Review of Frau Schmidt tablets for dishwasher

If you have recently purchased a dishwasher and have not yet decided what kind of detergent to use, we suggest you try "Frau Schmidt". These tablets collected about themselves so conflicting feedback from users that we could not ignore them. You will find a short review: the composition, features and prices of Frau Schmidt tablets.

Content of the material:

  • 1Frau Schmidt: about the brand
  • 2Action and composition
  • 3Application, packaging and price
  • 4User Reviews

Frau Schmidt: about the brand

The German brand has long been known among European consumers, but appeared on the Russian market recently. Manufacturers show increased attention to problems that are difficult to solve with the use of conventional household chemicals. What means does the Frau Schmidt brand offer for a dishwasher?

  • For cleaning washing machines and dishwashers.
  • To remove unpleasant odors.
  • For washing children's dishes.

Action and composition

What effect can you achieve with the All-in-One tool? Producers promise:

  • removal of fat from dishes;
  • salt and rinse in the composition;
  • protection of surfaces and details of PMM from calcareous plaque;
  • shine of glassware and protection from corrosion;
  • protection of silver cutlery against clouding;
  • maximum effect even in low-temperature modes;
  • activation of substances for a stronger detergency;
  • absence of stains and stains on the dishes;
  • neutralization of unpleasant odors in the loading tank dishwasher.

To understand where the so strong effect from the use of relatively inexpensive tablets comes from, one should understand their composition. Ingredients, according to the manufacturer's information, were selected according to the recommendations of the EU:

  1. Phosphates- used mainly to soften water. In high concentrations, these compounds can adversely affect human health (allergies, decreased immunity and even infertility) and the environment (contribute to the excessive development of microflora in water bodies, provoking the flowering of water). The optimum volume of phosphates should not exceed 15%. The packaging does not indicate the concentration of these substances, therefore conclusions about safety are difficult to make.
  2. Phosphonates- similar to phosphate, but organophosphate. They are considered not so harmful, but the volume is not indicated again. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether these pills are considered dangerous.
  3. Oxygen bleach- BIO supplement, which replaced in household chemicals, unsafe optical brighteners. It is necessary for washing of persistent plaque, traces from lipstick, etc.
  4. Surfactants of a nonionic type- surface-active substances. In a low concentration, excellent substitutes for conventional surfactants. The volume is unknown - conclusions can be drawn a little.
  5. Polycarboxylates- detergents with reduced chloride content. They are BIO-degradable substances. Enhance the effect of surfactants, soften water, fight with persistent impurities.
  6. Enzymes- Enzymes that can cope with protein and carbohydrate stains on the dishes.
  7. Aromatic additive (fragrance). As far as it is important in the composition, it's up to you. Many users frankly do not like fragrances in the composition of detergents. If it's acceptable in clothes powders, then the dishes with the smell are for the amateur.

Application, packaging and price

Dishwasher tablets "Frau Schmidt" are supplied in four packages: from 15 to 100 pieces. Consider the prices for them, focusing on the online store "OZON

  • Packing with 15 tablets costs 209 rubles (weight 300 g).
  • The bundle is two times larger in volume - by 30 pieces - it costs 284 rubles (600 grams).
  • 60 pieces will cost you 729 rubles (1200 grams).
  • A pack of 100 tablets without a discount will cost 1019 rubles. From time to time, there is a discount, so you can buy 100 pieces at a price of 815 rubles (2000 grams).

As you can see, it is much more profitable to buy a larger package. If in a small pack the price of one capsule is 1, rubles, then in a large one you will pay only 1, rubles. At a discount, 1 capsule will cost even less 5 rubles.

How to use tablets for dishwashers Frau Schmidt? The instruction is indicated on the package, we will duplicate it.

Important! One tablet is designed for one washing cycle.

  1. Clean the dishes of the rest of the food and load it correctly into the tank of the dishwasher.
  2. Remove the protective packaging from the capsule and place it in a special compartment for the universal "3-in-1" tool.
  3. Select the appropriate washing cycle and run the program.
  4. If the dishes have medium contamination, a temperature regime of 55 degrees will suit. For heavily soiled dishes (or if your region is too hard water), choose a cycle with a temperature of 65 degrees.

Important! If the hardness of the water exceeds, mg-eq / l, additionally useregenerating saltand a rinse aid. To check the hardness level, locate the regional hardness table on the network or use thetest strip.

Considering not the safest composition, we recommend not to forget about precautions:

  1. Store in a well-closed container in a dry place.
  2. Do not store near food.
  3. Choose a storage place that is not accessible to children and pets.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse the eyes with water and seek medical help.
  5. The ambient temperature for safe storage should not exceed 40 degrees.

User Reviews

Here are the most detailed user reviews from popular sites-otzovikov.

Mama Tanya2016

To my dishwasher Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX, I originally boughtPillsFinishPowerball All in 1. Subsequently, it turned out that they take a lot of money, so I started looking for the same effective but less expensive detergent. Always buy a large pack, at least 60 pieces - so more profitable.

On the cardboard box there is all the necessary information: composition, method of application and even precautions. Not too lazy to unpack the pill (if you consider, better do it with gloves!). Each pillow consists of 3 layers: powder, salt and rinse.

Impressions: washes are wonderful and no worse than "Finish". There is no excess soap foam, no divorce, even on the glass. Like "Finish it washes everything, except burnt places in pans and saucepans - they have to be cleaned by hand. Despite the perfume in the composition, the dishes DO NOT SMELL. Since I often use half load, I was able to cut the capsule in half. Immediately I warn you - the press is very hard, so you need to make efforts, but do not crumble like the others.

Unfortunately, other users think otherwise - there are a lot of negative comments on "Frau Schmidt" on the web.


I bought Frau Schmidt solely because of the price. German production was also bribed. The combination of "price-quality" is obvious: they cost little, they wash badly. It is good to wash only "fresh" dishes, and plates left in the morning and washed in the evening, not quite washed. A bachelor's life is often a dumplings. These infections are constantly sticking, so "Frau" wash these stuck slices, unfortunately, can not.


My advice to you is: do not throw money away. From German there is only a name. I'm still a coffee freak, so all the time, a mountain of cups with a touch. "Finish" and "Somat" they always washed, and "Frau" in any. Despite the fact that there are pennies, it is still a pity that it was spent.

How many people, so many opinions. We have our own opinion on this matter: for those who need an inexpensive and effective means for daily use, this is not the worst option. To fans of ECO-chemistry Frau Schmidt will not work because of inaccuracies in the composition and presence of phosphates and surfactants there. If you have experience using these pills, share with us in the comments.

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