Error F01, F1 in the washing machine Ariston

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Loaded the wash, but the machine Ariston highlighted the error F1 or F01? This fault code will help you determine the cause of the fault - closing the motor contacts.

Each model of the Ariston washing machine will show an error in its own way. And it can happen at any stage: when turning on, after fixing the hatch and taking water.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error F1 mean: we recognize the signal combinations
    • 1.1Definition of code
    • 1.2Causes of the problem and possible solutions
  • 2What to do if the control module has failed
    • 2.1Problems with the motor, wiring problems

What does the error F1 mean: we recognize the signal combinations

On the scoreboard of electronic models, Ariston will give an error F01 (F 1). Older AGRs recognize the code like this:

  • Model Ariston Margherita with 2 indicators: the "On / Off" light is flashing, the "Key" indicator - "Lock" is lit. The lever for installing programs clicks and turns clockwise.
  • Hotpoint Ariston type ARSL, ARMXXL, ARXL (from the Low-End line) recognize code F 1 by flashing the "Key" indicator. Probably, the indicators located at the bottom horizontally also shine.
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  • If F01 fails, the "Extra Rinse" signal flashes in Ariston AVL, AML, AVSL machines, "Key" flashes frequently.
  • In the AGR without the Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis AQSL type the temperature bulb will blink when washing in cold water.

You got to recognize the error, or it appeared on the display - now you need to figure out what it means F1 or F01.

Definition of code

The error code F01 in the Ariston CM appears when the staircase motor control contacts short-circuit. Outwardly you can easily identify it - the drum does not spin.

Attention! Error F01 notifies about the violation of contacts between the control and display module only in the Ariston Dialogic. And this is a completely different malfunction.

Now you will learn how to eliminate the breakdown yourself.

Causes of the problem and possible solutions

First, exclude the possibility of simple malfunctions:

  • System failure. Reset the error by disconnecting the machine from the network. The system may hang because of the high humidity of the room.
  • There is not enough energy. If the mains voltage is less than 220 V, this is not enough to start the SM.
  • Power cable fault.The cord may be damaged, transmitted, or the connection plug is faulty. It is necessary to replace the damaged part.
  • Problem with contact. The connections between the board and the motor were damaged or disconnected. In this case, the motor does not receive a start signal. Carefully check the contacts.

If you can not remove the error, we will give examples of common failures in the code F1 and ways to solve the problem.

What to do if the control module has failed

The Ariston machine gives an error after launching, the drum is not moving. Before fixing the problem, check the card with a tester, calling all the details. If the problem is with the processor, the unit must be replaced. If the track is blown or the firmware has been damaged, repair is possible.

Also, the cause of stopping the drum may be the motor brushes, which eventually wear out. In this case, replace the brushes, as shown in the video:


Problems with the motor, wiring problems

The washing process is started, but the motor does not work. The drum does not turn, the display shows error F1, F01.

Perhaps the winding of the engine burned, then its replacement is necessary. The wire or the contact may still be damaged. When the contact breaks, a soldering is necessary, in case of a wiring fault - the replacement of the wires.

Guided by our recommendations, try to fix the machine itself Ariston. If not, contact the service center.

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