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Echo was founded in 1963 in Japan. Engaged in the production of brush cutters, garden shears, sprayers, Echo chainsaws and other equipment. Echo products are made only from high-quality materials and spare parts, thanks to which this brand is known worldwide. All vehicles are guaranteed for up to 5 years, subject to the rules of operation, proper care and maintenance at Echo service centers.

Chain Petrol Saw CS-353ES

This professional chainsaw can be used for processing wood with any density. Two-stroke engine with one cylinder, displacement 34 cm3, air cooling. Power 2.16 hpor 1.59 kW, the speed of the saw chain reaches 13,500 rpm. At maximum load chainsaw Echo CS-353ES fuel consumption is 0.74 kg / h. The oil enters the chain automatically, but there is no possibility to adjust the flow rate. To turn on the saw, a manual starter with an “Easy Start” system and a primer are used.

To use the chainsaw safely, there is a protective shield between the chain and the handle. In case of slipping of the hand, she will jump on him, and the brake will automatically work, stopping the rotation of the chain. To protect the user from falling out of equipment, there is a protective shield on the back of the Echo chainsaw's case, and a chain catcher is installed. The weight of the chain saw of this model is 4 kg, without an installed tire, a saw chain and consumables( fuel, oil).For comfortable work, it is evenly distributed throughout the body. To make the noise was not too loud, there is a special silencer to suppress it.

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Installed shock absorbers significantly reduce the level of vibration during operation, which allows you to more accurately control the cutting process, and does not create a heavy load on your hands.

For uninterrupted and long-term operation of the saw, it is not recommended to use gasoline with an octane number of less than 89. Do not fill in fuel containing methyl alcohol.

Technical characteristics of the Echo chainsaw version 353ES:

  • saw blade length - 30-35 cm;
  • number of teeth on an asterisk - 6 pcs.;
  • CDI ignition system;
  • capacity of the tank for oil, which lubricates the chain - 260 ml;
  • capacity of the fuel tank - 250 ml;
  • dimensions( LxWxH) - 39.6х23.2х26.8 cm;
  • sound power level - 115 dB.

By accidentally pressing the choke trigger, a device is installed that blocks it. To start the saw with a cold engine passed more quickly, the carburetor is equipped with an adjustable damper for the supply of air-fuel mixture. The prong and the aiming mark on the body will help to start sawing exactly in the place where the user needs. A clogged air filter can be quickly and conveniently cleaned or replaced, as it is located under a cover that opens easily. For replacing and tensioning the chain, there is a special screw on the side of the case.

Complete with a chainsaw comes a tire, a saw chain, an instruction manual and repair, a protective cover for a tire, and a set of tools consisting of a small screwdriver, T and L-shaped keys.

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Chain saw Echo version CS-350WES

The Echo CS-350WES chainsaw is a professional household tool. It can be used for cutting building materials, cutting knots and branches, and for felling small trees in a garden or a country house. Proper weight distribution on the body, ergonomic handles and anti-vibration blanking system allow the user to work comfortably for a long time. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a working volume of 35.8 cm3 and air-cooled. The power of the tool is 1.48 kW, thanks to which the maximum speed of rotation of the chain reaches 13,500 rpm.

It is recommended to use gasoline of 89 or higher octane rating. You can not fill the fuel in which more than 10% ethanol.

The Echo 350 chainsaw starts with CDI electronic ignition and Easy Start system with a primer. For quick start of a saw with a cold engine, there is a handle on the body that regulates the air-fuel mixture supply gate to the carburetor. Just like the previous model of the tool, the chain is lubricated with oil automatically, but it is possible to control the intensity of its supply. At maximum load, fuel consumption in 1 hour leaves 1.12 liters. For safety, the saw is equipped with a protective guard in front of the handle and an inertial brake of the saw chain. The chain is tensioned using the side adjustment screw.

Technical characteristics of Echo CS-350WES brand chainsaws:

  • saw blade length - 40, 30 and 35 cm;
  • saw chain pitch - 9.53 mm;
  • tank capacity for oil lubricating the chain - 230 ml;
  • fuel capacity is 370 ml;
  • dimensions( LxWxH) - 39.2x23.3x24.2 cm;
  • sound power level - 110 dB.
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The weight of the CS-350WES chain saw is 3.6 kg, but excluding the saw chain, tire, and consumables( gasoline and oil).So that the gas trigger is not accidentally pressed, there is a blocker on the instrument. To protect hands from a broken or flying chain, a chain catcher and a protective handle of the rear handle are installed on the saw. On the silencer chainsaw Echo CS-350WES-14 provides a casing that protects the user from accidental burns in contact with him.

Included with the tool is a saw chain with a tire and cover, a repair and operation manual, a T-shaped wrench( 10x19 mm) and a small screwdriver.

Comparison table with the characteristics of chainsaws 350WES and 353ES:

services, and I am in the order of the team. Volume of oil tank, ml 230 260
Volume of fuel tank, ml 370 250
, actual level, dB 110 115
Dimensions, cm( HxWxD) 39.2x23.3x24.2 39.6x23.2x26.8
Herechains) 3,6 4

Both Echo chainsaws are easy to control and will suit both the novice and the professional. The main thing is to use all safety rules while using the tool and to maintain it in a timely manner. Then the chain saw will last as long as possible, and working with it will always be a pleasure.

ECHO chainsaw production - video

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