Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes

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Household appliances company "Virpul" is known for its quality and manufacturability, even electronic control of dishwashers is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. With its help, the technician notifies the user of a problem that has arisen. Errors of Whirlpool dishwashers are displayed on the display in the form of a code.

To find out the meaning of the code and start a breakdown search, read our article.

How to decode the fault codes "Whirlpool"

The fault code indicates a certain fault in the control system. To start the search, disconnect the PMM from the network, shut off the water supply. If you do not know how to reboot the machine, proceed as follows:

  • Disconnect the equipment from power for 15-20 minutes.
  • Reconnect the dishwasher to the mains again.

If the operation of the dishwasher is restored after a reboot, then there was a failure in the system. But if the fault has returned, then you need to search for its cause.

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DTC Indicator numbers

(E-flashes, F-flashes)

What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
E1 1-5 Received a signal from the sensor "Aquastope". There was a leak in the dishwasher. 1. Inspect the dishwasher pot at the time of leakage.

2. Check the connections and the tightness of the filler and drain hose. If leakage is detected, tighten connections or replace the element.

E2 2-5 What does the code mean? There are problems with security. It is necessary to check all wiring in the dishwasher: knots, contacts and channels.
E3 1-2-5 Problems with heating. Why the water does not heat in the PMM:

1. The heating element is broken.

2. The thermostat broke.

3. The heater connections are broken.

4. Problems with the control module.

How to fix the situation:

1. Check the heater for serviceability. Disconnect the wiring and measure the resistance at the terminals using a multimeter. If there is a breakdown, install a new heater.

2. Check and replace the thermostat.

3. Examine the contacts at the time of burnout. If necessary, perform repairs.

4. If problems with the control module are noticed, it is better to contact the service center.

E4 3-5 Failure of the thermostat. As a result of a short circuit, the contacts or the thermostat itself burned out. It is necessary to inspect the thermostat and its wiring. Repair the part is not subject to, so install a new element.
E5 1-3-5 Meaning: a long set of water in the bunker. 1. The water is turned off.

2. The input tap is blocked.

3. Insufficient pressure in the system.

4. Blockage in the priming system (intake hose, filter, inlet valve).

5. Inlet valve failure.

What can be done:

1. Open the tap, check for water.

2. Turn the shut-off valve.

3. Wait until normal pressure returns.

4. Inspect and clean the water inlet hose. Clean the filter mesh that is on the hose behind the hose.

5. Carry out a diagnosis of the intake valve. Install a new part.

E6 2-3-5 No draining after washing dishes. 1. Litter in the drainage path: filter, hose, pump.

2. Problems with the operation of the drain or circulating pump.

1. Check and clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher bunker, drain pump and hose.

2. Inspect the circulation pump. Replace if damaged.

F0 10 Malfunction of the sensor. The error code is displayed when the test program is started!
F1 1 The NTC sensor is out of order. The heating temperature rises above and below 85 degrees. Changing the sensor to a functional element.
F2 2 There was a leak in the dishwasher. 1. Problems with the float sensor.

2. Depressurization of the tank, connections, hoses.

1. Diagnosis of the system "Aquastop". Replacement in case of a malfunction.

2. Inspection of the tank and other PMM systems. Detection and elimination of leaks.

F3 3 An error occurred during heating. 1. Broken TEN.

2. The relay on the control module burned, which is responsible for the operation of the heater.

3. Thermistor failure.

Self repair:

1. Diagnosis and installation of a new heater in the dishwasher.

2. Inspection of the control board. Repair and replacement of relays.

3. Checking the thermistor.

F4 4 No draining after washing. 1. The drain pump is broken or blocked.

2. The drain hose or the sewerage was blocked.

3. Problems with the electronic module.

How to fix the situation:

1. Clean the impeller of the pump from blockage. She could get stuck with glass shards, so there was a lockout.

2. Check and clean the drain hose. Disconnect it from the hull and drain and rinse under the faucet. Sewage is cleaned by special means.

3. Reinstall or repair the module.

F5 5 The sprinkler does not work. 1. The jets of the sprinkler were hammered.

2. The engine that rotates the rocker arms does not work.

1. Clean the nozzles under the faucet with a toothpick.

2. Diagnose and repair the engine.

F6 6 There is no water in the bunker. 1. Clogging in the priming system.

2. Malfunction of the level sensor.

What can be done:

1. Check the water supply and the priming system for clogging. Clean the hose, strainer and fill valve.

2. Inspect the pressure switch. If there is a problem, install a new part.

F7 7 Incorrect operation of the pressure switch. 1. Problems with the work of the pressure switch.

2. The inlet valve does not open.

3. The pressure switch does not work.

Diagnosis of the intake valve and pressure switch. Replacing parts.
F8 8 The water level in the tank does not reach the norm. 1. There was a blockage in the filters.

2. The sprinkler does not work well.

3. The detergent dries strongly. The amount of foam exceeds the amount of water.

1. Inspection and cleaning of all filters in the dishwasher "Virpul".

2. Check the operation of the sprinkler.

3. Use a new detergent or fill less.

F9 9 There is a non-stop water intake. Why does this happen:

1. The inlet valve is damaged.

2. Problems with the operation of the electronic board. The failure of her triacs.

How to repair:

1. Inspection and diagnosis of the intake valve. Installing a new part.

2. Repair of triac control board.

FA 11 There is a problem with the OWI optical water indicator. 1. Indicator failure.

2. Litter of the indicator lens.

3. Problems with the board or connections.

1. Replace the OWI indicator with a malfunction.

2. Cleaning the lens from clogging.

3. Re-flashing the board or repairing the wiring.

FC 13 Incorrect operation of the sensor, which measures the hardness of the water. Check and install a new sensor.

We have acquainted you with all the errors of Whirlpool dishwashers. Do it yourself or not - it's up to you. We recommend that you conduct a self-inspection before calling the wizard to verify the cause of the failure of the work.

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