How to choose a juicer universal

In bodybuilding vitamin C called the king of the masses. Muscle growth is capable absent due to different causes, but ascorbic acid tones organism, positive effect on the metabolism. The human body stores of vitamin is not found, it dissolves only in water. Malyshev calls juice, resulting in a centrifuge with a high turnover, "sweet some water" without reason. Rapid turnover heated liquid, already at 45 degrees vitamin C begins to disintegrate. Marked loss of other chemical compounds, ascorbic acid but is most vulnerable. How to choose a juicer universal, to see on the table vitamin drink, not sweet vodichku?

mechanical juicers

Surprisingly, mechanical juicers are considered to be leaders in quality of juice obtained from citrus fruits. The raw materials are oranges, lemons, limes. Manual juicer is a plastic dome with ribs extending along the meridians of the hemisphere. Fruit relies cut into two equal hemispheres, then the pulp is pressed down with the rotation. The juice flows through a circular trough gap. Note that the lion's share of the pulp is also provided in the collecting container.

universal juicer

It turns out, manual juicers recognized maximum efficiency among other known types. Only highly specialized purpose. Squeeze will only citrus. Trying to get a small share of apple juice will fail. The resulting product is deemed complete, it contains a maximum of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. The juice contains a fair amount of fiber, useful for digestion.

However, Malyshev next argues that it is better to eat the whole fruit. If no clean orange, teeth do not listen, comes to the aid manual juicer. To use the device, it is necessary to make tangible efforts. Not every housewife from the first time will use manual juicer. We'll have to ask for help a lot mate.

So, in the above case, the pulp receives minimum damage squeezed juice the most useful. The advantage of the model are:

  • low cost;
  • Regardless of whether the mains voltage;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • durability (crack nothing);
  • hygiene.

Remember little detail. Modern polymers tend to disintegrate into its component after about 10 years of operation. the phenomenon can not be avoided. When you purchase a mechanical juicer trust his own nose. The slightest sharp and unpleasant odor will tell you that the product is not suitable.

Auger juicer

rotary juicer

Heating the juice destroys vitamins. As for similar nutrients. When cooking is inevitably lost nutritional value. Recall, we describe how to select the universal juicer. Heard that Rotary juicer juice is heated in the process of spinning, lost vitamins, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients. If you intend to roll up to the banks harvest, the value of the information provided is equal to zero, there is no sense to spend 35,000 rubles for the twin screw juicer.

The reason - the twist require complete sterility. So, any kind of fruit and vegetables will heat up to 100 ° C temperature. When it inevitably lost 70% of vitamin C, half acids of group B, even vitamin PP (niacin) badly affected.

To make the twist, no matter the quality of the juice, and the juice extractor performance. By Youtube twist roller, wherein burly man for 20 min recycles bucket apples. Exactly what is needed.

In the video, there are contact details and the name of our hero. Watch the video call. It is written that the following pre-sale preparation is to prepare Rotary juicer to work in the finalization of the known types of defects. There is a sense to buy a unit in this way. The only advise, inquire about the warranty conditions.

Juicer universal, Russia, will support domestic producers. Most importantly, the device is adapted to Russian realities. Hefty Mahina (weight in pounds of the area), requiring minimum maintenance, relies screwed to the floor, to not go in hand. Cut a bucket of apples, turn on the device, we go to sleep fruits, collect the juice. After working relies remove the cake. Judging from the video, the dry.

Russian juicer

The resulting juice is poured into banks, sterilize, roll up, winter is used as a source not vitamins but chemical compounds and rich taste. By the way, juicer versatile able to overcome domestic apples, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, any watery fruits.

If the mentioned model on sale is not found, refer to figures shown for selecting rotary juicer:

  1. At power up to 250 W Rotary juicer requires regular rest. If you plan to spin, choose a model at least half a kilowatt. Rotary juicer exceeding 1 kW of power, are semi-models. Successfully work, but create a lot of noise, which is not like the neighbors.
  2. Rate centrifuge shape and material of the grid. Always take given the choice chrome steel. Otherwise acids contained in fruits, will wash out metal directly into a glass. According malyshevoy is unprofitable. Not worth taking rotary juicer with grids of pure aluminum. As regards the form, give preference to a conical centrifuge, the individual can self-clean, dumping the excess cake.
  3. The number of revolutions is preferably not less than 9000, to pay extra for 20000 is not always appropriate. Such speed is needed to overcome the quality, for example, carrots (and other hard fruits and vegetables). If you want to drink beet juice, think about the auger juicer (see. below).

Domestic versatile juicer

From any chosen rotary juicer cake obliged to go dry. How to check? Before you buy go to the familiar look. Check out the clips on YouTube. Take the initiative.

auger juicer

Auger juicer retain nutrients almost at full strength. Most components (except nets and floats) are made of plastic, high vitamin flows into the glass.

Do not expect a great performance from the screw. The model is designed to squeeze the juice and drink immediately (as long as the vitamins in place). Storage is not expected. If we merged the juice in a jar for later, take the trouble to put in a dark cool place. Better suited for the storage of glass containers.

Juicer universal auger cope with carrots and svekolkoy better rotor of the device do not take off the pieces in different directions, the plastic screw is practically safe. So that the demonstrators on YouTube without fear to put their fingers inside. We recommend the use of special plastic to ram piston that are provided to the auger juicer.

The effectiveness against fruit solids is achieved by using elements in compression. After chopping vegetables and fruit slices choke between the screw and the mesh walls. If you wish to get the oil from the seeds need an alternative.

twin screw juicer

Raw foodists believe: the best universal juicer twin screw. If the reader is in doubt scratched his head, read, please, in the Wikipedia article about Veganism. So vegetarians love the juices of herbs, leaves, roots, and other incredible things. Twin-screw squeezer made of sunflower seeds, sunflower oil and meal for halva. Think about it, if you love food.

The creators of the twin-screw juicers have gone further when compared with previous designs. The device can make minced meat, mashed apples, squeeze the sausage in the presence of special skills in cooking. Augers are made of a special magnetized steel. Constant field therebetween contributes to maintaining a complete set of vitamins, the breakaway particles adhere to the screw a special plate on the bottom of the bowl team. Excesses occur rarely, but the designers have done everything that the buyer does not hurt. Spinning is between the screws (gap less than 1 mm).

Thus, the twin-screw juicer - an expensive device that allows to squeeze the juice quality. In this case, speed is not high, it is not surprising. Diametrical augers size unit is cm, low rpm (90 min).

What universal squeezer best, it depends on the product for juicing, velocity and quantity of the result. Remember about the vitamin C!

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