Top of the best varieties of sweet cherries for the Moscow region


For a long time, cherry was traditionally considered a southern culture, which significantly limited the geography of its cultivation.

Breeding by breeders relatively adapted to the harsh environmental conditions for the culture, made it possible to grow cherries in the gardens of the Moscow region. This article provides a detailed overview of the best varieties of cherries for the Moscow region, including self-fertilized and column-shaped species.


Table of contents

  • Popular cherries for Moscow region
    • People's Soubarova
    • Iput
    • Ovstuzhenka
    • Fatezh
  • Cultivation of winter hardy varieties
  • Review and planting of cherry varieties in terms of maturation
    • Early
    • Cultivation of medium-ripening varieties
    • Grades of late ripening, collected in autumn
  • Good cherries with yellow fruits

Popular cherries for Moscow region

Sweet cherry is less winter hardy and more thermophilic than other representatives of the Plum family. Therefore, the basis for its successful cultivation is the right choice of variety. The varieties that have proved their positive characteristics for the entire cultivation period are popular with gardeners of the Moscow region.

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People's Soubarova

This kind of cherry has good performance in the suburbs. It is characterized by high adhesiveness, plasticity to climatic and soil conditions of the region.

It is a tall tree with a powerful trunk and strong branches that are able to withstand a heavy load of winter precipitation and squally winds.The average yield of 35-50 kg, is stable for many years.Fructifies in the second decade of July. Fruits of dark red color with an average mass, g.

cherry People's Syubarova


This kind of cherry growers loved for the commercial attractiveness of cultivation, which is ensured by the ratio of stability and the volume of fruiting. Features of this cherry cherry - resistance to fungal diseases and winter hardiness, which greatly facilitates the care of the tree.

It is a medium-sized tree with a wide-pyramidal crown. Ripening of fruits early - June 15. The weight of the fruit is up to 9 g, the color is dark red, when fully ripe it is almost black.Productivity of 30 kg.

Cherry variety Iput


The popularity of this species is based on the special quality of fruits, high yield and in the compactness of the crown, which allows to grow cherries in limited areas. In addition, the cherry fruit is distinguished by good transportability and pleasant taste.

Frost resistance of wood up to -31 °, winter hardiness is good. Maturation of fruits early - June 20. Productivity from 16 to 30 kg. The fruit color is red, the pulp is juicy and dense, the mass is 4-7 g. The tree is resistant to moniliasis and coccomicosis.

Cherry variety Ovstuzhenka


Its popularity is due to its high yield. With a combination of favorable factors from one tree, you can collect up to 50 kg of fruit. The appearance of the fruits is different, on the red background you can see yellow spots on the sides. Fruits are sweet with a slight acidity with an average mass, g.

This is a medium-sized tree with a spherical and drooping crown.The level of winter hardiness is above average, resistance to diseases is good.

The popularity of these species in the suburbs is based on adaptation to regional climatic conditions, plasticity to the characteristics of the winter season and rapid survival.

To choose a variety of sweet cherries for cultivation in the suburbs it is necessary to approach with full understanding and responsibility. This is an important criterion when southern cultures are grown to the north of their natural range.
Cherries Fatezh

Cultivation of winter hardy varieties

Winter hardiness of the tree is the ability to tolerate unfavorable conditions of the winter season. These are the effects of a thaw, wetting, ice crust and obstruction. Winter hardiness of a certain cherry is determined by the individual organization of the organism and adaptation to the conditions of life in winter conditions with a slow metabolism and dehydration.

To assess the winter hardiness of fruit trees a seven-point scale is used, where trees having 6-7 points are winter hardy.

Climatic features of the Moscow region since the middle of the last century have undergone some changes.Winter comes later, temperatures are lower than average, there are frequent thaws.This is due not only to natural disasters, but also to the activities of the megalopolis. In general, the conditions for growing sweet cherries are favorable.

Varieties with good indicators of winter hardiness:

  • Fatezh,
  • Valery Chkalov,
  • Raditsa;
  • Ovstuzhenka;
  • Chermash;
  • Victory;
  • Bryansk pink;
  • Tyutchevka;
  • Revna;
  • People's Soubarova.

After studying the economic and biological characteristics, the best indicators of winter hardiness were noted in the varieties "Fatezh" and "Chermashnaya". In terms of precocity, quality and volume of the harvest, the best was Victory.

Winter hardiness of cherry, it is not only the varietal features of the tree, but also the location of the site, the preparedness of the plant for winter and the timely provision of nutrients.
Cherry Bryansk pink

Review and planting of cherry varieties in terms of maturation

By laying a fruit garden or selecting a new tree for neighborhood with the already existing crops, it is important to pay attention to the maturity of the fruits. This will help increase the period of consumption of the crop in fresh form and rationally distribute the supply of fruits for storage or harvesting.


Maturation of sweet cherries occurs in the third decade of June.

Main grades:

  • Raditsa,
  • Ariadne,
  • Iput,
  • Frontal,
  • Homeland,
  • Early pink.

The earliest ripening of fruits is the "Iput" variety - June 15th. In addition, this grade has the best yield indicators, the average figure is 30 kg. Also, the variety is characterized by high rates of winter hardiness and resistance to fungal diseases. The most delicious and high-quality fruit in the "Rodina" variety, almost similar to the southern varieties.

The attractiveness of early cherry species is the arrival of fruits in the diet, when an acute shortage of fresh fruit is experienced.
Cherry Kind Pink

Cultivation of medium-ripening varieties

The ripening of fruits in the Moscow region begins in mid-July.

Recommended varieties:

  • Revna,
  • Fatezh,
  • Ovstuzhenka,
  • Veda,
  • Raditsa,
  • Orel pink,
  • Tyutchevka,
  • Rechitsa.

These cherry species have been tested in the climatic and soil conditions of the Moscow region.Sorts "Fatezh "Revna "Tyutchevka "Ovstuzhenka" have the best indicators of winter hardiness. The variety "Radica" is distinguished by a compact crown and is convenient for growing on small plots.

Kind of sweet cherry Rechitsa

Grades of late ripening, collected in autumn

Fruits ripen in early August.

Main types:

  • Bryansk pink,
  • Red dense,
  • The Leningrad black.

The best signs are "Bryansk pink which was tested in Michurinsky Garden. He proved resistance to fungal diseases, winter hardiness and frost resistance. Yield of 20-30 kg, the quality of the fruit is high.

Virtually all varieties of cherries are self-fruitful, so you need to take care of the mutually beneficial plant neighborhood in advance. For this purpose, it is necessary to plant at least three varieties on one site, taking into account the biological compatibility and the timing of flowering.
Cherry Leningrad black

Good cherries with yellow fruits

Red shades of cherry fruit are attractive for birds, especially for rowan thrushes, which can destroy the entire crop within a few hours. Most often suffer from the damage to the sweet cherry early ripening, so they are recommended to cover with a net. The yellow color of the fruit does not attract birds, and the harvest is preserved completely.

In addition, with abundant and prolonged rains, red fruits crack and lose marketable quality.Yellow fruits have a more plastic shell, therefore, they are insignificantly damaged.

Main grades:

  • Homestead yellow,
  • Chermash,
  • The drogana is yellow,
  • Red dense.

The highest degree of adaptability to the climatic conditions of the Moscow suburbs is the variety "Drogan Yellow". This is the most productive variety of all presented in this category, which has been stable for 25 years.

According to winter hardiness, the best indicators for the Chermashna variety. The remaining varieties have an average winter hardiness and require more thorough preparation for the winter period.

Disadvantages of sweet cherries with yellow fruits: low transportability, frequent defeat by a cherry fly.

Yellow fruit is especially good for culinary preparations: compotes, jams and jams, but unfit for freezing.

The laying of the fruit garden is always accompanied by a painful choice of varieties or a certain culture. Cultivation of sweet cherry favorably differs from close to her cultures by high yield and resistance to many diseases.

Despite the appearance of zoned species, the life expectancy and health of the fruit tree is completely dependent on the gardener. And lay the foundation for this already when choosing a variety.

And at the end of a small video on the topic of how to plant cherries, and also take care of the tree in spring and autumn:

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