Which heater is better to choose

Definitely it is impossible to call the heater, the best for all occasions, given the indicators: price, functionality, availability. The manufacturer protects its own goods. Let's try to choose a practical heater for various needs. Consider the current cases in relation to the Russian reality. Let's discuss which heater is better to choose.

Oil Heaters

Today, appliances - just whipping boys. In what review do not look:

  1. air is dried;
  2. efficiency is small;
  3. bulky;
  4. are slow.

However, devices are still desirable in the workplace, from vendors in stalls to office workers. Oil heaters are suitable for small rooms where only a single person or a small group of people are located in cold conditions. This is topical for Russia, even for Moscow. When you come from the cold, hang wet clothes over it, the oil heater will dry in a record short time. The device has a thermostat and protection against falling; fire is unlikely if the device is not too old.

Oil heater is essentially a representative of the branch that is in vogue. This is a family of infrared convector. Look at the characteristics of the Thermo or Nobo glass heaters, the only difference is in the form of the heating element. The temperature is the same, the heat transfer area is similar. The difference between an oil heater is that it radiates heat equally in all directions as opposed to what the above-mentioned fashion products do. If the situation is rough and there is no difference, why pay more.

Polaris oil heaters are basically called towel warmers. It is allowed to put wet things on top, in contrast to the praised convectors.

This is prohibited by the instruction on the specified type of heaters! Few help to dry the wet thing infrared lamps, wall or ceiling type. When the thing lies on the oil heater, the air flow penetrates through, carrying moisture.

If you put a thing to dry on a wind blower - let there be no fire, but the thing will become unusable. Once the owner of a wind blower in Moscow tried to drain condensate on a plastic window in the wintertime with a stream of hot air. As a result, the window came into complete disrepair - the polymer frame melted. Do not attempt to load a wind blower with instruction contradiction. In addition, the device has no fall protection. In fact, the device is dangerous. Many stones were thrown in the direction of the oil heater, but, in addition to the old dilapidated wiring of the ancient device, we do not see any danger in the devices.

We are not trying to tell you how good the oil heater is, we just pay tribute to the reliability of technology and warm confidential inertia. By the way, infrared heaters can not be covered. To dry a thing, look for a battery or oil cooler. The main thing - take a model with a thermostat.

A study or an apartment with a European-style repair.

Forced convection provides heating for a typical room in a private apartment. By tradition, radiators are placed in the room, air circulation improves heat transfer. Although wind blowers and oxygen harness, air dry, dangerous and uncontrollable, the units remain a quick way to warm the room with the guests. The manufacturers, seeing the situation, began to think about how to rectify the situation, and invented a ceramic heater. Forget about convectors with a thin layer of hardened clay. We mean wind blowers in which the spiral is protected by ceramics. It turns out that the heated room is accelerated, but the oxygen does not burn so much.

A typical ceramic heater resembles side speakers acoustics. Sound around. Mounted on a pole-stand, provided with a form extended upwards. Similarities add a neat frontal fine grille-sieve and a great modern design. The Bork ceramic heater costs 5,000 rubles. For this money, in addition to the remarkable appearance, the buyer receives:

  • programmable timer;
  • remote control;
  • fall protection;
  • touch control;
  • air filter;
  • intelligent power management TriplePower.

Going to the official website of Bork, it is difficult to understand which heater is the best. Pleases the climate control function of the model, a little more expensive than the one mentioned. You get the possibility of rotation within the sector with an angle of 76º, accelerating the heating of the room. By the way, the site says that an ultra-thin ceramic heater resembles a hi-end speaker( an exorbitant price speaker).Bork products inspire confidence. Model 0702 can show temperature, is equipped with protection against overheating.

Bork products are inexpensive. Stop the choice of ceramic type heater on one of the models described. In addition, we will find desktop options, in the summer, hide the device in the closet. At once we will say that it is cheaper to find less than 4500 rubles of a product. The protection against overheating and overturning options look attractive. Do not be afraid to leave the device for 10 minutes, in contrast to the wind blower. Bork eliminated the drawbacks of forced convection heaters.

However, the focus will not pass if the area of ​​the room is large and there is a crowd of workers. Better rescue convector behind everyone. Pay attention to quartz heaters Teplolit. The appearance of the equipment becomes better, and the lion's share of heat turns into radiation. Take into account the desire of employees to hang things to dry on top of the heater. With convectors such jokes are prohibited. A heat discount is applied to Teplolit. When buying lots of 100 pieces, the markdown is 5%.One stove costs 2,200 rubles.

Decorative infrared heaters of the panel are recognized as a suitable option at the reception. Products are colorfully painted, radiate heat and come to the place, especially, we will choose the drawing at our own discretion. The device is easily rolled into a tube and transferred to a new place( with a weight of 400 grams).It is hoped that the Norwegian company Nobo will soon learn how to paint glass heaters, then hang decorations along the walls in the reception room, pleasing the warmth and appearance.

Country sittings

It is considered romantic to sit by the fire on an autumn evening, but the cold land does not have. Which electric heater is better able to cope with the described situation than the bright infrared gas type. Many teenagers often sat on water pipes with hot water, which the state carefully began to lay on the surface. According to a similar principle, infrared heaters of the dark type operate; devices are good for plants and factories, so let's look at home light varieties.

A gas heater of this type is equipped with a ceramic or steel grate, which is heated by a shock with ionized burning air. The red-hot material radiates in the infrared range, for which the devices are called. Devices give light, the designation is formed by several adjectives. Light gas infrared heaters are obtained.

These are massive instruments weighing over 20 kg, and a gas cylinder is placed at the foot of the instruments. A mushroom with a grid in the center under the cap is suitable. Depending on the model, there are:

  1. Hats, serving as a heated mesh.
  2. Hats, serving as a reflector for the grid, located just below.

The result is a circle of light where the heat is directed. Power heaters up to 10 kW and above. It was not possible to find the gizmos in the store, but they rent out 1500 rubles per day. We consider the task to convey to the reader the fact of the presence of gas infrared mushrooms made, and the persistent person will already be able to find where to buy the product. They produce remote gas fireplaces with a portal protected by heat-resistant glass that illuminates the sector ahead. The devices are ideal for couples who are dining at a table. Gas infrared heaters of the fireplace type are used in cultural establishments of public catering with an arrangement of seating places on the street.

In conclusion,

Let's see what kind of heater is good for the garage. We recommend wind blower under the condition of strict control of fire safety. It is allowed to use a heat gun( high power wind blower).Such equipment is used everywhere, for example, at airfields and construction sites.

About brands. It is useless to argue, the heater of which company is better! Prefer models on hearing with service workshops located near the site of operation. This is the main aspect. Assess soberly your own ability to repair equipment. Or rely on the location of service centers.

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