Common dimensions of dishwashers

  • Main types of equipment
  • Capacity of PMM of different types

The purchase of a dishwasher is justified for a number of reasons. It consumes 3-5 times less water compared to ordinary dishwashing, much better cope with this task and saves your time. Dimensions of the dishwasher - this is one of the main selection criteria, especially if you want to buy an embedded or partially built-in model. Let's find out what are the dimensions of different types of cars, and what sizes will be optimal for your kitchen and family.

Main types of equipment

Some features that should be considered when choosing and installing dishwashers.

  • Keep in mind that the same size MMP can have different capacities.
  • When buying a dishwasher, make sure that the dimensions indicated on the price tag are correct. The fact is that sellers can round the width and height values, and the correct parameters are specified only in the wiring diagram.
  • With the help of screw supports, the standard height can be changed and adjusted in accordance with the location of the equipment. Thanks to this built-in dishwasher will exactly match the kitchen set in height. Most often, this type of equipment is equipped with 3 legs - one behind (the screw that regulates its location is placed on the plinth) and 2 in the front.
  • In most models intended for a fixed location, you can remove the cover. If you remove the cover from a stand-alone machine, then its height will be 83, not 85 cm - just as much as the built-in equipment. Such a machine can already be placed unobstructed under the countertop of a standard headset, although its front facade can not be closed with a furniture facade.
  • When placing it is necessary to take into account not only the technical features or its dimensions, but also the length of the connection hose. It is regulated that the distance for the sewage drain must not be more than 1500 mm.
  • A very useful option is the height adjustment of the baskets, which allows you to easily place even large objects.

What sizes are available for a built-in, stand-alone, narrow and small dishwasher?

Today Dimensions PMM are approximately the same:

  • Height - 82 cm;
  • Depth - 55 cm;
  • Width - 45 cm (narrow models) and 60 cm (full-size models);
  • Small dishwashers have dimensions: 46x45x48 cm (very small) and 450x550x500 (small).

And yet, manufacturers offer machines a little more or less in size. For example:

  • Narrow MMP models sometimes have a width of 4, cm and 4 cm, height can be higher than full-size models - 84-85 cm and deeper-5, see.
  • Full-size models (both built-in and stationary) can be 5 cm and 5 cm wide, while the height can be 8 cm or even 85 cm and depth 62 cm.

Capacity of PMM of different types

Choosing a dishwasher suitable for installation or for a fixed location, narrow and standard width, small or very small, you need to consider not only the dimensions, but also its ability to accommodate the number of sets you need dishes.


1 set is a set of utensils, which is necessary for 1 person for one dinner. This set includes: 2 plates - deep and flat, 2 spoons - large and small, as well as a knife, fork, tea pair and a glass.


The optimal number of sets is calculated based on the number of members in the family and the frequency of receptions of guests. In this case, keep in mind that for washing large-sized pans and pans will require more space than for several sets of dishes. Therefore, the size of the dishwasher should be selected with a small margin. But also overestimate their needs for washing dishes, too, is not worth it. For example, for a family of three people, which accumulates about 10 sets in one day, a narrow PMM will do.


So, different types of machines contain a different number of sets of utensils.

  1. Portable PMM. Typically, the mini-car is suitable for 1 person or for a family of 2 people, since it contains 5-6 sets of dishes. Small dishwashers can be put on the countertop or built into the cupboard, for example, under the sink.
  • If you want to buy a mini PMM for embedding or partial embedding, then keep in mind that many models have large protruding buttons on the control panel, but in the technical description their dimensions are not taken into account, although sometimes they add significant, cm.
  1. Narrow MMP. Dishwashers with a width of 45 cm are in demand due to their compactness - the reduced width allows to place the equipment in small kitchens. Can wash about 10 sets of dishes, and therefore, suitable for an average family of 3-4 people.
  2. Full-size dishwashers with a width of 60 cm. Capacity of the device - from 12 to 15 sets of dishes. For a large family of 5 people - this is the best choice.
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