When to collect apples for storage? And how to do it right


Owners of private houses often have a small orchard at the end of the garden. This makes it possible to consume organic fruits throughout the whole winter, especially apples.

But with the advent of autumn, the issues are ripening:when to harvest? Ripe fruits from the tops of trees? Are there any special devices?

These are the questions you will find answers in our article.


Table of contents

  • How to determine the right time to take apples of late varieties from a tree
  • Terms of harvesting of different varieties for storage
    • Antonovka common
    • Anise
    • Jonathan
    • Bogatyr
    • Aport
  • The rules for collecting apples in the fall for winter storage
  • What to harvest from the apple trees: choose the right tool
    • Device Tulip
    • Collet fruit pickers
    • Fruit Picking Device
  • How can I make a device for removing fruit from the top with my own hands

How to determine the right time to take apples of late varieties from a tree

To start harvesting apples of autumn varieties, you canin September-October. The main thing is to have time before the onset of frost, but not later than a month before the onset of stable frosts.

If it's too late to start harvesting, then you can hurt the tree. Namely:

  • the periodicity of fruiting increases;
  • reduces frost resistance of trees;
  • the ability of vigorous growth in spring decreases.
Collect apples for storage in September or October

At the time of collection, apples must be acid and solid. This will extend the period of their storage. Depending on the variety, apples will reach consumer maturity after 2-3 months.

You can not allow the ripening of apples of autumn varieties. These fruits are worse stored. Harvested harvest before the time will not achieve the right taste and color, and will also start to pucker.

The removable maturity of apples is determinedon several indicators:

  • the age of the fruit - you need to know how much time has passed since the beginning of flowering, take into account the air temperature for this period;
  • the size of apples;
  • the main and cover color of the fruit;
  • seed color;
  • density of the flesh of the fetus;
  • starch content.

Only the specialist will be able to determine the harvesting period by these criteria. Gardener-amateur will be enoughtake into account such features:

  • a greater number of fruits acquired a characteristic color of a certain variety;
  • fruits are well separated from pedicels;
  • seeds of apples of winter varieties have acquired a brown color;
  • apples are sour and solid.

If in calm, calm windless weather under a tree there will be a small amount of fruits without visible damages and illnesses -this is also a signal to start harvesting.

Timely harvesting apples of winter varieties is the key to proper fruit ripening, in which the pulp becomes loose, the taste improves, the fragrance intensifies and the coloring characteristic variety.


Terms of harvesting of different varieties for storage

Antonovka common

It grows in a temperate and humid climate. It is characterized by resistance to severe frost and scab damage. High trees with a branched crown.

Antonovka will be pleased with the first apples for 5-8 years. Abundantly fructifies every year. Apples are oval-conical with a weight of 100-200 grams. Flesh white, juicy, peel yellow-green.

Demountable maturity of fruits - from late September to early October. Consumer maturity comes in a month. In the refrigerator, fruits are stored until the middle of winter, and in the basement the shelf life is extended until the beginning of spring.

Apples of Antonovka variety are collected for storage in late September-early October


Known anise scarlet and anise gray or striped. Winter hardy fruit tree with a round crown. Well tolerates drought.

Fruit-bearing apple begins at the age of five. Yield grade, but the fruits are small, within 65-90 grams.

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The skin of the fruit has a light green color with a pink blush, while the anise of the striped blush is orange-red. Pulp is sour-sweet, dense, white in color.

To harvest the fruits of red aniseready already in late August - early September. Shelf life of fruit is 3 months.

The removable maturity of the anise striped fruitlasts from late September to early October. This variety of apples is well kept until March.


A medium-sized variety. Prefers wet fertile soils. Fruits are medium, round in shape, weighing 100-150 gr. Peel greenish-yellow with a fuzzy blush of dark red color.

The second decade of September is the optimal time for collectionapples for storage. If the conditions of storage are met, the harvest can be up to May.

Jonathan varieties are harvested in the second decade of September


The tree reaches 2-3 m in height. Fruiting occurs at 5-6 years. The variety differs early fruit bearing and high yield.

Apples are light green, yellow during storage. Fruit is sweet and sour, the flesh is firm and strong.

Harvest can be at the end of September. If stored properly, the fruit can survive until May.


Trees are tall with a wide crown of rounded shape. Average resistance to low temperatures. The first harvest will appear for 6-7 years. Low yield is compensated by large fruits weighing up to, kg.

Fruit with weakly expressed ribs, tapering to the apex. The pulp is juicy, loose and white. Has a sweet and sour taste.

Removal of apples falls in October. Under the right conditions of storage, the fruits lie before March.

Apples of Aport sort are collected for storage in October

The rules for collecting apples in the fall for winter storage

Harvesting is carried out only in dry weather. Fruits should be dry. Wet apples are more easily amenable to different diseases.

Begin to take off the fruit from the lower branches. Then they continue to tear the apples from the middle branches, gradually passing to the top of the tree. This will allow you to lose the crop without losses.

Do not try to harvest apples in one day. First, take off the crop on the southern side, where the fruit ripens a little faster. 2-3 days later, start harvesting fruit on the northern side of the tree.

Harvest is desirable in soft tissue gloves, which will prevent skin damage.


When harvesting for the laying of fruits for storagein no event can you shake a tree. Each apple needs to be picked carefully together with the peduncle.

When harvesting, try not to break the branches. This will lead to a decline in the harvest next year. Collected fruits should not be thrown. They need to be carefully packed in pre-prepared containers.


What to harvest from the apple trees: choose the right tool

The easiest way to harvest a crop is tomanual fetal assembly. But this can not always be done due to the height and spread of the branches.

In order not to damage the branches of trees,climbing a tree is not recommended. It is better to use a ladder or ladder.

Collecting apples by hand is better with a ladder or ladder, use gloves

To take a crop from a height, you needapply special tools. It does not matter where the apples are taken, the main thing is that this device meets certain criteria:

  • firmly hold fruit;
  • to get high;
  • not to injure fruit;
  • be convenient to use.

In the stores for the garden and garden provided a large number of different in shape and material of fruit pickers.A fruit plow is a containerwith slots for fixation of the fetus and its safe detachment from the stalk. Let us imagine some of them.

Device Tulip

Made of durable plastic. It has the shape of a glass with rounded petals. To its lower part is attached a long handle.

When harvesting the fruit should get into the glass, and its fruit stem will be placed between the petals. To detach the fruit from the branch, it only remains to rotate the fruit basket to one side.

The fruit plow of the tulip is made of plastic, has a long handle

Collet fruit pickers

Made of wire, which is located in the plastic tube. At the ends, the wire is bent into a circle. A wire is passed through the rings of the wire, which is controlled by the mechanism.

The apple is placed in the center of the fruit basket and pulled by the line. As a result, the wire from above is connected and the fruit is trapped. It remains only to twist the device and tear off the apple.

With capture. Suitable for collecting small fruits that are captured by plastic parts. They look like a three-fingered hand.

Using the lever that is on the telescopic handle, the cavities are closed and the apple is inside the device. It remains only to tear the fruit from the branch.

Collet pryvozemniki come with a bag, with a grip

Fruit collectors with bag. With this device, you can shoot several fruits at a time. The bag is attached to a round shape with tin-plate petals, which serve as a knife. And also the handle-holder is fixed.

It remains only to cut the apple, which will fall into the bag and not be damaged.

Fruit Picking Device

Fruit Picking Device - the newest devicefor harvesting. It is a long pole that extends 3 m.

At its end is attached a secateur, the control of which is from the other end. The net stocking is fixed along the length of the pole. After cutting, the apple enters the net and rolls along it straight to your hands.

Fruit Picking Device - the newest and most convenient device for collecting apples

How can I make a device for removing fruit from the top with my own hands

From tools and tools, it is possible to make a device for collecting apples.

Plastic bottle in volume of 2 lcut into two halves. It will take part of the bottle with a neck.

A wedge-shaped slit is made on the cutting line, with the help of which the stem from the branch will be separated. Put a stick of the desired length to the neck of the bottle.

Take the same two-liter bottle, only to cut it is not necessary. A long pole is fastened to the neck. In the middle a circle is cut out. It should be a couple of centimeters larger in diameter than the apples that are removed.

In the cut out circle, a v-shaped incision is made with the acute part to the neck. Harvesting with a closed device, apples are unlikely to fall out and be damaged.

To make a fruit basket for apples, you need a two-liter plastic bottle

In a plastic bottle of 2 liters, cut the bottom. On the same side with the help of scissors we form petals, in each of which we make two holes. Through the neck we pass the fishing line, then in turn we pass it to each hole and output it again through the neck.

In the end, you should get a bottle, from the neck of which there are two ends of the line. To the neck attach any holder available in the household hollow in the middle (you can use the handle from the mop). We pass a fishing line through it.

During the harvest, you needplace the fruit in the center of the bottle and pull the line. At the same time, the edges of the bottle shrink and will not let the apple fall out. Turning the handle of the device, the fruit separates from the branch.

Fruit extractor with own hands from plastic bottle and reiki:

Summarizing the above, one can come to the conclusion thatit is not enough to take care of apple treesto obtain a large harvest for storage.

Andit is important to take into account the variety of apples, to clearly identify the removable ripeness of apples of late varieties, the rules for collecting liquid fruit, determine the device for harvesting.

Only by combining all this into one, you can enjoy your family with homemade organic apples all winter-spring period.

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