F44 error in the Bosch washing machine

Error F44 - a problem Bosch washing machine, which starts to rotate the drum.

In this article we will understand why the system gives an error and what to do to fix it.

Material content:

  • 1 Decoding, description and symptoms
  • 2 Checking
  • 3 Repairing a machine with an error F 44
  • 4 Eliminating the causes of failure
  • 5 Other reasons for stopping the machine: how to fix

Decoding, description and symptoms

If the Bosch washing machine shows an indication of

If the Bosch washing machine shows the display is shown in the display is displayed in the display is displayed in the display of 13that the motor SM rotates in the opposite direction.

The first and only sign accompanying a breakdown, at which F44 is lit on the display, is a complete stop of the machine in the middle of the wash cycle. Washer does not respond to button presses.


If the washing Bosch shows an F44 error, try to fix the crash by elementary action - reboot. Just do it right:

  1. Disconnect the SMA from the power supply.
  2. Wait for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Turn on the machine.

If the code value is highlighted again, then drastic measures are needed.

Repairing a machine with an error F 44

Error codes are a very useful feature that helps the user quickly understand the essence. If you look into the user manual, there may even be a brief description of the solution to the problem.

The service centers know what F44 means and how to eliminate the appearance of the code on the board. Masters carry out such repair work:

  • Change the triac.
  • Change the reverse relay.
  • Reprogram or change the electronic module( control board).

Important! This is a very critical mistake, which means - you need to act immediately. Your task is not just to remove the error, but also to fix the problem.

Elimination of the causes of failure

For optimal performance of the washing machine engine, an electronic circuit is used in its design.

The power regulating element of this circuit is a triac. This small element provides the necessary voltage to the engine. Simply put, the triac is a fast-acting switch, and if it fails, the engine is not working properly. In this case, the need to replace the triac.

In the video for those who like to delve into the details of the machine, it is shown how to check the triac:

To check the second cause of the breakdown - the reverse relay, you need to know the device of the Bosch washing machine and have the CMA circuit board at hand.

The task is to find a relay, ring it with a tester and replace it in case of a breakdown.

If the triac and relay are OK, a flashing or replacement of the control board is required.

All three types of work are quite specific. If you do not have the skills of repair, it is better to entrust the typewriter Bosch specialist.

Other reasons for stopping the machine: how to fix

It happens that the trouble codes are just a system failure, it was displayed erroneously.

Sometimes the SM does not display any codes, but it still stops during the washing process. This may be the result of the failure of other nodes. Perhaps one of the following reasons will give you an understanding of how to fix the crash:

  • Drum overload. Remove excess laundry.
  • Tank imbalance. Perhaps the laundry got stuck in the room during the wash. Unravel it.
  • Blockages in the drainage or filling system. It is necessary to clean the filters in the water inlet and outlet.
  • Engine breakdown. I need to analyze the washing machine, remove and repair the engine.
  • Failure of the heater. Heater replacement required.
  • Sensor problem.

You can try to eliminate the above reasons with your own hands in order to reset the errors.

But if this is a difficult task for you, contact the specialists - they are well versed in the repair of Bosch washing machines.

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