When it is necessary to install a pump to increase water pressure

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Modern communal services often do not provide the supply of water to the required parameters in the common highway. The pump to increase water pressure in some cases would be useful. But the choice of the device depends on many factors. Sometimes a complete solution can save the situation.

Technical parameters of water supply, laid down in the norms

Modern household appliances are designed for water supply pressure of 4 bars. If the tubes have a lower pressure, the devices are switched off. You can find out the pressure by using a manometer or using a homemade device - a transparent tube 2 m long connected to the tap.

Equal physical pressure values ​​are recognized: 1 bar, 1at, 10 m of water. 100 kPa. Such indicators can be found in the passports of pumps.

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Normal consider the pressure, which is calculated pipes, joints, gaskets - 4 bars. At 6-7 bars in the line there are leaks, with 10 pipes can break. You need to know this by choosing a pump to increase water pressure.

Is it always possible to install boost pumps

In a private house, the lack of pressure in the mainline is stopped by the installed pumps. At the same time, their charging through the tank battery allows you to have stable parameters at the input. Mount the instruments in areas where you need to increase the pressure after the pump. The pump for increasing the water pressure from the centrifugal differs in that it switches on periodically, on request. The centrifugal apparatus in the system works constantly.

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There can be several problems in an apartment building:

  • in the manifold on the distribution manifold, there is no proper pressure for any reason;
  • During peak periods, water enters the upper floors with flow interruptions;
  • in an apartment at different points the pressure is different.

Surveys should show the cause of the lack of pressure. There are cases when the highway pressure is normal, but the neighbor at the bottom zauzil conditional passage when replacing the pipes. It happens that the pipes are completely clogged with rust. In such cases, the pump to raise the water pressure in the apartment with a general wiring set is useless. It is necessary to restore the conditional pass in the system.

The legal solution may be to install a battery in the basement of the tank, common to the riser, then all tenants can use a pump that increases the pressure in the water supply system on a common line.

With a general lack of water in the system, it is not possible to install a pump to raise the pressure, penalties are compatible with the cost of the equipment.

Selection Criteria for Pumps

First of all, the pump is selected, based on the pressure output, about 4 bar. It is important to know the dimensions, wet or dry rotor, noise. When selecting a high-pressure pump, the presence of automation or manual control may be the determining factor.

For hot and cold water supply different pump systems are used. Cold water systems are equipped with pumps from well-known manufacturers.

  1. WILO - the boost pump is considered the most purchased. They are characterized by simple device, reliability and long warranty period.
  2. Grundfos - works noiselessly, is in demand, the guarantee is issued for 1 year
  3. OASIS is a brand that aspires to get into the TOP, and while it is possible due to a simple device, reliability and low price.
  4. Gileks is a recognized domestic leader in the manufacture of pumps.
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Their models are compact and low-noise. The branch pipes for installation are unified for Russian water utility systems.


Pumps for increasing water pressure are of two types, with a "wet" and "dry" rotor. Apparatus with a wet rotor is installed in a pipe. The power part is outside the pipe, it is air-cooled, it is attached to the cantilever wall - a pump with a dry rotor.

High-pressure water pumps on the manifolds work continuously. More often they are not equipped with one, several wheels, the increase in pressure occurs stepwise. Such devices can create a pressure of several tens of atmospheres on the discharge line. Industrial high-pressure plants are only available with a free-standing air-cooled engine.

Installation of the pump in the apartment

First, the water must be routed to devices that need a stable pressure. Installing the pump before wiring, will make it possible to dispense with one device, which include manually or automatically.

Before starting work, make sure that the valve does not pass the agent. To guarantee the total cold water riser should be blocked from the collector.

Steel pipes should be cooked by a professional welder. Polypropylene water conduits are connected by special fittings, a soldering iron is required. A shut-off valve must be installed before and after the pump.

It is important to properly install the impeller of the high-pressure water pump in the direction of flow, as indicated by the arrow. The common boost pump can be installed immediately after the root valve, then the pressure is maintained at all points of selection. After checking the system for tightness of connections, the pump is plugged into the outlet.

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Using the battery tank and high-pressure pump

Such a scheme would be required if the high-rise building chronically lacks pressure on the upper floors. The inclusion of a high-pressure pump is due to an increase in the flow rate on the line to a certain value. Since the head and flow rates are interdependent, an increase in flow rate is a signal for switching on a high-pressure pump.

Having switched on, the pump will create the necessary pressure in the system on all floors. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem of water supply for residents in a cottage or a multi-storey building.

The cost of boost pumps

The market offers models of pumps to increase water pressure at a price corresponding to the prestige of the brand, the degree of automation, and the parameters. The minimum pump costs 2500 rubles. Brands that work by the principle: put and forgotten, can cost and 30000 rubles.

Industrial installations for highways are purchased by agreement. In any case, for the installation of a high-pressure pump, a pipe inspection and a design of the installation agreed by the Housing and Utilities Service will be required.

Video about the operation of the boost pump in the water supply system

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