1. With a single screw.
  2. With two screws.

These types of today's most expensive, effective and popular. Very impressive history of development, there were a model with support for voice commands in 1993. By the way, in Korea products Angel Co., Ltd has become a recognized brand name among consumers in 2005. Today the whole world knows about the unique universal juicer, but the history of enterprise development is not widely known.

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