The refrigerator clicks

The refrigerator can not work completely quietly. Everyone is already accustomed to the sounds of the motor, which is started to cool the camera. But it happens that you hear completely new sounds - clicks. Having noticed such signs, it is necessary to search urgently for the reason. Check how the camera works - whether it cools the food.

Why does the fridge click when I work? How to determine the cause of strange sounds, and also to eliminate the breakdown if necessary, read in the article.

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  • 1The refrigerator clicks loudly
    • 1.1Why does the compressor relay click
  • 2The refrigerator clicks and does not freeze

The refrigerator clicks loudly

You heard clicks, opened the refrigerator and checked everything. The systems are normal, the chambers are cooled. What's the matter? Notice when exactly the clicks are heard.

1. Clicks are heardafter tripping and defrosting. Probably, this deforms the material during defrost and cooling. They can click and crack the walls of the chamber, tubes, other plastic parts.

Important! These sounds are perfectly normal and are not a deviation from the normal operation of the refrigerator. It is not necessary to sound the alarm - when the equipment enters the familiar temperature regime, the sounds stop.

2. Fridgeconstantly clicks when turning on and off. Hence, the temperature regulator is activated. This is normal for models with a mechanical control system, and also if sounds are audible from the first day of the refrigerator stay in the house. If the technique started snapping recently, it's time to alert yourself and start looking for the cause of the problem.

When you should not worry:

  • if after the examination you have found out that the chambers normally freeze;
  • there is no water under the fridge;
  • there is no smell of burnt plastic;
  • the scoreboard does not display an error code.

Did you notice one of the signs from your technique? Let's consider the possible reasons:

  1. In refrigeration equipment (CW) with mechanical control, something clicks, but the motor-compressor does not start. It can happen with any brand of CW - Atlant, Indesit, Bosch. At the same time it is noticeable that the light in the compartment is lit and the bulbs are glowing. This indicates a problem with the thermostat. The device responds to a rise in temperature in the chamber, and when you click the engine should earn, but this does not happen. A new regulator is installed.
  2. The new refrigerator periodically strangely snaps. The motor may be working, but after a shutdown, it will not turn on for a long time. The starting relay constantly clicks, but the technique does not start working. As a result, the compressor starts working again as usual. This situation can be permanent or occur only once.
    The reason for the voltage drops in the network. There is not enough energy to start the engine, although the light and indicators are lit. It is recommended to install a network stabilizer - so XO will last much longer.
  3. If the technique clicks and turns off - it's in the weakened engine mounts. The shock absorbers are bolted, they absorb the vibrations of the motor during operation. When the shock absorber mountings are weakened, the engine can be beaten against the housing before shutdown. To fix the problem, you need to tighten the shock absorber mountings.

There are other failures that require specialist help.

Why does the compressor relay click

You can hear clicks in the refrigerator, but the engine does not start. There is a light in the compartment, but the fan does not rotate in the Samsung No Frost system (or other brands and models). It's all about the compressor's starting relay. Clicking a relay means the command to start the motor. If the relay is faulty, the engine will not be able to start.

When such a breakdown happens, it is better to call a master who will quickly replace the damaged part.

The refrigerator clicks and does not freeze

There are several symptoms that indicate a malfunction in the operation of the motor CW:

  1. The motor does not start, but you can hear the start relay click. A short buzz of the motor is heard, then again a trip.
  2. The compressor turns on, but there is no cold in the chamber. After the relay command, the motor switches off.
  3. The motor clicks loudly before shutting down. The departments work as usual, the products are cooled.

When the engine does not start, this indicates a breakdown. What to do? In such cases, only the replacement of the part will help. If the clicks are audible before shutting down, then the engine mounts loose, they need to be twisted.

As you can see, the reasons for clicks can be different. It is important to pay attention to signs of breakdown, then you will soon be able to detect it and eliminate it. Sometimes extraneous sounds are normal work of the refrigerator. But if you notice something strange, contact a specialist.

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