Error F03 in the washing machine Ariston

What should I do if error F03 occurs on the scoreboard of your car? This means a malfunction of the temperature sensor in SM Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston models.

You could notice that when you select any mode, the system heats the water to boiling, and hot steam escapes from the door.

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    • 2.1Checking the thermostat

What does the error mean: the causes and symptoms of a breakdown

The washing machine Hotpoint Ariston (Ariston) shows on the display the error code F03. Hence, her work has failed - with a minimum heating program (30 degrees), the washing machine heats the water to boiling.

Do you notice that the SMA body is very hot? A faulty thermal sensor sends incorrect data to the control board, resulting in the combustion of the heater.

In rare cases, the "TEN" relay "sticks or there are problems in the control module, so the machine gives an error. How to eliminate the breakdown, what to do to solve the problem, read below.


Start with simple actions that will help to remove the error F 03. Restart the washing machine Ariston, de-energize it for 15-20 minutes. If the error reset does not occur and the code is still displayed on the display, try the following:

  • Check the reliability of the wires between the temperature sensor and the control unit. Perhaps there was damage. Then replace the defective area or the wiring completely.
  • Use a multimeter to check the temperature sensor.

Most often, thermal sensors fail because of mechanical damage or long operation.

If the contact group burns with a fault, the circuit closes. As a result, the system issues a fault code F03. To understand how to fix the problem, you need to check the temperature sensor.

Checking the thermostat

Depending on the Ariston range, there are three types of thermostats:

  • Gas-filled and bimetallic belong to the electromechanical group.
  • Thermistor - to electronic group.

To check the bimetallic and gas-filled sensors, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the back cover of the Ariston styralki.
  2. To remove the gas-filled sensor, you need to remove the front panel of the machine.
  3. Remove the contacts and wires from the thermostat.
  4. Loosen the bolt that secures the electric heater.
  5. Connect the multimeter to the contacts of the thermostat and measure the resistance (6000 ohms at 20 degrees).
  6. Lower the device into hot water. The indicator of serviceability should be 1350 Ohm at 50 degrees.

In case of malfunction, the thermostat can not be repaired. For replacement, remove the sealing rubber and remove the sensor. Install the new appliance in the reverse order.

The replacement of the thermistor is similar.

If everything is done correctly, the error F 03 will cease to light on the display, and the machine will start in normal mode.

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