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The use of mechanisms for the cultivation of land in small possessions has become a necessity. Motoblock The salute is used by villagers all the year round. With the help of a small brisk mechanism, it is possible to perform all the time-consuming excavation, mowing and even cleaning snow in winter. There are several models of this unit. The choice of an assistant depends on the nature and amount of work in the personal economy.

Ruler range

Motoblocks are divided according to engine power. The more pulls the motor, the more effectively the motoblock works. But you can not install a strong motor on the frame, designed for the baby "Mole". The engine, the frame, the shafts, the couplers and the clamps are calculated. Motoblock The salute is produced as a heavy and medium-sized vehicle in its segment. The developer and executor of the model is the defense plant Salyut. Depending on the engine installed on the engine, the power characteristics and weight of the unit vary slightly. For clarity, the main indicators of the Salute 5 and Salute 100 are in the general table.

In the line of the manufactured equipment, other engines are used, giving models equipped with them the best properties for efficiency and energy consumption. Motoblocks Salute, equipped with a Chinese engine Lifan, reliable, and you can buy an assistant slightly more than 20 thousand. For this model is typical:

  • the speed selector is located on the steering wheel;
  • stability due to the low center of gravity;
  • small turning radius and high maneuverability.

In other complete sets apply engines Kohler SH265, Honda GC 190, Robin Subaru EY-20.

The difference between the motoblock Salute 5 and Salute 100 in a different number of speeds. In the rest, they equally perform the whole set of agricultural works with the help of attachments. A part of the working units is supplied complete with the unit, the other - is bought, or manufactured independently. The well-designed frame design, good alignment make the main unit stable and multifunctional. Using a belt drive, the unit is used as an energy unit for woodworking machines. If it is necessary to transport the motorized unit, it can be easily dismantled into separate units.

Buy spare parts for equipment from trusted suppliers. The market of spare parts is filled with low-quality details of handicraft production.

But more often the unit performs its direct functions, using special attachments for the Salute motoblock. So, to cultivate the soil can be sickle-shaped cutters, which crush and loosen the earth to a depth of 25-30 cm. Depending on how many nodes are installed on the shaft, 30, 60 or 90 cm are processed in one pass. And if the soil is clayey, hard, or virgin soil, a motoblock with a plow will easily cut and raise a layer of earth.

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To install agricultural implements, the unit is equipped with a special adapter. Transmission of energy to the pin through the power take-off allows the multi-purpose year-round use of the Salute 100 motoblock, watch the video:

Hinged tools in the complete set of the motor block

In a set with a motor-block there is only a minimum of canopies, which will allow you to master the equipment and understand its resource. The most important for moving around the fields and off-road is the presence of large-diameter wheels and with a self-cleaning deep protector. This corrugation provides good adhesion to the soil, increases the permeability of the unit. In the set there are 4 cultivators, hung on 2 on each side, leading a treatment of 60 cm of soil. For a larger grip, 2 cultivators will need to be purchased. The kit includes:

  • milling cutters;
  • opener;
  • coupling for equipment.

To fully use the resource of a powerful motoblock, it is necessary to purchase or make hinged and additional attachments.

For the cultivation of the land you need a plow, a hiller, a lushchilnik. And for harvesting, you need a potato digger. For haymaking, the use of mowers, rakes, segmental braids for mowing lawns will eliminate the need to purchase highly specialized tools.


A transport trolley in a rural farmstead will help to cope with the transportation of the crop to the storage, hay to the storage site. In winter, adjusting the snow plow rotor, in five minutes to restore order in the courtyard after a snowfall.

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What attachments are purchased for the Salute

Despite the powerful motor, the unit can only be equipped with recommended hinged and trailed implements and tools. Therefore, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the equipment and purchase, if it is recommended for use in conjunction with the Union.

Transport accessories

The trolley can not be more than 500 kg. It is equipped with a separate brake, has a seat. You can manufacture the corresponding trailer yourself. The manufacturer manufactures adapted equipment. Trailer TPM-350-1 with a galvanized bottom in length width, meter. The weight of the product is 93 kg, the cost is 19 thousand rubles.

Hillers for motoblock

The use of hillers in summer jobs is multifaceted. They pour ground from the furrow to the plants, cut the furrows during planting and close them. Therefore, the construction of a hiller is selected for a certain type of work. In the case of using as a trailer for traction with low power, unregulated hillers are selected. This is a rigid structure, deepening an arrow into the soil at the required depth. Rising up, divergent ribs create a furrow, falling asleep on the base of the bushes. Such hillers work efficiently on even rows with a sustained standard size.

Another kind of hiller for the motoblock Salyut is disk. Adjustable for tilt and distance discs will create a smooth stroke. The diameter of the disc is 40 cm, which makes it possible to perform high humming. The cost of the devices is 800-1700 rubles. Often a villager can not do without a plow. In the kit this gun is not supplied, it costs about 2 thousand. Hillers and plows join the main unit through a mound and a bracket.

Equipment for haymaking and lawn care

Attached equipment, with drive through belt transmission will be a rotary mower and a snow plow.

Using a tool of increased danger, mowers, you must not forget about your own protection. At a minimum, closed clothes, shoes and goggles should be used.

Haymaking is suffering. The faster you dry the drywall and dry it, the more nutritious the food will be. Use of canopies for mowing facilitates, accelerates the procurement process. Depending on the density and height of the grass stand, segment or rotary tools are used. Segment braids are good on a flat area and low grass. They are ideal for cutting lawns. Mowers for motoblock Salute segment type KM cut short grass with mulching. The width of the grip is half a meter, the speed of movement is 4 km / h, the weight of the device is 35 kg. The equipment costs 12 thousand rubles.

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Rotary mower for motoblock Salute represents two discs with knives fixed on a rigid frame. The design is called Dawn. Such an adaptation easily copes with the hard old grass, falling rods. The height of the cutters is adjusted automatically, adapting to the unevenness of the soil.


  • cutting width - 80 cm;
  • travel speed - 4 km / h;
  • height of mowed grass - 100 cm;
  • The weight of the equipment is 31 kg.

Buy a rotary mower for motoblock Salute can be for 14 thousand rubles.

To care for the pre-winter territory in the winter months, you can hang a snow thrower on the truck, and a dry brush to clean the garbage. But the necessary adaptations will be gutters, mounted on the place of the wheels. They will conduct straight rows when planting, which will greatly simplify the care of plantations during the growing season.

The wheels represent a construction with dimensions:

  • diameter - 28 cm;
  • width - 9 cm;
  • diameter of the hub,

Listed far from all equipment that will facilitate the life of a villager using a multifunctional motor-block.

Repair of motor blocks

Spare parts for motoblock Salute is easy to buy. This is a domestic technique. For imported engines used in motor blocks, spare parts supplied for generators and compressors are suitable. Therefore, you just need to order the required part according to the specification on the site or in the service point.

Overview motoblock Salute 5 with power frame - video

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