How to choose the best curling iron for curling ringlets

How to choose the best curling iron for curling ringlets


What woman, who has straight hair by nature, does not dream of long spiral curls! For any of these women, the actual question is: how to choose a curling iron for everyday realization of your dream in life.


  • 1Varieties of surface coating
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  • 2What to look for when choosing
  • 3What are the ploys
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Varieties of surface coating

Plyoka, or styler, for hair in Soviet times was a scarce and in demand commodity. Every woman wanted to be a beauty, taking various steps for this: those who did not want to spend extra time, achieved the desired with the help of a permanent waving in the hairdresser, and the more persistent spent a lot of time in front of the mirror in the morning, using a curd and in every way achieving the effect of large curls on his head.

Before the choice of these devices did not exist, they were all in the form of rounded aluminum forceps with a clamp and very badly damaged the structure of the hair. Currently, you can choose a variety of plaques of various shapes, with a coating:

  • metal;
  • Teflon;
  • ceramic;
  • tourmaline.

Instruments with a metal coating are the cheapest, they are unevenly heated, while the strands literally attracts to the surface. The hair is burned, becomes brittle and split, and the surface of the frying pan is contaminated with adhering fat.

If you decide to buy a Teflon-coated curling iron, then for some time, protect your hair from over-drying and its effects. But after a certain period of time, the coating can be worn and the metal layer under the top coating will be exposed.

Ceramic coating is the most common material for the styler, it is practical to use and it is better to choose it. Ceramics, especially with the ionizer, when heated, produces a negative ionic charge that seals the scales of the hair, not allowing moisture to lose and keeps them in a healthy state.

It is better if the surface is made entirely of ceramic material, and not just covered with such a layer, otherwise it will be the same fate as the Teflon top plate.

A big minus of ceramics is fragility. If the appliance is not properly handled, it is possible to sever the part of the ceramic plate.


Tourmaline coating produces even more negative charges and as carefully treats hair, ak and ceramic. However, a fairly high price influences the fact that it is impossible for some to choose this type of flat.

Video: how to choose a ploy

What to look for when choosing

There are several points that you need to pay attention to before choosing a hair curler.

  1. Presence of a thermostat. Much more convenient when it is, because you need to carefully select the temperature for curling hair. In modern models, the heating scale varies from 60 to 200 degrees. When hair is standard in performance, it's best to use a temperature of 100 to 120 degrees for a curl. If the strands are stiff and naughty, you will have to select a mode from 150 and above. Well, with fine hair, prone to damage, you need to set the temperature on the tongs no more than 60-80 degrees.
  2. Diameter and length. To choose the most suitable, you first need to decide which locks of the format you most need. If you are a fan of fine curls with tight spiral curls, it is better to choose forceps with a small diameter, not more than 10-15 mm. For a medium-sized wave, a plate with a circumference of 20-25 mm is suitable. And if you want to achieve the effect of large curls, then safely choose a tool of large diameter in the range of 35-40 mm. In addition, if your hair is up to the heel, then the length of the curl should also be sufficient to evenly thread a strand on it.
  3. Number of baits. If you are a fan of daily hairstyles with different variations of their performance, then you it is necessary to buy a model with a large number of replaceable attachments for implementation conceived.
  4. Cord. It is necessary that it be rotating around its axis and thick enough. Such a cord will not twist and will not recheck, even with prolonged and intensive use.
  5. Power. It depends on this, what speed of heating will be at the device and how much qualitatively it can wind the hair. In modern models, power ranges from 25 to 90 watts. At home, enough forceps up to 50 watts.

What are the ploys

If you finally decided to buy this device and you had a question, what are the types of hairpieces, then consider all the options before choosing a tool.

  • Tongs with clamp. The most convenient and customary view for the consumer, which is the most optimal for use. Creates various ringlets ranging from small to large.
  • Cone curling iron. Tapered from bottom to bottom model to create curls of the same format. It is considered a bit uncomfortable when used alone.
  • Plaice for the radical volume. Used solely for the purpose, to give the hair volume from the roots. Locons such a model can not be achieved.
  • The tongs are corrugated. They are used both for creating waves of different widths, and for structuring individual strands.
  • Double ploys are double-barrels. They are 2 parallel bars for creating zigzag strands. It requires a certain skill, so it is better to use a thermoplastic when using them.
  • Rotating ploy. The upper clamping bar of these devices rotates about its axis in both directions and simultaneously twists and smooths the strands. It is very convenient to use and create the right hair and waving.
  • Spiral styler. Designed directly to create elastic spiral curls of a clear shape.

We hope that our advice will help you decide in your choice and the beauty of your curls will attract the admiring glances of men every day.

Video: curling irons for different types of curls

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