What kind of juicer to buy a home

Usually there is an amount you're willing to spend. Poor families recommend manual models. Explain, describe what the juicer to buy a home in terms of performance, utility. We discuss quality, consistent with the price.

Performance and use of juicers

Juicer motors usually have cooling. Work equipment for about 15 minutes, then you want to stay. However, Russian centrifugal juicers revolve hours. Disadvantages:

Centrifugal Juicer with orange juice

Centrifugal Juicer with orange juice

  1. Centrifugal juicers have low efficiency. Productivity is high, but the yield is insufficient. In this segment, juicers are divided into two groups: conical, cylindrical. In the first case there is a conveyor - cake gradually creeps but reduced yield. In a cylindrical centrifuge spins the product all the way until the juice is poured into the cup. Spending more time, energy, we get more finished product. Reset cake conducted manually or by means of a special lever.
  2. Another minus Centrifugal Juicer - juice exfoliates, loses vitamins. Important drum lightness, often made of aluminum, which serves as a catalyst for oxidation loss of vitamins. It is better to screw the juicer with 1-2 screws.

Relatively cheap purchase device having a limitation in the length of operation, as juice efficiency. Features centrifugal juicers:

  • Provide a high speed. Juice pressed well by centrifugal force.
    Centrifugal juicer for fruit juices

    Centrifugal juicer for fruit juices

  • Due to high speed centrifugal juicers noisy. Parameter reaches 15,000 rpm.
  • Strong spark. Maximum danger would represent devices with a frequency of 50 Hz power surges. Input filters throughout the home appliances will be powerless. We calculate speed:
  1. Typically, the motor 4 from the manifold sections.
  2. To spark appeared at 50 Hz, the rotational speed required four times less: 12.5 Hz.
  3. The revolutions per minute - 12.5 x 60 = 750. Centrifugal juicers do not fall into the category. Auger juicers run at a lower frequency.

Performance centrifugal juicer is a large, long operation. They are the undisputed choice of gardeners. Bountiful harvest clean, push a worm - a painstaking job of work, and the processing speed is low. Russian centrifugal juicers allow the processing of apples without cutting. Neptune will consume a bucket of apples in minutes.

bar juicer

bar juicer

Centrifugal juicers selected beverage, places where speed is more important obtain a product of usefulness and quality. If customers place incessantly presses on the bartender, there is no other choice. We need something like a professional juicer Santos, designed for continuous operation, attractive appearance, working quietly.

The centrifugal juicer is suitable for tomatoes. Fruits are simply recycled.

The most productive - centrifugal juicers, useful - auger juicer, press.

auger juicer

For a long time auger juicer deterred price. Now the device is inexpensive (4,500 rubles), there is a meat grinder with a juicer. The purchase price is reduced at least twice. Firms (Zelmer) allow freely to gain a complete set, to buy more accessories. Budget option - Motor Sich. nuances:

  1. We need strong hands to get the juice, but there are no restrictions on working time as an electric motor.
    Juice extractors Motor Sich

    Juice extractors Motor Sich

  2. Vertical auger juicer presses passport apples with an efficiency of 75%, actually - 70. Part of the pulp gets stuck inside, while continuing the process of business will improve. In the description of the aluminum Motor Sich - 55% worse. Motor Sich is worth 1 thousand. rubles, said vertical model - from 4000 rubles.
  3. In the presence of iron, aluminum model. Aluminum favors the oxidation of vitamins. Healthy Juicer is made of durable Lexan. over time the polymer begins to decompose. Wash the device prior to use to block the unpleasant consequences. Cost Healthy Juicer - about 1 thousand. rubles.

Manual models are inferior in electrical performance. Champions are considered twin screw juicer. Spinning is carried out between the spinning shafts. Quality pressed depends on the distance between the screws. On some models, you can wring bananas, apricots. It is useless to try to receive the puree of these products to form other juicers.

Do not read reviews on juicers, visit thematic forum. Many advertisers try to find fault competitors product. We read in the forums about the Motor Sich:

  1. The difference between the iron and aluminum is omitted. It's about the dangers. Iron (iron + iron = carbon) safely. Aluminum covered with an oxide film is easily rid... under the influence of acid! In fruits, vegetables, vitamins have consequently acid. Twisting the fruit of an aluminum grinder, we get a dose of harmful metals.
  2. Cast iron is durable, does not retain traces of use on the surface, it is durable.
  3. Cast iron is heavier, more expensive.

How to choose a juicer

Criteria for selection of juicers:

  1. First place - good. Choose auger juicer, press. For suhoedeniem, raw food diet fit expensive model with two screws.
  2. Performance concerned owners of public institutions, farms. At factories are separators, information - on the website of the company Motor Sich. The juice bar are only auger juicer, usually with two screws. The raw material is expensive, low efficiency is unforgivable luxury.
  3. Before buying a juicer grinder check yield. Sometimes it's easier to take a vertical auger. To the nozzle manufacturers have not released detailed instructions. Verify that you can recycle. It is worth to buy a juicer fruit: any attachment for mincer pull soft fruit.

We hope to have helped resolve the issue, which juicer to buy a home.

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