Error E20 in dishwasher Bosch

Error E20 in the Bosch dishwasher indicates problems in the operation of the circulation pump, its parts or winding. We'll figure out how to fix the problem without the help of a wizard.

Decoding of other error codes, which the dishwasher "Bosch" shows on the display, you can find in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of malfunction
  • 2How to fix a crash yourself

Causes of malfunction

The circulation unit is extremely inoperative, therefore, before dismantling and checking the element, it is necessary to check the drainage system. The filter could become clogged, or the impeller of the pump could block the debris. For these reasons, the system also shows the code E 20 on the scoreboard.

What could have affected the failure of the circulation pump:

  1. Voltage surges in the network could lead to a break in the winding.
  2. The electronic parts got water.
  3. The heating element burned.

To fix the problem, you need to check everything consistently.

How to fix a crash yourself

Immediately try to reset the error, maybe it's just a system crash. For this:

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  • unplug the machine from the mains;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • run the MMP and look at the screen.

Did the icons light up again? Then proceed to clean the filter. What do we have to do:

  1. Open the hopper door.
  2. Remove the basket for the dishes.
  3. Unscrew the drain filter that is in the pan.
  4. Rinse it under the pressure of water or brush it.
  5. A drain pump is located behind the filter.
  6. Pump the water out of the hole with a sponge.
  7. Remove the fixing screws.
  8. Pull yourself and remove the lid.
  9. Check the impeller for obstruction.

How to understand that the circulation pump does not work: when you work PMP, you will not hear how the unit is buzzing. To check or replace the part, you need to disassemble the dishwasher "Bosch

  1. Pull all the baskets out of the camera.
  2. Disconnect the machine from the communications, pull out the plug from the socket.
  3. Turn the technique "on the back."
  4. Unscrew bolts or unfasten the latches of the bottom panel.
  5. Carefully inspect the wiring at the time of submarines.
  6. Remove the drain pump and heater, check for proper operation.

The diagnostics of the parts and winding of the block is carried out by the tester with a multimeter. To do this, the probes are applied to the contacts of the elements, the resistance is measured.

If one of the parts is faulty, install a new one.How to replace the heater in a dishwasher, read this article.

You can check the dishwasher yourself. If you decide to replace parts, choose only original spare parts for your model PMM Bosch.

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