How to choose a steamer

For each region-specific products. Manufacturers are trying to cater to people's Steamer tastes. But the instrument a small difference. Different plug steamers, intended for another outlet. Nuances need to know: in the UK, US plug interface is different. In the latter case, a double boiler rated at 110 V.

Morphy Richards 48781 Steamer

Morphy Richards Steamer 48781 unique: a pair of tiers, the working chamber is divided by vertical walls into three sections. Can be together to prepare foods which are not compatible with each other. For each department individually exhibited modes. The scale on the LCD screen marked pictures.

Morphy Richards 48781 Steamer

Morphy Richards 48781 Steamer

  • fish;
  • vegetables;
  • meat;
  • croup.

No need to remember what and how much is being prepared. Press the button until the icon is shaded squares do not stop in the right place - automatic mode. After closure loop steamer enters heat keeping mode.

Opportunities steamers are possible due to three TEN - for each compartment. The temperature is controlled independently. Two plastic working compartment. One of them - a double. The partition can be removed, it is obtained two equal longest compartment, one, two PETN. Steam temperature above 100 degrees Celsius. Carefully lift the cover.

The housing is made of stainless steel, added indicator of lack of water, and the reservoir can hold 1.6 liters.

Disadvantages: difficulty with cleaning equipment. You can not use the dishwasher for process automation, pour gathered condensate is not easy. Sometimes fighting.

Steamer TEFAL VC101616

Steaming of circular working compartment with three tiers of small plastic net. The model can accommodate less powerful and less water in the tank:

  1. The consumption of 900 watts.
  2. Capacity 1.1 liters.
Steamer VC101616 from TEFAL

Steamer VC101616 TEFAL

There is no possibility to specify the program and time. Instead, one pen-timer risks. The disadvantage of inaccuracy minutes each way, controls are loosened. The problem starts with the cooking. Set the parameters is not possible, the result is unpredictable.

The total volume of the three tiers of 9 liters. The compartments of the same size - a basket can be interchanged, the same trays. Steamer and turn two, and one floor - depending on the needs.

The bottom of the basket are removable at will collect one, two or three floors. In the first case, a single compartment 9 liters. In a double boiler is easy to prepare dish volume. It allows the use of the dishwasher. List of detergent accord with instructions steamer TEFAL VC101616.

Electronic water indicator is not present. The tank will be dry - the appliance is switched off. On a translucent scale level seen for emptying the tray with condensate is not necessary to interrupt the cooking. Refill the water tank does not work, but in the 02-th model for this is the pull-out sector.

timer steamers

timer steamers

Steamers are equipped with little use for the timer setup. We need sharp eyesight to see the scale on the trims. keep warm mode is almost absent. Hole in the bottom tiers too big, floors dock complex. We need to adapt.


It is difficult to find on the market. In a double boiler no inherent programs, cycle parameters are set using the digital display. Interesting nuance adding spices: placed on the rack steam outlet under the tiers. Portions of food are dosed flavor seasonings.

The trays of different sizes are added each other during storage. The total volume of 9 liters. The tiers are made of light-transmissive plastic. Usual steamer with delayed start timer for 24 h, the cooking time to 1 hour. The food is ready - you will hear a high-pitched squeak. Disadvantages: complicated instruction design. cost of the device is 2500 rubles.

elongated steamer

elongated steamer

What steamer eventually buy

We recommend to buy the first steamer from the list. Electronic control more accurate. At first it will seem a little confusing. But nerves are saved - will pay for the inconvenience.

It is not necessary to pay for unnecessary functions - timer. Too much time spent on setup. It is better to buy a good steamer without frills.

The possibilities are very different. The first model considered the steamer actually made three small devices in a single package. Many of the steamer does not pots made - in the form of kastryulek - BREVILLE, Morphy Richards.

Model 48721: This unit is combined with medlennovarkoy. Reduced cooking temperatures lay up of the vitamins. By paying one price, we get two devices. Plus it will manufacture material - stainless steel - safer plastics.

model minus the mechanical regulator. A small volume of the bowl - 3.5 liters. Obscure statement.

The structural composition of the steamer

No money for the combi steamer - buy a separate steamer and convection oven. Steamers - distant ancestors of rice cookers. Used for cooking porridge, appeared in China in the Neolithic period. Scientists find fossil steamers yang in the lower reaches of the Yangtze. Adaptations resembled modern technology.

5000 years ago to buy a steamer Tefal was impossible, but the principle of operation of the device does not differ from the current model. Clay pot closed with a lid, put on fire by means of a tripod. Poured into the water is brought rice until cooked without oil - helped prepare the corn with the husk, avoiding the occurrence of beriberi among the Chinese people.

Steamer Kitchen

Steamer Kitchen

Today steamer differs little from the ancestor. The structure includes:

  1. The heated container with water. Yield for steam located in the middle. The final principle of operation resembles a volcano.
  2. In the working chamber of each other are a few gratings. You can use a single tier.
  3. Due to vault cover, drop slide along the edges going into the compartment, which is empty.

The advanced automation program steamers are cooking your favorite dishes. It differs little from multivarok. The main advantage - do not put oil. Mesh accessory bad volume. Multiple tiers of a double boiler can hold more products. Typical unit volume of 6 liters.

In multivarka waste a drop falling into a cup - polluted capacity. The double boiler and Moisture contact dirty PETN excluded - simplifies operation process. No one is spared from dealing with scum. It is better to initially use filtered water. Not prevent boil - reduce the frequency of cleansing device from the scale. Filter the water to be used in a double boiler.

filled steamer

filled steamer

Nearly all steamers worth protecting from the empty power-up. Required pour into water. The apparatus resembles humidifiers. The difference in heat. The humidifiers plaque remains salts, compare with scale thin layer of whitish incorrectly - mineral substances have not been exposure to high temperature. Scale is not so hard, is relatively easy to be erased.

Special properties Steamer

Spices in a double boiler

Function Phillips Flavour Booster steamers allow a variety of flavors. Spices cause appetite, make a mediocre dish delicious. Chew some supplements, not all can. Phillips implemented in steamers additional bottom tray, located under the tiers with the ingredients. Sprinkle seasoning during cooking flavor will move into the food.

Do not forget: dishes are prepared together. Try to avoid the combination of fish and chicken - the flavors blend. Cooking meat with a garnish - a positive experience to be fed with porridge taste.

multi-level steamer

multi-level steamer

power Steamers

steamer cycle slightly reduced with increasing power. Manufacturers do not make heaters at 52 kW - spent less material. With the growth of Nichrome wire length of the segment power drops.

2kW excessive. Specific heat of vaporization of water is 2,256 kJ / kg. Heat water to boiling, steamer could be translated into a different state of aggregation kilogram per second., To whom it should be, you ask? Part of the energy will be spent on thermal losses due to conduction through the housing, the rest will remain.

Medium Occupancy steamers tank is one liter. For some time, this volume will be brought to a boil with a capacity of 900 W? Suppose the initial temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. Given that the heat capacity of 4.2 kJ / kg C:

t = 1 x 4200 x (100 - 15) / 900 = 396 c = 6.5 min.

As such cooking power is not required to maintain the heat and moisture evaporation. Lowering consumption, manufacturers provide gentle cycle. Scaling level falls, heater turned on / off frequently. The latter factor will affect the reliability of the device - each switch limited resource. When the reservoir water tank steamers equal to 1 liter, with 2 kW power save 3 minutes each cooking cycle, losing the level of salt deposits, lose half life.

Material Mesh steamers

Plastic - polymer. Artificial chains begin to disintegrate. About depolymerization process: Planning to buy a steamer is inexpensive and long - give preference to steel. Not so nice, would not allow to follow the cooking food, but safely.

Grille for steamers

Grille for steamers

keep warm mode in a double boiler

It does not always guess the time to return home, and want to warm porridge. Suitable varieties Steamer, who know how to keep warm - thermostats.

Storing and cooking with different volume

There are two qualities cited against:

  • Interchangeability dishes allow shuffle tiers: pre / during cooking. It makes it possible to use not all tiers - friendly.
  • Ease of storage in some models is achieved using baskets of different diameters. Added (telescopically) into each other, reduced space requirement.

This is another feature that allows you to decide what is best to buy a steamer.

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