Juicer Moulinex auger

Moulinex almost a century takes care of us. In 1929 he organized a company engaged in the release of products from ferrous metals. The first appliance - vegetable cutter - patented in 1932. According to legend, the idea occurred to the invention of one of the owners of the company when his wife put down poorly milled vegetable puree. With the French company's name is translated as a hybrid word "mill". We believe that in the 25 years that have passed since the invention of vegetable slicers and getting the company a new name, Jean Mantel has not forgotten the first successful commercial experience. Success came to the instrument after many closures, when the price of the production model has fallen to 20 francs. It is believed, since the company strategy includes a steady decline in the cost of production. Juicer Moulinex auger worth 12,000 rubles (INFINY PRESS REVOLUTION ZU500).

Principles of Operation auger juicer

It remains to disassemble juicer Moulinex, to explain the principle of operation. Rotary models work on the basis of a rapidly rotating vertical centrifuge. Owners of old washing machines activator understand what was said. The higher the speed, the more carefully squeezed juice. To grind the fruit on the bottom of the centrifuge is set High-quality steel float. Vegetables and fruits are falling through the neck and into the torn part of the fast spin speed. Therefore, the juice from the rotary juicers out rough and easily exfoliates. Drink drink is not too nice.

Juicer Moulinex

It has long been noticed that the juice of the latter loses some vitamins and enzymes. This is due to the influence of coarse grater on the fetus, in addition - heating the juice, due to the rapid rotation of the centrifuge. These factors spoil the quality of the product. It is noticed that from the press juice is a much more nutritious and healthier. The fluid contains more vitamins, enzymes, clear beverage is not stratified. Designers began to think, how to make the device is ground and pressing the product at the same time.

Thus was born the auger juicer two types:

  1. With the horizontal position of the screw.
  2. With a vertical arrangement of the screw.

The first is largely reminiscent of a meat grinder. The pulp is ground screw, the grille and a knife missing. Instead adjustment devices (in advanced models) outlet valve through which the cake comes out. The tighter the clamp screw, the more the squeezing ratio. But! The slower process and more effort is necessary to attach the motor or the human hand to rotate the auger juicer. The position of the screw is designed to meet the golden mean, which provides a delicate balance between extraction ratio and the efforts of the motor.

Juicer vertical screw type wringer not like. When the device is installed a cylindrical cup, which is traditionally made from transparent plastic. Coaxially located within the steel mesh smaller by 3 - 4 cm in diameter than the bowl. It is constantly spinning around obegatel. The device two tasks:

  1. Collect the juice flowing along the perimeter to the pouring spout.
  2. Clean off the flesh from the outside of the grid, if the waste will be in excess.

Juicer from Moulinex

The heart is considered auger juicer, showing pear-shaped, slightly thicker down. cylindrical shape of the mesh. Schneck first carries the fetus in a spiral, then starts rubbing of the net, clenching. In this way, the flesh torn off, but does not go out (mesh shape is not similar to a grater), and goes down, compressing and giving juice. Since cold pressing method is implemented. Below is a separator, passes through the device solely pulp discharged by special channel directly into a waste container. Juice from the drain spout (located higher than for cake discharge channel) goes directly into a glass.

Why auger juicer retains maximum of vitamins

The operating principle of auger juicer is cold pressing, the device treats the fruit gently. Due to the slow rotation of the screw heat the juice does not occur. Spinning is carried out extremely carefully with preservation of useful properties. Similarly, it solves the problem of preservation of vitamins in the juicer.

Screw model is generally not characterized by large capacity. Juicer has to periodically turn off to rest. The best models, mainly work, while the remaining rest. For example, VT cycle - 1,602 is:

  • 30 minutes of operation;
  • 10 - 15 minutes of rest.

This is the best variant. Other auger juicer rest much longer and more than work. For this reason, we recommend devices only true lovers of vitamin drinks, cottagers units are not suitable for the processing of the crop. Choosing auger juicer defined tasks facing the customer.

Juicer retains vitamins

A revolution in the world of auger juicer

By purchasing equipment for 12,000 rubles, we do not recommend to conduct repair juicers Moulinex own. Let's see what can new friend INFINY PRESS REVOLUTION ZU500. Advertising on the run states that the device is obtained in 35% more juice. Assume that the comparison is with rotary squeezers, spin rate provides 90% to selected fruits. Inside it is not allowed to put a solid fruit, nuts and ice.

The fundamental difference between the auger juicers Moulinex from other peers is in the form of a grid. Tapers downwardly auger thickness remains almost constant. The design contains a maximum of transparent plastic parts, it is curious to observe how the device works. It made a series of holes for download.

Such method makes it easier to load small berries, or to fill the auger at the same time several kinds of products. It is possible that this is done just as extravagant publicity stunt. The asynchronous motor is rated at 300 watts, working with a volume of 70 dB is not very quiet, but we can not say that the value was beaten out of the norm.

Said type of engine capable of consuming the starting current to about 10 times the rate. The amount will 3kW. This need to be considered when starting from a diesel generator or in the apartment with the old wiring. The apparatus has a triple protection switching due to improper assembly.

Any auger juicer going Moulinex in France, which is not typical in the current situation, when the production is often made in China. Engine compartment shows the shape of a truncated cone, the vertex facing downward, rests on a tripod made of aluminum. First of all the question arises, how much weight the device as it is stable.

Included are two screens:

  1. Juice.
  2. To puree.

There is a function of a drop-stop, but no mention of the preparation of cocktails. As a rule, for the latter purpose, a screw juicer Comes with special nozzle-valve on the drain hole. While inside thrown ingredients, the lid is closed. When they reach the full composition of the recipe, all thoroughly mixed, the check valve spout auger juicer opens, ready cocktail hits the team bowl. Penoseparator pleases. The drink will not suffer excess loose caps inherent in product operation rotary juicers. However, suffering disease (to a lesser extent) and other screw model.


It comes with a recipe book. In the described vertical auger juicer obegatel offline. Or non-traditional form. It turns out, auger juicer Moulinex really looks revolutionary technology.

P.S.: Search for spare parts for screw-type juicer Moulinex certainly manufacturer.

Juicer attachment for meat grinder Moulinex

manufacturers often release auger juicer in the form of nozzles on the grinder own production. Do not stay aside and Moulinex to the SS-192 662, the cost of 1300 rubles. Price is in the lower segment, the upper limit reaches 4000 rubles.

Nozzle for grinder Moulinex Juicer is made of steel, it's wonderful. For example, Zelmer such cheap products are made of plastic, less strong and durable. So Molineux again kept his promise of sales at the lowest price. The result obtained from the grinder horizontal auger juicer.

In a set of two grids. Probably, the first is for juice, puree for second. Universal model, suitable for meat grinder several manufacturers. For example, Tefal, Roventa, Krups and calories. Not all the same grinder, before buying consult the dealer, whether the product is suitable to home model.

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