Error LE, LE1 in Samsung washing machine

Error LE in the washing machine Samsung is most often noticeable and without access to the display - through the puddles on the floor. What are the causes of the leak and is it possible to solve the problem on its own?

Content of the material:

  • 1Main cause of the failure
  • 2How the fault is determined
  • 3What to do in order to carry out self-repair
    • 3.1Find the location of the leak
    • 3.2Inspect the hose

Main cause of the failure

LE on the display indicates the current tank.

The manufacturer changed the error codes several times, on the part of the models the sign LE1, E9 (in machines that entered the market before 2007) or LC speaks about the same problem. The fault codes are identical to each other.

Water from the machine when the hose is damaged is usually on the floor, the cause of the breakdown can be determined visually. But in rare cases, it is not possible to detect a malfunction in the work by external signs: the washing machine appears to be working, although the display shows an error.

How the fault is determined

If the pressure switch for a short period of time has detected a decrease in water volume in the machine more than four times, the washing will be stopped. The technique shows the corresponding code on the display.

Stopping the washing machine when the drain hose is damaged prevents overheating of complex electronics. Replacing consumables will be cheaper than replacing a burnt board.

Some models are equipped with aqua-stop. In such units, the integrity of the tank and the level of water filling is monitored by a separate sensor. According to the principle of operation, it looks like a float and is located at the bottom of the stylalki. If the process of collecting and draining the water is broken, the pallet overflows the liquid, raising the sensor. The operation of the technique is interrupted, and the washer shows the LE error.

What to do in order to carry out self-repair

In some cases it is impossible to remove the error of the LES without a technique. We'll figure out how to fix the problem with our own hands and what to do before calling the master.

Find the location of the leak

Weak elements of the washing machine - hoses (for draining the water and connecting the drum). The unit can also leak, which damages the small items that got into the washing machine, along with the clothes when washing.

Inspect the hose

If the LEI error is displayed on the new stilalk, it is possible that the hose was not tight enough when connected. Proper installation is sufficient to reset errors.

Details of what led to the malfunction and how to fix the problem will help the table.

Malfunction Possible reasons What to do
Under the washing technique - water, the screen is lit LE. Mechanical damage to the seal cuff or water outlet. Small cuts can be glued, but more often you have to change the damaged part, which means the call of the master.
The washing does not start, when you try to start, an error LE appears. Failure of the pressure switch. If blowing the clogged part of the tube does not solve the problem, a replacement is necessary.
LE lights up when changing the washing process: go to spinning or rinsing. Perhaps the electronic indicator circuit has failed. The board can often be soldered and restored to correct operation. If the processor burned out completely, you need to buy a new unit.
The washing machine, equipped with aqua-stop, starts work, then throws out the LE code. There is a possibility of incorrect operation of the sensor with a good technique. The item must be replaced.
The washing machine leaks from the back side, the error LE The problem with the hose. We need a new consumable.
The fault indicator disappears for a while, then appears again. The wiring of the washing machine is damaged - frayed, damaged or worn. You can try to avoid twisting the wires or replace the cable with a new one.

Basic diagnostics of technology can be performed independently. To repair the unit in most cases will have to attract a specialist.

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