Silverfish - how to get rid of an insect in 3 stages


  • 1 What kind of beast is this scale?
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I understood from bitter experience that nobody was insured against the appearance of a silverfish in the house. These small and unpleasant parasites are fairly harmless, but cause a lot of trouble. Today I will tell you how to get rid of these parasites.

Whether it is a sugar silverfish or any other, I want to get rid of such parasites fasterWhether it is a sugar silverfish or any other, I want to get rid of such parasites faster

What kind of beast is this scale?

Frankly speaking, you will not be delighted with the meeting of a silverfish in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Let's see what this insect looks like. Characteristic features:

  • oblong body 0.9–2 cm long;
  • long antennae, located on both sides of the body;
  • many small legs;
  • silvery, sometimes greenish or yellowish.
In the photo - one of the representatives of silverfish, who can start in the apartmentIn the photo - one of the representatives of silverfish, who can start in the apartment

The most popular habitats of insects:

  • old wallpaper;
  • slots in the floor;
  • ventilation pipes;
  • cracks in the walls.

If the microclimate is violated in your apartment or general cleaning is carried out irregularly, the risk of the appearance of such “guests” will increase.

Getting rid of silverfish in 3 stages

The silverfish is a very hardy insect that can live up to 10 months without food, moreover, it multiplies very quickly. So to decide how to deal with the silverfish in the apartment, you need to quickly and without delay.

Disposal of silverfish takes place in 3 stages - capture, treatment with insecticides and cleaningDisposal of silverfish takes place in 3 stages - capture, treatment with insecticides and cleaning

Stage 1. Pest Control

One of the most effective and budget ways to get rid of silverfish in an apartment is considered to be special traps for these insects. It is necessary to arrange them at night - it is at this time of the day that parasites come out to eat.

Picture Trap type and instruction
table_pic_att14946085083 Trap 1. Glass

Outside, wrap any liter jar with tape. Use a piece of bread or an apple as bait.

At night, silverfish will come to feast on, but they will not be able to get out of the slippery can anymore. You just have to destroy them in any suitable way.

table_pic_att14946085094 Trap 2. Wet

The effectiveness of this trap is connected with the love of parasites to moisture, it is perfect in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Lightly moisten several newspaper sheets and roll them up into a roll. Put it on the floor in the room at night, and in the morning (without revealing) throw it away.

table_pic_att14946085105 Trap 3. Shop

Buying sticky traps for cockroaches and other parasites will do an excellent job of catching insects.

As bait you can use all the same bread or products containing starch.

Stage 2. Poison insects

Self-made traps will help reduce the population of silverfish, but they will not get rid of them completely. Therefore, we proceed to the second stage of getting rid of parasites - the preparation of poison for them.

Picture Instruction
table_pic_att14946085106 Remedy 1. Diatomite

Home matter from this substance disappears rather quickly. It is made on the basis of fossilized low-quality materials.

The sharp edges of the sand grains pierce the bodies of parasites, causing them to die. Diatomite is good because it is safe for people or pets.

At night, pour the powder along the cabinets and baseboards. In the morning, vacuum the residue with the dead silverfish.

table_pic_att14946085117 Remedy 2. Boric acid and crushed chalk

4 parts of boric acid mixed with one part of the chalk powder. Apply the mixture obtained along the cabinets and baseboards, sprinkle with it all the slots and ventilation holes.

Leave the powder for 7 days, repeat the procedure after a month. By this time, the young will have time to hatch, and you can quickly get rid of it at home.

table_pic_att14946085118 Remedy 3. Insect spray

Insect aerosols (for example, Biolit P) is another effective remedy for silverfish.

Spray insecticide all over the room, paying special attention to corners and hard-to-reach dark places. Close the room for a half to two hours, and then air.

table_pic_att14946085129 Remedy 4. Strain shavings

To fight insects, you can use a peel of oranges or lemons. He does not kill insects, but well scares them. Scatter it in all corners and crevices, and after a week remove it.

table_pic_att149460851310 Remedy 5. Spice

The destruction of silverfish can be carried out using the most common spices.

For these purposes, you can use cloves, cinnamon, pepper or other seasonings with a strong aroma.

Pour the spices in the cabinets with food - so you protect them from unwanted spoilage.

Stage 3. spring-cleaning

To avoid the appearance of silverfish, you must carefully monitor the cleanliness and humidity level in the apartment.

Without a general cleaning to get rid of insects will not workWithout a general cleaning to get rid of insects will not work

I will give you some important points to consider:

  • Reduce moisture. If you do not want to meet again with uninvited "guests", try to reduce the humidity level in the apartment. To do this, you can buy a special dryer. If its price is high for you, use at least an air conditioner that drives warm air.
  • Seal the gap. If you have a lot of cracks and cracks in your apartment, you need to get rid of them urgently. Treat any irregularities with a putty or sealant.
  • Regularly do general cleaning.. Vacuum the apartment as often as possible and clean the floors, thereby removing any food sources for parasites. By the way, soda scattered on the carpet will help to dry insect eggs. To fix the result, prepare a solution of copper sulfate and spray all surfaces with it.
Regular house cleaning will prevent insects.Regular house cleaning will prevent insects.


I told you how to get the scalefish. If you put all my advice into practice, you can take the parasites out of your home forever. Want to learn some more instructions - be sure to watch the video in this article. If you have other ways in stock, how to get rid of these harmful insects - share them in the comments!

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