PE error in the LG washing machine

If a PE error appears on the LG washing machine display, it is necessary to take corrective measures.

Electronic models of styrak shows the fault code on the display. Electromechanical SMA without a screen notifies of a problem with the glow( flashing) of the indicators “Wash” - “Rinse” - “Spin”.

Initially, the system gives an error on any program, but if you run the problem, the code will light up immediately after switching on.

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failure What does the error code mean and why does it appear

What does the PE error mean in the LG washing machine: water level switch( pressure switch).The system issues an error code after a 25-minute timeout during which the water should have reached the minimum level. Or there was an excessively fast filling of the machine - in just 4 minutes.

Since such a malfunction may occur for other reasons, you will learn from this article how to fix a break with your own hands.

Problem solving

  • Failure of the electronic module. You can remove the PE error by disconnecting the machine from the power supply. Restart for 15-20 minutes, then start the system. If this is the case, the error will be reset.
  • Verify the installation of the CM Al Ji. The reason for the simultaneous set and drain water can be improperly located drain hose. Check the hose connection to the typewriter, the drain level should not be below 50 cm from the floor. Correctly install the LG machine will help video:

  • Carefully inspect the wiring connecting the pressure switch to the control unit. If it is faulty, you need to isolate the damaged areas or replace the wires.

What should I do if the machine again shows a RE error on the display again? Proceed to the following points.

How to fix the damage

In 90% of cases, the cause of the PE error is a failure of the water level switch. You need to check and replace it if necessary.

How to do this to reliably solve the problem:

  1. Disconnect the power supply to the Lji washing machine( LG), turn off the water.
  2. Unscrew the bolts of the top panel of the washer, move it to the side.
  3. At the very top you will see the pressure switch. It controls the amount of water in the tank.
  4. Inspect the pressure tube for damage. Check the strength of the connection.
  5. Using a multimeter, you can check the wiring that connects the level switch to the controller.
  6. If everything is OK, you need to change the pressure switch to a working device.

. Less commonly, a control module becomes the cause of a malfunction when a PE error occurs. At the same time, the error lights up on the display after switching on or when selecting a program. You can get the unit by removing the front panel of the machine, where it is located.

If you can see that the control board has burned out, you will have to replace it. If contact breaks, they can be soldered. The main thing is to correctly remember their location.

Thus, you can fix the problem with your own hands. And if this is not possible - contact the service center.

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