Nord refrigerators overview: specifications, models, user reviews

The review is devoted to the Ukrainian brand Nord, which dates back to 1963. In the Soviet era, the equipment was produced under the name "Donbass" and was very popular. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment, find out whether it is worth buying a Nord refrigerator.

Content of the material:

  • 1Two-compartment refrigerators Nord
    • 1.1Benefits
    • 1.2disadvantages
    • 1.3Freezer
    • 1.4Control
    • 1.5Defrosting
  • 2Models overview
    • 2.1Nord 271-010
    • 2.2Nord B 185 NFD W
    • 2.3Nord 403 DX
    • 2.4Nord 188 (W)
  • 3Malfunctions
  • 4Customer Reviews

Two-compartment refrigerators Nord

A distinctive feature: all the parts and components are produced at the same plant where refrigerators are collected. This item was to completely eliminate the possibility of marriage, but many models have poor-quality capacitors, evaporators and unreliable thermal insulation. However, "Nord" produces good compressors.

If you do not pay attention to some flaws, the technique still can be called qualitative.

The company offers buyers a guarantee in two years, if the equipment breaks - it will be repaired or replaced. Problems with replacement or repair do not arise, this is the responsibility of official service centers and representatives of the brand.

It is worth noting that the company produces refrigerating equipment class A and A +. High energy efficiency significantly reduces the cost of electricity. New models of refrigerators have an additional antibacterial coating.


  1. Mechanical control. This is a plus, since the electronic device breaks down much more often.
  2. Compact design. Small dimensions make it easy to transport and move the refrigerator. An excellent option for a small kitchen, cottage or a rented apartment.
  3. Deep freeze. It is possible to adjust the temperature to -18 degrees to quickly freeze food.
  4. Quiet work does not interfere with sleep.


  1. Taking into account some characteristics, it is possiblerefrigerant leakage.
  2. Rapid precipitation of the ice crust. When buying a refrigerator "Nord prepare yourself for frequent defrosting.
  3. Breakages that can not be repaired. The design features do not allow to repair any malfunctions that may occur.


From the location of the freezer directly depends on the volume and ease of use. If you plan to freeze large lots of products, pay attention to the model with the freezer below. The top freezer will be convenient if you use it for meat, vegetables or berries for a couple of days.


The producer country prefers mechanical control, but there are also newer models with electronic components on sale. Do not want to experiment? Choose a proven option.


As with other brands, the range includes refrigerators with a drop defrost system. This is a traditional solution, especially for domestic equipment. One of the last lines is equipped with the "Know Frost" system. It works by means of fans, circulating the cooled air.

Models overview

Nord 271-010

If you need a budget refrigerator without unnecessary functions, we suggest to consider a two-compartment model Nord 271-010. It is inexpensive and perfectly suitable for home use. The freezer is located at the top and is divided by a sliding metal shelf into two compartments. The only disadvantage of the design is that the lower compartment is already upper.

The refrigerator cabinet is not very different from the imported analogs. Inside you will find two containers, three metal shelves inside and four on the door. The model has holders with which you can adjust the height of the shelves, and if necessary - place a large pot or cake. The main features - quiet work, high productivity and reasonable price.

  • Useful volume - 255 liters.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Defrosting system - drip.

Nord B 185 NFD W

This refrigerator is not inferior to similar foreign models. It is equipped with a system of "Know Frost" and protection against voltage drops. Shelves are made of tempered glass - you can not be afraid of rust, which appears on the metal. All removable parts are easily extended and moved. Transparent freezers allow you to see the contents without having to open them.

The design assumes the door is repositioned for convenience or in case of a rearrangement. The operating instructions show the detailed scheme how to manually reposition the door without damaging the equipment.

  • The total volume is 274 liters.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Defrosting system - No Frost.

Nord 403 DX

This single-compartment refrigerator belongs to the "mini" class. Inside there are two shelves and two compartments for vegetables. In a small freezer compartment, a couple of pieces of meat, two packets of ravioli and some vegetables are placed. This option is often bought for rented apartments or hotels. Of the advantages - light weight and compactness. The device can be installed under the countertop or used as a kitchen cabinet.

  • Useful volume - 93 liters.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Defrosting system - drip.

Nord 188 (W)

The popular model fully justifies its price. It has 4 shelves of durable glass, which are easily adjustable and extend. For bottles or yoghurt the door is equipped with 5 convenient shelves. Below there is a storage compartment for fresh vegetables, berries or fruit. In the freezer there are 2 baskets, which allow you to sort products.

Inside, a nice LED backlight, it is considered more durable and safe than conventional light bulbs. You can also change the direction of the door.

  • The total volume is 280 liters.
  • The energy consumption class is A ++.
  • Climate class- SN-T.
  • Control - electromechanical.
  • The defrosting system is automatic.


Any technique can break down at the most inopportune moment. In equipment "Nord" evaporators and condensers most often break down. Nevertheless, these failures are quickly eliminated in the workshops. In the case of an unreconciled fault under the warranty, the technician can be replaced - for this you should contact the authorized representatives.

Some of the problems can be solved by the user himself, for example, replace the light bulb and perform other minor repairs. If the refrigeratordoes not freeze, proceedsor sparks, there may have been a leak of freon or some node has failed.

Important! Maintenance, diagnostics and repair should be handled exclusively by a professional mechanic.

Customer Reviews

Galina, Tula

Nord DX-221

A great device. A roomy, quiet and under the interior of the kitchen came up. First I wanted a three-compartment refrigerator, but I decided to save - I did not regret it. Inside the light is very conveniently located, so that it can not be blocked by products. There is a warning system if you forgot to close the door. If you ever have to buy this equipment again, choose "Nord".

Andrey, Tyumen


I regretted the choice, but it's worth paying tribute to the fact that the refrigerator is still working. It is necessary to indicate some advantages in the recall - it freezes well. It is impossible to store vegetables, they constantly drain water. The result - everything deteriorates, rots and further on the script. The backlight does not work anymore. Often, products are freezed to the wall - even for an ax, take it. Honestly, I will never buy the technique of this manufacturer.


Xenia, Arkhangelsk

An ordinary refrigerator, nothing special. Beautiful, silvery, in general, the kitchen looks very much even nothing. All shelves are easily removed, so you can wash without problems. Spacious, quiet, easily defrosted. I did not notice any shortcomings, all the details are qualitative. For three years I have never broken. The shelves and containers are made of durable glass and plastic. Normal equipment for little money.

Nord 183-7-030

Diana, Krasnodar

"Nord" I liked right away, affordable price and quality is not bad. After six months of work, it happens, the compressor hums and does not shut down. This is still the only problem. Given the low price, pleased with the power and capacity. Dimensions and appearance came under the kitchen. The shelves can be adjusted and set to the desired height. A good technique, if you do not take into account the failures in the compressor.

We can say that the equipment fully justifies its price. Like all manufacturers, the company has popular and not very successful models. Buy a technique or not, it's up to you. If you are looking for a profitable offer, feel free to choose Nord.

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