How to check and replace the inlet valve in the washing machine

The inlet or filling valve for the washing machine is similar in principle to a conventional tap for supplying water. The only difference is that the normal tap opens manually, and the input one - automatically.

How it works and what the input valve is for, you will learn in this article. And also understand how to perform independent disassembly and replacement parts without calling the master.

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  • 1How does the flood system work?
    • 1.1Number of coils: what does it depend on?
    • 1.2Where is the valve
  • 2Signs of breakage
    • 2.1How to find the malfunction yourself
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How does the flood system work?

The inlet water valve for the washing machine is equipped with a thin membrane inside and coils from the outside. The main control module signals the valve to turn on. Then an electric current is applied to its coils, which contributes to the appearance of a magnetic field. Due to this, the membrane is opened, resulting in water. After the end of the voltage supply, the membrane closes again.

Thus, the water inlet valve has two positions - open and closed.

Number of coils: what does it depend on?

Their number depends on the model of the stylalki. In modern AGR, the manufacturer installs from two to three sections, so that each of them supplies water to a certain compartment of the powder receptacle.

  • 1st section: powder department.
  • 2nd section: rinse aid department.
  • 3rd section: department for other means.

If only two coils are available to pick up detergents, they are turned on at the same time.

Older models used a filling valve for a single-coil washing machine. He worked in conjunction with the commander, whose lever regulated the movement of the flow in a certain direction.

Where is the valve

Where is the solenoid valve in the AGR? It is located under the top panel near the wall. You will see the hoses connected to it, through which water flows into the detergent compartments.

Signs of breakage

Determine the failure can be by external features:

  1. Error code on the display of the washer.
  2. Water is collected into the tank without stopping.
  3. When you start the machine can not hear the sound of water intake.
  4. The tank is full of water.

More details on how to check and replace the inlet valve of the washing machine, read below.

How to find the malfunction yourself

Before checking the solenoid valve, inspect the filter mesh. It is located between the intake hose and the inlet valve and serves to delay the debris particles coming from the water pipe.

Since in time the filter could be clogged, we describe the principle of its purification:

  • Disconnect the SM from the power.
  • Close the inlet valve.
  • Unscrew the water inlet hose and drain the remaining water into the sink or other container.
  • Behind the hose you will find a mesh. Pull it out using a pliers, clean it under running water.

Consider how to open and test the inlet valve in the washing machine.

  • Remove the cover at the top of the washing machine. To do this, at the back, remove the screws that hold the top cover.
  • Inspect the valve for damage. If you can not see anything, remove the device.
  • Disconnect the hoses leading to the valve. First you need to open the metal clamps, so use the pliers.
  • Now disconnect the wiring.
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the part to the body of the AGR.
  • Pull out the valve.

Inspect the hoses and the appliance itself at the time of blockage. How to check the fill valve? Check over the container or the sink so that it does not get wet on the floor.

Connect the fence hose to the valve and open the water. If the element is sound, it should not leak water. If it flows, then a replacement is needed.

The next version of the test should be done with caution. You must apply 220 volts to the coils of the device. The section should open and fill the tank with water. The danger of this method is that the contact of electricity and water can cause a short circuit. Therefore, you need to work very carefully.

It is possible to verify whether the repair of the washing machine valve is necessary, using a multimeter. Set the tester to the resistance measurement mode. Alternately, apply the test leads to each winding, measuring its resistance. A valid part should show the result in 3k.


Some users are interested in: how to remove, dismantle and repair the solenoid valve of the washing machine. The fact is that this element is not collapsible, only the change of coils is possible.

However, it is recommended to perform a full replacement. To do this, you will have to purchase an item that corresponds to the brand and model of your styralka.

  1. Screw the valve to the body with the bolt that held it in place.
  2. Connect the wiring connectors to their places. It's good if you marked or photographed the wires before turning off.
  3. Connect the hoses to the corresponding sections. Secure the clamps.
  4. Replace the top cover. Secure it with screws.

The solenoid valve has been replaced. It remains to put the filter-mesh in place and connect the intake hose. After connecting the SM to the network, start the washing and check the operation.

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