5 ways to remove bones from cherries


Cherry grows on almost everyhousehold plot and suburban area. The favorite berry of gardeners blooms before the first leaves appear.

It is believed that cherry blossoms symbolize the purity of being. That is why in some images of the Madonna, babies keep cherry berries in their hands.

Ripe purple and red berry is not only beautiful, butextremely useful for the body. A good landlady always stores berries for the period until the next harvest.


Table of contents

  • How quickly and easily remove the bones from cherries at home?
    • Removal of bones manually
    • Semi-mechanical devices to clean berries
    • Mechanical cleaner
    • Electric separators
    • Cherry puree as a means to separate the pulp
  • Advantages and disadvantages of tool accessories

How quickly and easily remove the bones from cherries at home?

Harvest cherries for winter better without pits, since they contain a small amount of a substance that turns into hydrocyanic acid. In addition, use cherries, cook pastries and other dishes are more convenient without pits.

There are several ways, how quickly to remove bones:

  • manually, with the help of sticks, clips and other devices;
  • semi-mechanical. Adaptation by means of which the berry is inserted one piece and pushed out the bone;
  • mechanical. Cherry is poured into the container and by pressing the lever the bone is removed from their flesh;
  • electrical equipment for the separation of bones.

Based on the volume of harvest, wishes and free time, the landlady themselves decide what kind of adaptation they need to remove unnecessary sticks.

You can extract the stone from the cherry either manually or by using various devices

Removal of bones manually

Housewives recommend getting bones with the help of improvised means:

    • open a paper clip or hairpin. Holding the berries with your fingers, from the side of the peduncle we lift and take out the stone. The advantage of this method is that the hole on the berry is only on one side and the cherry loses less juice. At the same time, it takes a long time, the hands are soiled with cherry juice;
    • with a pointed stick. A pointed wand is pierced by a cherry, and a bone is pushed. The process is quite laborious, in addition there is more juice in comparison with the first method;
  • using a stick and a bottle with a narrow neck. At the neck of the bottle we put the berry and stick it with a stick. The stone falls into the bottle, the cherry remains on the neck. An original way is enough, but a lot of juice follows. Take a lot of time.

Three ways how to quickly remove the stone from the cherry!

Semi-mechanical devices to clean berries

Semi-mechanical method - a device for extrusion of bones. The affordable devices.

The way to squeeze a stone is reduced to the fact that a round berth is inserted into the berry, a metal rod is pressed and a bone is pushed. The speed of removal is somewhat increased, but still, for the most part, this is a manual method.

Kostodavs are produced by many producers. Improved sample kostodava - the machine of Chinese manufacturersCherry Remove. It allows you to simultaneously clean six berries.

Semi-mechanical device Cherry Remove allows you to clean 6 berries at once

Cherry is inserted into special rounded containerswith a hole from below under the bones. At the bottom there is a closed container where the bone is squeezed out and the juice is collected.

The second part of the device is a lid on which there are six metal rods with jagged tips.

The lid is lowered and squeezed out immediately 6 bones. Conveniently, the process speed increases and the juice does not spread, but is collected in a container.

Mechanical cleaner

The mechanical method of extracting seeds from a cherry is reduced to the fact that the berry is filled up in a container. With the help of the gutter, one goes to the cleaning socket.

The stone is removed by pressing the spring leverfrom above and gets into the plastic container. The berry falls through another trough into a separate bowl.

All plastic elements of the device are made from tested food materials. Metal parts, for example, rods for extrusion, from metal, which is not oxidized.

This method significantly shortens the operation time, the juice does not spread. The equipment is inexpensive. The "separator" is produced by both domestic and foreign commodity producers.

Let's consider some samples:

    • machine for separation of bones Cherry Corer. Housing made of food plastic. Metal rod in stainless steel. Compact, equipped with a special device for fixing on the surface in the form of silicone inserts. It is easy to clean and does not leave traces of juice on the table;
    • Cherry and Olive corer. From the previous version differs material of food plastic. It is translucent, which allows you to monitor the process and monitor it;
  • Leaf-eye cherry extractor. German manufacturer. The principle of operation is the same as for all mechanical machines. It differs by a softer lever stroke and a transparent container for collecting pits.
Mechanical devices for cleaning the cherry from the bones reduce the time of the process, are inexpensive

Mechanical machines for extracting seeds from cherries greatly accelerate the process of processing cherries. Do not leave any contaminants, the juice drains into the container.

Convenient for use, safe. It is possible to entrust grandsons with this interesting occupation. Available for the price. Easy to clean. In an hour with the help of these devices you can process a bucket of cherries.

Cherry stamping machine

Electric separators

Cars with electric drive for removal of stones from cherries and sweet cherriesare most often used for large volumes.

This can be a small production of processing and canning, frosting berries, confectionery production, self-harvested raw materials.

The principle of the machine: the berry is poured into a wide feeding trough, where it is distributed in a row. Through the trough the cherry falls on a rotating drum, plastic or metal.

The drum is equipped with a recess for fixing the cherry. Simultaneously with the movement of the drum, metal rods drop, which push out the stone.

The berry remains on the toothed rod, and then it is sent to the collecting container.The process is continuous.

The drum is closed by a removable metal casing. All parts of the equipment are made of stainless food alloys. Easy to clean, parts are disassembled and washed.

Electric machines for separating bones from cherries are expensive, used for large volumes of products

Cost of electrical equipmentessentially differs from mechanical machines for extracting pits.

Bone Removal Machinefor cherries, cherries and cherry plums 100 kg / h, Uzhgorod. Adapted to remove pits of different diameters. Processes up to 100 kg / hour. The inner drum-membrane is made of plastic. The case is collapsible.

German bones removal machine Shelden. The productivity is 70-90 kg / hour. The principle of operation is the same, additionally equipped with stainless containers for reception of cherries without stones.

Cherry puree as a means to separate the pulp

To prepare puree from cherryYou can use a chopper or blender. It is enough to scroll the berries slightly to separate them from the drupes. Then wipe through a colander.

Bones remain in the colander, and mashed potatoes. It turns out beautiful mousses and kissels.


Advantages and disadvantages of tool accessories

Each of the considered ways helps to extract a stone from a cherry. Consider in terms of merits and demerits.

Removal of bones manually:

  • dignity: does not require any additional costs. Punctures the cherry on one side only, resulting in a more juicy berry;
  • disadvantages: takes a lot of time. Juice sprinkles around the treatment site, dirty hands.

Semi-mechanical method: little different from manual, only slightly accelerated process.

Each method of extraction of stones has its advantages and disadvantages

Mechanical method of removing pits:

  • dignity: for your household is the best option. The machine is inexpensive. Significantly increases the speed of processing berries. The juice does not spread and does not splash. Easy to use. Compact and easy to clean;
  • limitations. Sometimes berries accumulate in the feeding mechanism and need to be sorted manually.

Electrical equipment for removal of stone:

  • dignity. The speed and volume of processing is undoubtedly the main advantage of the equipment;
  • limitations. High price. For home use there is no need to purchase such equipment, but it is justified for small industries, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Cherry is the most common berry. It has healing properties. In berries a lot of vitamin amino acids, microelements, pectins.

Cherry increases the hemoglobin content, dilutes blood, is useful in diseases of the lungs and kidneys. Has a tonic and restorative effect.

Cherry is useful in any recycled form. Cherry jam pitted in winter will remind the summer days at the cottage. Cherry juice will replenish the body with vitamins, in the winter and spring time of the year.

Frozen cherry will be a wonderful filling for home baking, so the device for removing pits is useful to every hostess.

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