On what parameters to choose a modern TV for home

On what parameters to choose a modern TV for home


For a long time, those times when television sets were a luxury have sunk to oblivion, now it is accessible to all layers of the population device. How to choose a TV, if at the moment in the world more than 120 firms produces several thousand models of different price range and having various additional functions besides directly playback TV signal. Which TV can I choose for a kitchen, and which one is best for a bedroom? What is RealHD and how does it differ from FullHD and which format is better? Which outputs should be present in order to be able to properly connect a media player or game console. These and other questions that arise when choosing a TV, we will try to answer in detail in this article.


  • 1General tips for choosing a TV
  • 2How to choose the right TV screen
    • 2.1Plasma screens
    • 2.2LED Screens
    • 2.3LCD screens
  • 3The characteristics of the TV screen that matter when you select
    • 3.1TV Screen Resolution
    • 3.2Scan
    • 3.3Interface for connections
  • 4Sound
  • 5Additional Features

General tips for choosing a TV

First, let's take a closer look at which of them are best for which rooms are suitable, and on what basic parameters to choose a good TV. After all, you will agree, it is not quite right to install a TV with a huge screen in a small kitchenette.

  • First, decide how your TV will receive a signal, it can be a conventional or satellite dish, cable or digital TV with direct Internet connection.
  • Secondly, thoroughly think out what functions you need from the TV, it may be possible to connect a media player to play multimedia from different media. Or the ability to play on game consoles, such as PS4. Maybe you want to use the Internet to use your TV? Take into account all your requirements and wishes, then not to reproach yourself for the lack of any functions.
  • Third, set a price ceiling for yourself. If your chosen TV does not fit into the price ceiling, then think carefully, maybe you It is worth choosing a cheaper model that does not have any of the functions, without which you can easily do without.

Also, when choosing a TV, consider how it fits into the overall interior of the apartment, the properly selected TV should complement and emphasize the interior and not catch your eye.

So, before you there was a question: "What TV to choose?". Consider how to choose the right TV based on its technical characteristics.

How to choose the right TV screen

Televisions with vacuum kinescopes are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by more sophisticated devices of kinescope tubes. Now in the market you can choose a TV with one of three kinds of screen.

  • Plasma.
  • LED (LED-screens).
  • Liquid-crystal (LCD-screens).

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of screens, and also for what purposes which screen is best to choose.

Plasma screens

The screen of the plasma TV is a network of small cells filled with an inert gas (xenon or neon). When voltage is applied to them through special diodes, the gas passes into the plasma state and begins intensively radiate ultraviolet, which, falling on a special matrix, is transformed into various colors.


By brightness and contrast, they outperform the screens of other types by about 3 times. However, due to the design features, these screens have one serious drawback - the inability to create micro-cells. In this regard, plasma screens are only available in large sizes.


So if you decide to choose a modern TV with a large screen in the living room, it is better to choose the plasma panel. Great solution if you are going to watch the whole family watching videos by connecting a media player playing Blu-ray format or any other with high quality playback, it is also great for connecting a game console, such as PS4.

LED Screens

The design of the LED screen is a matrix consisting of a large number of special elements called pixels. Which, in turn, consist of three elements of red, blue and green. Under the influence of electricity arriving at the matrix elements are aligned in a certain order, thereby creating a color image. Additional colors are obtained by a combination of basic elements. In order for the image to be visible on the screen, the matrix should be highlighted, since the pixels themselves do not emit light.In LED-screens for lighting, special LEDs are installed, installed behind or from the sides of the matrix.


The image on such screen looks more "alive" in comparison with a plasma or liquid crystal screen. But there is a problem of uneven illumination when the side of the screen is illuminated.


We advise you to choose this type of screen for a bedroom or a children's room, since a natural and not too bright picture does not bother the eye, and will not cause insomnia. Also, it's a good idea to watch your favorite videos through the connected media player in a calm, relaxed bedroom setting before going to bed.

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It should be mentioned that these are the most economical TV sets, and the power consumption is much lower compared to others.

LCD screens

Every second modern TV is equipped with this type of screen. This is due to the ease of manufacturing. Together with a rather large potential for modernization, this technology allows you to create models for your characteristics are not inferior, and in what is even better suited tasks than plasma and LED-TVs.

On the device LCD - the screen is very similar to the LED-monitor, the only significant difference in the light source used in them. If LEDs use LEDs, then LCD-special lamps that illuminate the matrix. Due to the use of lamps, the power consumption of TVs is increased by about 35-40%, but is compensated by the very low cost of TVs.

TVs with a screen of this type are suitable for performing any tasks. For example, a media player or PS4 game console connected to a similar TV produces a very high-quality image in high resolution.

We examined the main design features of television screens. Now I would like to consider what performance characteristics you should pay attention to before choosing a TV for your home.


The characteristics of the TV screen that matter when you select


Now consider the main characteristics that are best considered in order to choose the right TV. After all, a good modern TV is a combination of various technical innovations, of which we sometimes do not know anything.

TV Screen Resolution

One of the most important characteristics, which you need to navigate, if you decide to choose a good TV. And it is better to approach the choice with all responsibility. The resolution of the TV screen is the number of pixels per square inch and is usually displayed as numeric values ​​of 3840 × 2160, 1920 × 1080, and so on. The more pixels fit on a square inch, the better the image quality.

In this case, do not forget about some of the nuances in choosing. If you are going to watch only broadcast TV programs, then the high resolution you need will be of no use, since the broadcast goes with a resolution of 720x576 and the screen can not make it in any way better. If you plan to connect a media player to watch DVD and Blu-Ray, PS4, watch digital TV channels, or use the Internet, then your choice is a high-resolution screen.


The optimal screen size is very easy to calculate. In connection with the features of the human eye for comfortable viewing, it is necessary that the screen size correspond to the distance formula, from the image source divided into 4 or 5. This is the optimal size.



You, probably, repeatedly heard about such concepts as FullHD and HDReady, this means that the TV receiver supports playback in HD. So what is the difference between FullHD and HDReady and which one is better to choose? It does not matter if you are going to watch digital channels, or to connect a media player that plays high-quality video, you will need this feature. The deployment in such TV receivers is of two types - interlaced and progressive. They are denoted by the letters p (progressive) and i (interlaced) and digits showing the maximum the number of lines on the screen, for example, 1080i or 720p, the higher the number - the better the quality Images.

HDReady reproduces the signal 720i and 1080p qualitatively. When you receive a signal with a frequency of 1080p, it can be difficult. To receive such a signal, it is better to use a TV set with the FullHD function, which confidently displays the signal of both 1080p and 1080i. This quality allows full disclosure of all the beauty of the image, if you connect a media player and play DVD or Blu-ray discs.

Interface for connections

How to choose the right TV with the interface you need? First you need to determine which external devices you want to connect. If you plan to use a media player, PS4 game console, HD camcorder, laptop, or want to use the Internet, then you can not do without the HDMI connector. This high-speed connector can transmit a picture and sound of the highest quality. The same, but somewhat worse, features a DVI connector.

To connect an analog input, for example a VCR or camcorders with an analog output, use the "Tulip" (RCA) and S-VIDEO or SCART connectors.

Recently, more and more TVs are equipped with the option of independent access to the Internet (SmartTV) via the built-in or plug-in Wi-Fi module, and also through the LAN connector. What is an undeniable convenience for those who often use the Internet to watch TV or movies.


Now I would like to touch on the question of how to choose a TV with a correctly set sound. Sound has an important function in the perception of our video, and so a TV with a properly selected sound will give you real pleasure. If you decide to choose a TV for a bedroom or a small room, then most likely you will use the standard built-in speakers. Note that in most televisions the sound is monaural, but models with stereo sound are also produced. True, there are very few TV channels broadcasting in stereo mode, and therefore, stereo speakers can be needed only if you are going to connect a media player, or Internet broadcasting.


For a large room, you need to choose a different sound quality, so it's better to pay attention to models that support Dolby Digital.

This allows you to connect an external speaker system (home theater), which will, connecting a media player, enjoy a voluminous five-channel sound when watching movies and listening music.


Additional Features

You can choose for yourself a TV set with a number of additional features that will make your rest at the TV screen more comfortable. Some of the TV sets are equipped with useful additions such as:

  • teletext;
  • off / on timer;
  • the ability to automatically record TV programs by timer;
  • pause viewing, with the possibility of further viewing the TV show;
  • protection from children:
  • Selected channels;
  • 3D support;
  • built-in media player;
  • automatic volume leveling.

And many others, as manufacturers try to surprise experienced consumers, with various useful and not so new innovations. Try to choose a TV with the necessary functions, because it is irrational to pay for something that you can never use.

In the article we briefly tried to tell you about those characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing and buying a TV for the home. We hope that the review helped you make the right choice, and you bought a TV that fully meets your requirements.

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