Error F02 in the washing machine Indesit

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Error code F02 in washing machines Indesit says about the wrong functioning of the electric motor. Motor breakdown is a rare phenomenon in modern cars, but it’s not worth excluding such a possibility. It is enough to understand why the F02 error code is lit, sinceThe reasons for its appearance on the scoreboard can be many.

Below we consider the decoding of the F02 code on the Indesit washing machine - what it means and how to fix it yourself.

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  • 1 Error value under F02 codedisplay? You need to understand the causes and methods of action if you need to urgently remove the error.

    If CMA gives error F 02 on the electronic board, this means a broken circuit in the tachometer, which causes the engine to break.

    How to determine this? When you put on the laundry and start washing, the machine tries to draw water and start the drum. After several such unsuccessful attempts, F02 appears on the display of the washer.

    How to check the engine for good health

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    To equip the Indesit CMA, asynchronous, collector and brushless motors are used. There are two ways to diagnose the engine:

    1. Check the voltage supply to the starter motor and the rotor motor winding, alternately connecting these elements.
    2. Using a 500 watt transformer, power the connected starter and rotor windings.

    In modern machines, the electronic code on the electronic display is f02.Owners of older models of machines without a display can determine the breakdown of the lit indicator "FAST WASH" ​​or a flashing light "ADDITIONAL RINSE".

    Causes of Error

    If the code F02 was displayed, a number of reasons could precede it. Consider the list:

    • The tachotaler responsible for engine rpm has failed;
    • The engine's rotor is jammed, causing a breakdown;
    • A rare reason not to be discounted is engine failure;
    • The J9 connector has failed on the electronic board;
    • The control module has failed.

    Correcting failures in error F02

    In order to understand how to remedy the situation that caused the error f02 on the Indesit washing machine, you need to gradually find a breakdown. Try to restart the equipment by pulling the power cord out of the outlet for 20 minutes.

    What should I do if the breakdown is confirmed? We need to start the search in the following sequence:

    1. Disconnect the AGR from the sewage system and water supply by deploying the equipment in a convenient position.
    2. Pull up the contacts responsible for connecting the engine.
    3. . Check the motor connection to the electronic module.
    4. Check the pins of the CNE connector - you will find them on the module.
    5. The winding of the motor and the tachometer must also be carefully checked, making sure that it is in good condition.
    6. Replace the module if necessary.

    How to fix the

    problem To check the health of the control module, arm yourself with a camera. When you get paid, disconnect all the chips from it, take a snapshot of the location of the wires - in the future it will be necessary to return everything back in the same sequence. You can also find wiring circuit on the Internet.

    On the J9 connector on the board, check the pins; if necessary, you will need to replace them.

    After finding a problem with the module, entrust the Indesit washing machine to an experienced technician to reset the errors and solve the problem.

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