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The usual rural farmstead is gradually moving to equipment that spares physical strength, but at modest prices. The Agidel pump serves as an example of facilitating the work of a peasant taking into account the specifics. The unpretentious unit withstands voltage fluctuations in the network, it is used for raising water from a level up to 7 meters and for watering the garden. Ufa aggregate software produces only 2 models of household appliances - Agidel-M and Agidel-10.

Features of surface installations Agidel

Pumps are designed for pumping clean water. They are installed to extract from wells, from open open water reservoirs to irrigation. The operating principle of the apparatus is centrifugal. Agidel pumps pump the liquid with rotating impellers in a shell in the form of a snail. At the moment of rotation, there is a vacuum on the suction in the body, water is picked up by blades, and due to the centrifugal force it is pushed into the discharge pipeline. Due to the discharge, water enters the chamber, so the apparatus is called self-priming.

The pump consists of structural units:

  • a casing bolted from the outside;
  • engine casing;
  • a cochlea that also serves as a hull;
  • impeller, on one shaft with an anchor of the engine;
  • electric motor, with gasket and gaskets, for sealing from the aquatic environment.

The simple design of the device does not require additional protection, sealing of connections and therefore it is inexpensive, the tool is accessible to each user. Agidel pumps are protected from overheating, but they are used when pumping water below 40 ° C. The layout of products is different. Each of the pumps is installed on a solid foundation with a level link. In this case it should be borne in mind that every 4 meters of the horizontal pipe is equal to the loss of the possibility of lifting from a depth of 1 m. The pump is installed in close proximity to the well.

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Device of the Agidel-M pump

The device is mounted on a rigid base vertically. Supply of water from the well and pumping up to 35 meters under the power of a small motor capacity of 7 kW. If the well is up to 20 meters deep, an ejector, a remote working element, is used. The pump motor stays on the surface.

Pump Agidel specifications:

  • lifting height - 7 m;
  • productivity - 2, 9 cu. m / hour;
  • diameter - 2, cm;
  • length - 2, cm;
  • weight - 6 kg;
  • the price is 4600 rubles.

A special feature of the pump is a preliminary suction inlet, including a working chamber. The device works only at a positive temperature or in a warmed room. Use the Agidel light water pump to lift the water, placing it in a deep pit or by equipping a raft that holds the pump on the surface of the well mirror from which water is collected. You can only sail the Agidel-10 pump, which does not require water padding during start-up.

In accordance with the operating instructions, the Agidel pump must be pumped by an agent with a temperature below 40 ° C. In these conditions, the engine operates without overheating. Before starting the device, water is poured, work "on dry" will lead to inevitable damage. The pump must be protected from moisture and debris, from sub-zero temperatures.

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It is mandatory to use the pump ground circuit, reliable insulation of all wire connections.

The pump is equipped with a wire, m. For convenience, you can use an extension cord, or you can immediately replace the power cord of the machine with another, longer one. This does not contradict the requirements of the operating instructions.

In comparison with the Agidel M pump, the later modification, Agidel-10, is horizontally arranged and 2 times more powerful. This device does not need to be poured before starting, it provides a separate suction. The pump weighs 9 kg, the head in 30 m, provides pumping horizontally for 50 meters. Capacity, m3 / hour for domestic needs is sufficient.


Difficulty in pump operation and maintenance

The reasons for which the pump pumps poorly, do not always depend on the apparatus. The intake hose must be reinforced, do not change the cross-section. When using a soft water pipe, the discharge in the system causes the profile to contract under the influence of atmospheric pressure. The stuck hose does not allow water to pass through. To avoid problems, a reinforced hose or rubber with a wall thickness greater than 4 mm and an internal diameter of 25-30 mm is connected to the suction hose.

If there is a leakage of water from the drain hole, replace the oil seal on the motor shaft.

In order to get the oil seals, you need to release the impeller, remove it from the anchor. Inside the bush there are 2 stuffing boxes, through a partition. They are changed carefully, the septum is reconstructed. Collect the pump in the reverse order.

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Maintenance consists in the periodic disassembly of the apparatus, cleaning of the impeller and lubrication of the rotating parts. Usually such operations precede winter conservation. Measures that extend the life of the pump include the installation of a quality non-return valve on the power line. All connections must be sealed to prevent air leakage.

Do not use a power cord with many twists. A defective hose can cause a short circuit.

Advantages and disadvantages of pumps

The manufacturer has determined the life of the pump for 5 years. It is after this period that the first replacement of the oil seals will be necessary with proper operation of the apparatus. Do not use the apparatus for pumping dirty water, the impeller can get abrasive wear, and the machine will lose its head.

The merits of pumps Agidel include:

  • simple maintenance and repair;
  • low price of products;
  • low power consumption;
  • long life and adaptability to unstable voltage in the network.

The inconvenience is due to the technical capabilities of the pump. He can not take water from the depths. The need to install the device in close proximity to the point of selection.

It should be noted that the product in the plastic housing is a control item.

Manufacturer of the Adigel-M pump - video

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