How to store red caviar: place, conditions, proper capacity

caviar Red caviar is a favorite delicacy of many that decorates the New Year's table or carnival. In order to save a lot of people buy it for future use, because it ends quickly, and sometimes you want to suddenly please yourself with a tasty sandwich or salad. For this reason, you need to know how to store red caviar so that it remains as tasty and does not spoil at home.

How long can the

product be stored? The shelf life of a delicacy depends primarily on the packaging in which it is packed. In any unopened package, it can be stored for not more than a year, provided that there are low temperatures in the storage area.

There are two most common options for packing red caviar - a plastic container and a can. After opening, you can store a delicacy in the container for no more than a week; after this time, it already loses its taste and starts to deteriorate. If the product was purchased in a bank, then after opening it must be transferred to a plastic container, otherwise the oxidation processes will spoil it even earlier.

The minus of plastic containers is that they are easily opened, so the spawn in such packaging should be bought only from a trusted seller. Otherwise, you can even throw away the delicacy ahead of time even under the correct storage conditions, if the package was opened before you bought it.

Less commonly, glass jars with rubberized lids are used as packaging. If you managed to buy a delicacy in this package, then this is the best option. After opening the can, you do not need to shift the spawn anywhere, if you did not have time to eat it all at once. In the same package, you can put it in the fridge;It adversely affects the properties and taste: the product dries, becomes tasteless and deteriorates faster.

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In addition, several other factors determine the shelf life:

  • the time elapsed between the production of caviar and its packaging;
  • compliance with the rules when processing;
  • compliance with conservation rules;
  • storage conditions in the warehouse and on the shop counter.

To increase the shelf life of open caviar, it is necessary to first prepare the estimated capacity. For this you need to prepare the so-called Tuzluk, it is very simple to make it: in boiling water, this amount of salt dissolves so that the taste resembles brine. This mixture should be thoroughly rinsed with the container in which the delicacy will be stored, then put it inside and put the jar in the fridge.

Where to store

Proper storage of a granular product requires low temperatures, so there are several options for keeping it at home.


The ideal temperature for storing a granular product ranges from -4 to -8 ° C, but in the refrigerator the average temperature in the main section is zero. Despite this, it is best to keep delicacies in the refrigerator, since the temperature in the freezer is even more different from the nominal one. To ensure better storage, you can put the jar in the refrigerator compartment, where the temperature is slightly lower. Depending on the type of refrigerator, this place can be either from below or from above, but usually the container is placed closer to the freezer.

Caviar from an open can is transferred to a resealable container. This not only protects the product from rapid deterioration, but also protects against the smells of the surrounding food in the refrigerator. A delicacy can absorb them, causing its own aroma and even taste to change.


There is a lot of controversy about this storage place, as many believe that there eggs are frozen to each other and after defrosting they no longer have the original taste and aroma. However, if you need to keep the product safe and sound for a long time, then the freezer is quite suitable.

If you choose this method, you will need to decompose the product into several small containers, for example, plastic containers or food bags, so that one of them is just enough for one use. The second time to freeze the caviar in no case be impossible.

Since it is not possible to store red caviar in large quantities in the refrigerator, this method is most suitable for weighing. In the freezer it can be stored for up to six months without losing its taste and qualities.

Combined method

Since neither the refrigerator nor the freezer has an ideal temperature for storing a delicacy, you can create optimal conditions yourself. This does not require any special skills or devices. The essence of the method is that the container is placed in a deep plate, and several pieces of crushed ice are laid out around the jar. Thus, caviar receives additional cooling, does not freeze and remains in its original form, and this does not affect all other products.

As the ice melts, you will need to replace it with new pieces, so prepare it in advance. Too often, it is not necessary to replace the ice, once in 1 - 2 days it will be quite enough to preserve the delicacy. Using this method, you can increase the shelf life of caviar from one week to several months.

In this condition, it is better to serve caviar on the table, because at low temperatures its taste is enhanced.

Caviar storage container

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As already mentioned, a tightly closed plastic container can serve as a good container for storing caviar, but there is also a more suitable capacity - a glass jar. You can leave caviar in it and just close the lid or use a more sophisticated method that will allow you to keep the delicacy for a long time.

For this, you need to sterilize a glass jar of the desired volume, as jars for baby food are well suited as a container for caviar. Then you need to lubricate the walls with refined oil, and then shift the eggs inside. From above you need to pour another couple of spoons of oil, then close the jar with a lid and put it in the fridge. This method will keep the delicacy for several months.

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