How to freeze strawberries for the winter in the fridge: 3 technologies


  • 1 Rules for preparing and freezing berries at home
  • 2 Freezing options
    • 2.1 Technology 1: individual berries
    • 2.2 Technology 2: for compotes and jelly
    • 2.3 Technology 3: with sugar
  • 3 Conclusion
With proper freezing, all the vitamins and taste qualities of the product are preserved.With proper freezing, all the vitamins and taste qualities of the product are preserved.

The easiest way for long-term storage of berries collected in the summer is freezing. In addition, the loss of useful properties is only 10%, in contrast to heat treatment. I will tell you how to freeze strawberries for the winter in the refrigerator and familiarize you with the three cooling technologies.

Rules for preparing and freezing berries at home

You can get the most out of a vitamin product if you follow certain rules and follow the technology. Follow the simple tips on how to freeze strawberries:

Picture Recommendations
table_pic_att15081884791 Rule 1: choose only a quality product.
Berries suitable for freezing:
  • fresh, plucked the same day;
  • ripe
  • solid;
  • without damage.
table_pic_att15081884832 Rule 2: Prepare the berries.
  1. Take your own crop harvest, free from litter.
  2. Water with strawberries with stems. So dirt settles to the bottom of the tank.
  3. Rinse again with running water in a colander.
  4. Cut off the stalk.

If you cut off the stem immediately, the flesh from washing will release the juice and soften. Therefore, remove the stalks at the last stage.

table_pic_att15081884863 Rule 3: select tare.
  • For whole berries - plastic containers or glass containers.
  • For blanks (compote, jelly) suitable plastic bags.
  • For strawberry puree - containers. Fill the glass jars by 2/3, otherwise they will burst (the product will increase in volume when frozen).

Close any containers tightly so that the berries do not accumulate ice and do not lose their taste.

table_pic_att15081884884 Rule 4: Ensure optimum temperature control.
Strawberries are stored in the freezer for up to a year at a temperature of 18–20 ° C.
The greatest amount of nutrients will provide a quick deep freeze.

Here's how to do without a refrigerator (if you need to defrost it): take the workpiece cold in a thermo bag. After all, it is impossible to freeze the thawed strawberries again - the berries will lose their taste and shape.

table_pic_att15081884915 Rule 4: Do not store strawberry blanks near meat and fish.
Plastic absorbs odors, so select a separate shelf for frozen fruit.

Freezing options

I offer options for how to freeze berries in the refrigerator:

  • ripe ripe fruits - leave whole;
  • overripe - save in the form of mashed potatoes, preparations for compote or in natural juice.

Now in detail about these technologies.

Technology 1: individual berries

You can freeze strawberries for the winter with whole fruits. Harvest portions so that you do not have to defrost the entire stock at once, or chop off the frozen product, damaging the fruit

A photo Instruction
table_pic_att15081884926 Step 1: Prepare batch containers.
Suitable small plastic forms that can be sealed.
table_pic_att15081884937 Step 2: Pick ripe hard berries.
Overripe and soft fruits are best left for making mashed potatoes.
table_pic_att15081884968 Step 3: after washing, be sure to dry the berries.
When harvesting fresh strawberries it is important to dry it. So ice crystals will not spoil the shape of the fruit.
Spread the berries in a single layer on a towel.
table_pic_att15081884979 Step 4: primary freeze.
To prevent the fruit from sticking together, blot them before filling it into a container.
Place on a cutting board and place in the freezer for an hour.
table_pic_att150818849810 Step 5: Put the frozen berries in containers.
  1. Take the board out of the freezer and quickly pack the fruit into containers.
  2. Send for long-term storage on the shelf in the freezer.

Defrost a portion on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. And at room temperature, just five minutes - and you can feast on strawberries "from the garden."

Fruits frozen in tins with water, add to juice or smoothies.Fruits frozen in tins with water, add to juice or smoothies.

The way how to keep strawberries for making cocktails:

  • In ice molds, place on the berry.
  • Fill with water.
  • Send to freeze in the fridge.
  • After an hour, wrap the form in a plastic bag or cling film to seal the product.

Technology 2: for compotes and jelly

The easiest way to freeze is to place the washed berries in a container.

Fruits from which you will cook compotes, you can not pre-freeze on cutting boards. I offer two ways to freeze berries in the fridge:

Picture Description
width = "700" Method 1
Prepare for the winter strawberries in packages with clasps:
  1. Washed fruits leave in a colander for 10 minutes to glass water.
  2. Spread the portions into packets and close the clasp.
  3. Place the packages on the shelves of the freezer.
table_pic_att150818851312 Method 2
Freeze strawberry puree:
  1. Grind the berries in a blender.
  2. Spread out on forms or containers.

Technology 3: with sugar

Berries, rolled in sugar or pureed - ready-made dessert and delicious delicacy! And its price is minimal. I offer 4 options for freezing strawberries with sugar:

Fashion photo Description
table_pic_att150818851413 Option 1: Strawberries in sugar
Sugar will keep the juice in the berries and their shape:
  1. Place the fruit in a container, filling it two-thirds.
  2. Sprinkle with sugar, gently shaking the container.
width = "1024" Option 2: berries in syrup
Strawberries for the winter in the refrigerator can be prepared in sugar syrup:
  • Make a syrup (500 grams of granulated sugar per liter of warm water).
  • Place the fruit in a container for 2/3.
  • Pour syrup.
table_pic_att150818851614 Option 3: mashed potatoes, frozen with powdered sugar
How to store strawberries in a puree:
  1. 1 kg of berries mixed with 300 g of powder.
  2. Pour into molds.
  3. Store in the freezer.
table_pic_att150818851715 Option 4: strawberries with juice
  1. 1 kg of fruit, add 300 g of granulated sugar.
  2. Put on the day in the refrigerator for the formation of juice.
  3. Transfer to portion containers and freeze.


Now, knowing how to freeze strawberries for the winter in the fridge, you will be able to taste it until the next harvest. Visual explanations from the video in this article and my recommendations will help to preserve all the benefits and freshness of these fruits. If you have questions - write in the comments.

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