How to keep red fish in the fridge

Red fish is known for its unique properties and vitamins. Handle such a product should be carefully, as the risk of poisoning a stale product is high. We will understand how to store red fish in the home refrigerator.

Fresh product

Ideally, when fresh fish is brought from the market, it should be immediately prepared and consumed. If for some reason you need to keep the product, then keep it in the refrigerator. The optimum temperature is from 0 to +3 degrees Celsius.

To store fresh seafood, you must perform a number of manipulations:

  • remove all the insides and scales;
  • with a paper towel or napkin, remove all excess moisture;
  • fold the red fish into a bowl and be sure to cover with a lid or cling film;
  • if you are going to store it in fresh, unfrozen form, then sprinkle it with salt( it can be replaced with lemon juice).

Wondering: "How long can you store red fish?".When fresh, it is left in the refrigerator for no more than a couple of days.

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You can not hold to the last. Increased risk of poisoning a stale product. If you are not going to cook it in the next two days, then it is better to freeze.

Proper freezing

If your husband came from fishing and brought a big catch with him, then do not rush to panic. Not every woman is able to recycle a large amount at a time. We suggest doing the following:

  • Spread out all the fish in plastic bags( sort it so that it lies neatly);
  • put in the freezer.

How long can the product be stored in this way? Keep in the freezer allowed for several months. But ideally, before freezing it is best to remove the tripe.

Defrosting is necessary gradually, without the use of various heating and hot water.

Re-freezing is strictly prohibited. Its taste is impaired and product damage is possible.

Smoked meats

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The shop presents smoked seafood The procedure can be done in two ways: cold and hot. They differ among themselves not only in taste, but also in terms of storage.

If it is smoked by the first method, then it is recommended to store it for no more than 10 days, having previously wrapped it in paper. Hot smoked seafood can not be stored for more than three days.

Such a significant difference in terms is due to the difference in preparation. With the cold method, a lot of salt is used and the product undergoes a long heat treatment.

Dried delicacies

If you like to feast on dried or salted fish, you should definitely know how much it can be stored. Since salts act as a preservative, the period increases. A well-prepared and dried fish can lie for a whole year and not deteriorate.

To properly keep the dried red fish, do the following:

  • wrap it in thick paper;
  • store in a dark, cold place( refrigerator).

Salted seafood

They can be found off the shelf in stores, but many housewives make it themselves. Knowing how much salted fish can be stored is also important. It all depends on the amount of salt:

  • lightly salted fish can be kept in the refrigerator for no more than three days;
  • salted fish from vacuum packaging can be stored no more than 30 days;
  • highly salted product can be kept without freezing a month.

Salted salmon can be stored longer if you pre-fill it with vegetable oil. Thus, the product can be kept for about three months.

Storage of finished product

Prepared delicious fish for dinner or lunch, you need to know how many ready meals are stored. The product that has undergone heat treatment may be refrigerated at a temperature of from 0 to +3 degrees for 2-3 days. Store other fish dishes, for example, sushi can be only a day and it is desirable to use special cases.

Fish that have not undergone heat treatment can only be consumed if you are confident in its quality and freshness.

Now you know how much salted, dried or heat-treated fish can be stored. Protect it from spoilage and enjoy the taste.

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