How to replace bearings in the engine of the washing machine

The engine in the washing machine fulfills its main function - rotation. And the bearings serve in the engine to reduce friction. Their service life is significantly reduced, if not periodically lubricated.

To check the electric motor or replace faulty parts, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the electric motor. Bearings in it are located on the shaft of the armature or rotor.

Content of the material:

  • 1Rules for disassembling the electric motor
  • 2How to check the bearings
    • 2.1Luft: how to check
  • 3Stages of dismantling
  • 4We put on a new bearing
    • 4.1Bearing grease

Rules for disassembling the electric motor

A collector or asynchronous motor can be installed in the washing machine. They are treated differently, but still, there are general rules that should be observed when disassembling:

  1. Before starting to disassemble the motor, disconnect the washing machine from the mains and remove the motor by disconnecting all wires.
  2. If capacitors are provided in the motor control circuit, it is worth defusing their conclusions.
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  4. Disassembly eliminates strikes and distortions and goes in strict sequence - stage by stage.
  5. Disassembly begins after the mechanism that turns the motor is disconnected - in our case it is the belt rotating the pulley (or the drum - in the SMA with direct drive).
  6. During operation, operate carefully so as not to damage the shaft, winding, collector or brushes.

How to check the bearings

Replacement of bearings in the engine washing machine begins with their verification. If you do not notice wear in time (noise in the AGR's work), then in the most severe case the result will be: during rotating and movable parts of the engine will come into contact, which will lead to the breakdown of all engine.

The check is as follows:

  • Install the electric motor on a flat and firm surface.
  • With one hand hold the engine, and the second rotate the shaft.
  • If everything is normal, then the rotor will rotate smoothly, without hooks.
  • If the bearings have served their own, you will catch a scratching sound or notice that when the rotor rotates there is an imbalance.

Luft: how to check

Axial or radial play is absolutely normal, even for new details. It is important only that the play is not too big.

Check the radial play:

  • Mount the motor on a flat and rigid surface.
  • Grasp the shaft and swing it.
  • Only a small deviation is permissible.
  • The displacement index is directly proportional to the size of the motor. In the domestic engine of the washing machine, these displacements may be barely perceptible.

Check the axial play:

  • Grasp the shaft and pull it towards you or push the rotor away from you.
  • The deviation in the SM engine is more, cm already indicates the problem.

If, when you disassemble the motor, you have found traces of friction between the rotor and the stator, then it already says that engine repair is required, or rather, bearing change. If the rotor is worn out, then this element needs to be replaced.

Stages of dismantling

Before replacing the bearings of the motor, it is necessary to remove them. To perform this operation you need pullers. It is important to consider that they differ in size and in terms of design, so if you are not sure, take the engine to the store to pick up a suitable puller.

In principle, you can estimate, and buy a puller "by eye

  • For small shafts, a mechanism with removable grip bars is suitable.
  • For the shaft is more worth taking a massive puller with 3-4 paws, exciting the bearing.

If you work as a puller, you will have to make an effort to rotate it. If it's too heavy, take a piece of pipe to lengthen the lever. For easier removal, the shaft can be lubricated with machine oil or WD-40 grease.

We put on a new bearing

After removing the parts from the motor of the washing machine, you can start installing new ones. The new element should be 100% analogous to the part that you are changing.

During installation, make sure that dirt does not enter inside the bearing. Also inspect even the new element for integrity. Marriage has not been canceled - inside may be chipping or corrosion of metal.

Installation rules:

  1. Attach the part using a small diameter metal stud.
  2. Before installation, it is recommended to lubricate the part with grease.
  3. Take care that there are no distortions, so hit the center of the stud well, putting it in different places.
  4. To accelerate the process, you can dip the bearing into boiling oil for 5-10 minutes. Get the part using a hook or tongs. Do not work with unprotected hands!

Bearing grease

From the fact what will be the lubrication when installing the bearing, will depend on the performance of the AGR. Grease should be chosen thick - consistent.

If the engine speed does not exceed 3 thousand per minute, you can use "Litol 24" or "Tsiatim 201". If the engine is running at high speeds, choose a second grease, but with the marking 202.

It is necessary to fill more than half of the bearing chamber with grease. For high-speed one-third will be enough - if you put more, the extra grease will still be squeezed out during rotation.

Now you know how to change the bearings of the electric motor, if your washing requires it.

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