Which is better to buy a juicer

To maintain health, stock up on fresh juice. Once spending 4500 rubles, will be able to buy excellent auger juicer that will give a variety of kitchen table will help get rid of the disease. Proceed. Let's talk, what better to buy a juicer.

The choice of juicers in store

The choice of juicers in store

How to find the right on Yandex-market

Yandex-market today - an extremely high demand electronic catalog, through the site is easy to evaluate the range of offers without leaving the computer chair. To score proved to be correct, it is advisable to know how to find the desired type of product. Juicers look harder than it looks.

Not counting the subspecies and the press release these types of juicers:

  1. Rotary juicers often called centrifuge or centrifugal. Fruits in devices torn apart within a horizontal drum, then pressed against the walls of the mesh, wherein the fluid is given. The process is due to the rapid rotation of the centrifuge. Fruits presses with great force against the wall, there is a spin cycle. Less in the rough cutting process. In addition, the vitamins are lost, efficiency of the device is not too large, less than desired. If a liter of juice costs 65 rubles and 1 kg of apples cost 65 rubles, handwritten manufacture unprofitable juice. Centrifugal model much noise: commutator motor is forced to rotate at a high speed (the higher the better), the process will not be quiet.
    Auger juicer

    Auger juicer

  2. Auger juicer revolve slowly. A typical figure is 85 revolutions per minute. A terrible roar turns into a light crash. Calm in the house is not broken. The juice is squeezed on the screw resembling auger grinder (grinder is put on), or vertical. In the latter case, the design seems different from the first. Horizontal screw is inserted into the pipe with a branch for the flow of juice. It differs little from the grinder. Vertical auger - special. In appearance resembling a centrifugal juicer, it is performed in a transparent housing which can be seen through the steel cylindrical mesh. The screw raises the price higher, under otherwise identical conditions. Secondly, greater efficiency in comparison with any centrifuge, and in a short time. If the drum apples have to scroll for 5 minutes, there is a process in real time. Productivity is low only due to the fact: the engine periodically need rest. All other things being retained maximum of vitamins.
  3. People are wondering why for twin screw juicer asking 35,000 rubles and more. Responsible! The apple seeds iodine contained about half of the daily dose. None of these models will not help get an item! This means that choosing the right ingredients, it is necessary to forget about vitamin complexes completely. For processing screw need lemons, for example, cleaned from the skin, then remove the seeds. Tedious work. A twin-screw juicer is allowed to throw the fruit, sometimes entirely. Pressed even peel, from the remains easy to make delicious cakes. In nature, there are recipes (mostly medical), which simply can not be realized by any juicer, except for twin screw.
twin-screw squeezer

twin-screw squeezer

The Russian custom fit better juicers twin screw. If it is impossible to master the high cost of take a single screw. Or buy a meat grinder attachment. Know that Zelmer appliances collected in installments, as the constructor. And buy a juicer Zelmer in addition to the existing grinder is possible later.

Rotary models demand. They prefer:

  • Bars - speed extract juice is excellent. But centrifugal juicer fruit with large stones throw impossible.
  • Vacationers, burdened a lot of harvest. Only centrifugal juicers are capable of operating for a long time.
  • People who have no reason to keep quiet, but there is, what's the hurry. A good choice would be any type.
  • Who wishes to buy a juicer exclusively for tomatoes.
The centrifugal juicer in

The centrifugal juicer in

On Yandex-market you will see four types:

  1. Centrifugal.
  2. Screw.
  3. Citrus.
  4. Combined.

The first two groups of readers are already familiar with hearing, other study together now. Citrus juicer different specific design, which allows working with oranges and lemons. Inside the fruit are seeds, have to be removed to prevent damage to the grid auger juicer. With the specified type of devices at least difficulties. Combined - centrifugal, where permitted pressing and citrus with a special nozzle. 2 is obtained in the device 1.

Notice of the twin-screw anything. Meanwhile screw and twin-screw juicers are different devices that have unequal opportunities. Recommended put a price of 30,000 rubles and said indirect basis to find Angel Juicer.

What you need to know about any juicer

Eternal complexity of home appliances - engines. Overheat, fail due to improper operation. Either there is efficiency. Net power is converted into motion, the parasitic heat. Heated and moving parts as a result of frictional forces. In vacuum cleaners, fans and extracts situation is easily solved: forced cooling stream of air passing performed. Enough to make the owners not much worried. For further protection from overheating thermal fuse is placed.

In food processor, mixers, blenders, meat grinders and juicers technique is different. The instructions spelled words that the instrument is assumed to operate, for example, 10 minutes. Then it is recommended to rest, say, 15 minutes. When non-compliance condition is burned either protection or motor winding. The device has a complex reusable thermal relay, in the cheap has to put before the eyes of Service. But! Knowing the nature of the Russian people, domestic factories producing rotary juicer capable of working hours. There is simply no analogues in the world. Such juicer Neptune.

Because of the high cost of twin-screw equipped with protection, we have to work carefully.

Tips when buying a juicer

You decide whether or not to buy a juicer Redmond. Here are a number of practical advice.

  1. Plastic items are quickly painted carrots and beets. Take dark model, if you do not have enough money for steel.
  2. Small or large capacity - the concept malogovoryaschih simple user. Known stupid strong model and a good faint. Easier to navigate on the price. For example, buy a juicer Scarlet preferable to Hurom, and vice versa.
  3. The operating mode is considered to be an important characteristic, the information will have to look for.
  4. Top manufacturers of centrifuges known by the parameters Yandex-market. Above the columns are listed, it is easy to weed out undesirables.
  5. Try to find a model with the function of a drop-stop, or too reserved by adhesive sealant, suitable for low tide traffic jams.
  6. If the store is the only juicer and needed urgently, buy. Only carefully Arrange the warranty card.

Any particularly rotary, juicer sparks. Take note.

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