The refrigerator does not work, but the light is on

Today each house is filled with modern household appliances "to the dump washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator. Everything is measured "grumbles" and works, periodically informing the user about the problems. It happens that the technique works visually, but in fact it does not work. Speaking of the refrigerator: it often happens that the technology does not hum, and the light is on.

If the compressor sounds or the relay clicks are not heard, and the products on the shelves began to deteriorate, and at the same time the refrigerator does not turn on, and the light is on, it's a breakdown.

When the light is on, but does not freeze one of the compartments (or both) - this is not a temporary failure or an electronic "glitch in most cases, the fault of one of the nodes of complex equipment is to blame.

It also happens that the compressor does not start, the light does not light - then you can claim its full breakdown. But today's review is devoted to the problem of an unplugged refrigerator with a burning light bulb. Consider the signs and causes of such a problem below.

Why the engine stalls

When your refrigerator "Indesit "Atlant" or "Nord" has stopped to freeze, but in the main compartment the light or LED-illumination is on (or does not light), first check the following moments:

  • If you have new equipment, stuffed with modern functions - and they all work, but the camera is warm, checkcorrect installation. If the body position is uneven and you did not use the technical level during installation, the door may not fit securely. "Smart" model will not allow the motor to turn on if there is warm air in the camera. There is no point in cooling the air - its flow does not stop. Some models will notify the user of the problem byerror codeon an electronic scoreboard.

  • If you have a Biryusa refrigerator and there is no light in it (as well as ZIL, Dnepr and any old model), pay attention to the power cord, plug or socket. Perhaps the technique is not "to blame and the root of the problem lies on the surface. If the electrical component is in complete order, the old refrigerator could have failed because of an internal fault. De-energize the equipment, unload the shelves and wait for the master.

Important! If the light in the refrigerator has gone out, but the motor is working, check the light bulb. And if the light has ceased to burn, and the technology does not turn on, there was a breakdown.

What to do if the light does not turn on and the motor does not work:

  1. Reboot the refrigerator.
  2. If the compressor turns on and the light does not light, inspect the light bulb.
  3. If it is burned out, replace it.
  4. Halogen, fluorescent or incandescent lamp is easy to replace by yourself - remove the plafond and reinstall the lamp.
  5. If you need to change the LED-light, act neatly or contact the service.

It is worthwhile to consider in more detail the reasons why the device refuses to work. Narrow the range of possible breakdowns by reading our table of possible failures, causes and signs:

Symptoms What is the problem How to fix the crash
In the chamber there is light, but the motor "is silent". The refrigerator clicks, but does not start. The motor-compressor burnt out. Clicking is just an accompanying feature. They are issued by a starting protective relay, which is responsible for starting and stopping the compressor. If the engine manages to turn on, it is "cut down" almost instantly. The compressor needs to be reinstalled. Sometimes this repair is so expensive that it is easier to buy a new refrigerator.

The light is on, the compressor does not turn on. There are audible clicks.

Model of the refrigerator with electromechanical type of control.

The temperature regulator (thermostat) is broken. The device is responsible for controlling the temperature in the chambers. If the thermostat fails, the control unit does not receive a signal that there is not enough cold in the camera. As a result, the motor shuts down. Replacing the thermostat will solve the problem.
The light is on, the motor is off (actual for models equipped with electronic control type). Breakdown of the air sensor of the main camera. This sensor, because of a malfunction, does not transmit data on the temperature rise in the camera, so the motor does not start. The sensor needs to be replaced.
Does not work neither light nor refrigerator. The failure of the starting protective relay is likely to occur. The relay changes to a new one.
Lighting may not be, but it can burn. This is a failure of the electronic board. If the control unit is broken, it does not read the sensor signals, and the motor does not start. You need to flash or replace the board.

When an imported or domestic refrigerator does not work (for example, "Stinol"), and the light is on, it is worth paying special attention to the additional "symptoms" of the problem. Do not ignore clicks and other signs. All of them will help the master in the initial diagnosis of the problem.

Sometimes failures occur due to force majeure. For example, an air sensor can burn out when there is a voltage drop in the mains. And together with it a light bulb can burn out. Therefore, the absence of light - not always an accurate indicator of breakage.

Important! Install the RCD and stabilizer to avoid trouble. And also use the services of professional workshops, so as not to break down the technique completely. Remember, you can not solve problems with eletronics independently if you do not have the skills.

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