Error F02, F2 in the washing machine Ariston

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The Ariston machine displays an error F02, F2 almost immediately after the start of operation. Sometimes, there is a set of water, then something clicks - and the drum, twitching, scrolls the laundry. This code talks about the problems of the tachometer.

At the initial stage, the F2 error may appear in the middle of the washing process, then when the machine is turned on.

Material content:

  • 1 Error interpretation
  • 2 Problem determination
  • 3 Self-test
  • 4 Solution options

Error interpretation

What does it mean if Ariston eraser generates an F02 error on the display? The reason may be a breakdown of the tachometer. There may have been a short circuit or contacts blown out between the motor and the tachometer. Subsequently, the drum does not spin, the fault code F2 is displayed.

The models of the Ariston washing machines differ in their control methods. Therefore, the error F 2 is issued differently in electronic and electromechanical systems.

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Model from the Ariston Margherita series with 2 indicators: the “Network” LED flashes twice at intervals of 5-15 minutes. The “Key” - “Lock” LED is on, the switch clicks, rotates clockwise. Ariston type AML, AVL, AVSL

СМА: The “Quick Wash” LED is blinking, the “Key” light is flashing more frequently.

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine from ARL, ARSL, ARXL, ARMXXL series: the End of Program( END) indicator blinks, all the program light bulbs are lit( below).

Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis Machines( AQSL): the temperature indicator flashes 30 °.

Knowing what the error code means, you can start troubleshooting.

Problem Definition

There are cases when you can remove the F2 error without repairing it. How to fix it:

  1. Restart the washer for 20 minutes to reset the error, then turn it on. If the cause is a system failure, the code will no longer appear.
  2. If a small object is stuck between the drum and the tank( coin, bra bone), the machine will not start washing. Try to disassemble the SMA and get the item.

  3. Check the contacts between the sensor and the control module. The connection may have dropped.

But what if actions did not help? Pay attention to the work of CM Ariston. If the cause is in the tachogenerator, then the machine does not control the number of revolutions. For example, during washing, revolutions dramatically increase, while during spinning they are not enough. At the exit, you get badly pressed underwear, because the tachometer controls the engine speed.


To check the Hall sensor, you need to get to it:

  • Remove the back panel of the typewriter.
  • At the bottom you will see the engine. The sensor is located on the shaft in the rear. To get it, you have to remove the engine.

  • Remove the belt from the shaft.
  • Remove the screws.
  • Disconnect the wires.

The video will help you remove the engine from the Ariston washing machine by yourself:

You are checking with a multimeter. Resistance should be no more than 60 ohms.

There is another way:

  • Install a tester on the voltage measurement. Connect the multimeter and rotate the motor by hand. If the voltage rises( 0.2 V), then everything is fine.
  • Additionally, check the bolt that secures the tachogenerator. If it is loose - pull it up.


How to troubleshoot if the Hall sensor failed the test? This part breaks rarely, the main cause of failure - overload CM Ariston. Only one option - replacing the tachogenerator. Need to disconnect it from the engine:

  1. Remove the cover on the latch, it can be bolted.
  2. Now unscrew the sensor mounting bolts.
  3. Install the new part in the reverse order.

If done correctly, this will help solve the problem. The program will work in normal mode, and the error F02 will no longer appear.

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