F02 error in the Bosch washing machine

Was your Bosch washing machine crashing? You have chosen a program, but the washing does not start or stops after 5 minutes of operation, and then gives F02 error on the display? Do not worry, the self-diagnosis system will help to calculate the problem and quickly fix it.

The first step is to decipher the error code.

2.1 D OS1 Water pressure sensor( pressure switch)

  • 2.2.2 Control module
  • Interpretation and causes of the

    code The BOSCH washing machine displays the F02 error, which means that there is no water supply. There may be several reasons why water is not collected in the tank. Start checking with the most simple.

    The causes of the malfunction and the F02 error are conditionally divided into three types:

    1. External malfunctions that are not related to the operation of the washing machine.
    2. Mechanical faults.
    3. Failure of electronics.

    Let us see how you can fix the damage yourself and remove the error code F 02 from the board.

    Troubleshooting and Repair

    The first step is to eliminate the failure of the electronic controller. Disconnect CM Bosch for 10–20 minutes. If the cause is failed, the error will be reset and the code will no longer appear on the screen.

    What should I do if the reboot did not give anything? Move on.

    External problems that prevent the Bosch washer from functioning properly should be eliminated. What does it mean:

    • Check the correctness of the connection of the machine. It happens that the drain hose is located below the level of the tank - then self-draining occurs. Place it in the correct position, at least 50 cm from the floor. At the same time exclude the moment of bending of the hose, as a result of which water does not flow well.
    • Twist the knob of the water supply tap. Perhaps he was in the closed position.
    • Check the water supply: it may be missing or there is a low water pressure in the pipes. Check it by disconnecting the hose. Dip it in the sink and see: if the pressure is weak - you need to call the plumber to solve the problem. Check if the hose is clogged.

    Mechanical problems

    So, the plumbing has been tested. Next, go to the mechanical parts of the Bosch washer.

    Filling filter

    The filter is located at the junction of the filling hose to the Bosch washing machine. You need to disconnect the hose, use a plier to get the filter and check for clogging.

    If he is really clogged with debris - wash it with a tap. After installing the element in place, check the operation of the CMA.Perhaps the F02 error is no longer lit on the screen.

    Intake valve

    The water intake valve could be blocked or out of order. How to remedy the situation and replace the valve:

    1. Pull the plug from the outlet, de-energizing the Bosch machine.
    2. Remove the top cover of the washer.
    3. Disconnect the connectors leading to the valve coil.
    4. Remove the clips from the hoses and disconnect them.
    5. Unscrew the valve fixing bolt and remove the part of their typewriter.
    6. New part is installed in reverse order.

    Manhole Door

    If the door does not close tightly or is not locked, the machine will not start the water intake and washing process. The reason may be a breakdown of the hatch locking device. The door handle may have broken or the locking element worn out. Then you need to replace damaged items.

    Examine the side fastenings of the door: if they are loose, the retainer simply does not reach the lock.

    Failure of UBL may occur due to failure of the electronics. When the control module does not signal a door lock, it does not close, error F02 is displayed.

    Faults with

    electronics Problems with electronics require accurate testing by a tester. If you have already eliminated other causes of the malfunction, then you need to check the pressure switch and controller.

    Water pressure sensor( pressure switch)

    A sensor monitoring the amount of water in the tank sends a signal to the control module. If the device breaks down, the controller does not receive a signal - water is not drawn.

    You need to get to the sensor and, before replacing, inspect the wiring cable from the pressure switch to the module. Perhaps the reason is the blown wires that can be replaced.

    • Remove the top panel of the Bosch typewriter.
    • At the top, at the side wall, you will see the pressure switch.
    • Remove the screws holding the device, disconnect the contacts.
    • Disconnect the pressostat hose and check for clogging.
    • After cleaning the hose, proceed to check the sensor.
    • Connect the short tube and blow into it.
    • If you hear clicks( from 1 to 3), it means that the pressure sensor is working.

    Control Module

    The module is checked last. To do this, remove the unit from the washer and inspect the board for damage. The video will help you in replacing the control unit:

    After the repair, start the Bosch washing machine. See if the F02 error disappeared from the display, and if the CMA is functioning normally.

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