Chain saw Stihl mc 180 - quick overview of a reliable tool

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Chainsaw Stihl mc 180 is a tool for cutting wood in the transverse direction. The equipment belongs to the category of equipment for domestic use. The model differs from professional tools with the material of working bodies and is designed for use periodically, no more than 40 minutes per cycle of work.

Species of saws and technical characteristics

The demand for Stihl mc 180 chainsaw among amateurs is determined by the convenience of work and reliability. The base model weighs only 3, 9 kg. Saber, the length of the canvas 35 cm allows you to saw logs or drop trees with a cross section of up to 30 cm. Power two-stroke engine 2 liters. with. That allows you to perform all household work associated with the cross-cutting of boards and even firewood from any tree species. The capacity of the fuel tank is only 5 liters, but this allows you to work without stopping for 45-55 minutes.

Use for the filling should be a mixture consisting of the recommended or transmission oil with non-leaded gasoline AI-92 and AI-95. The ratio is 25 ml of additive per liter of gasoline.

Chain for chainsaw The calm 180 represents an endless closed tape of 50 links. Other parameters:

  • chain pitch - 3/8 inches;
  • width of groove, cm;
  • material of manufacture high-carbon steel, chrome-plated steel, winning taps.

The working mechanism, the saw set, includes a tire, an asterisk and an automatic lubrication system.

The chain tension system is located on the side, which is convenient. A braking device is provided for the chain.

Depending on the length of the tire and the modernization of the Chain saw KS 180 there are several modifications. Saws with a saber length of 35 cm refer to models in the marking of which there is 14, their length in inches is 14. The same configuration for the engine and its parameters, but with a tire length of 40 cm, is called MC 180 16. Chain saw Stihl mc 180 C-BEE tool above class. In it, both a 40 cm long liner, a light start system, and a quick chain tensioning system. Lightweight access to the air intake filter, a condition in which the tool life is extended.

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Compliance with the instructions is the basis for the long operation of the mechanism

To any instrument, the more complex, like the Windshield 180 chainsaw, the instruction manual is attached. Before you start the first run, you need to study the technical manual. This is even more important if you already have experience working with the Druzhba saw. Another configuration, the chain tension system, the conditions for starting and adjusting the tool require a preliminary acquaintance. On the forums there are reports that the sawmill has flooded the candle at the first start - the starter pulled many times, it is necessary:

  • Move the lever to the end position;
  • pull the starter slowly - 2 times;
  • pull a few times sharply and quickly.

That there were no problems, it is necessary to develop gasoline to the end, not leaving in a tank "to sour" for some days.

The instruction manual gives a verbal definition of the markings on the tool body. There is also a characteristic of the parts, the order of disassembly of the Chain saw 180 to replace the knots, sharpening the chain.

Warnings about the order of work with the tool of increased danger, about safe receptions will help to avoid trauma. It is important, changing the chain, be sure to check whether it is recommended by the manufacturer. Inconsistency of the nodes can lead to failure, failure to comply with the terms of warranty service.


Repair your saw with your own hands

With the advent of a light and comfortable Chainsaw Stil MC 180 in the household, it completely replaces the two-hand, bow and even hacksaw. Over time, chains are dulling, sprockets are worn, the oil supply system is damaged. Some problems can be fixed by yourself. Others require repairs in special service centers.

Check if there is grease in the tank, and whether it comes to the chain, you can use a clean sheet of paper. To send the tire to a sheet of paper, it should have a characteristic trace in the form of an oil strip.

Repair the saw by yourself can only be figured out in the device nodes and the sequence of operations to remove and restore or replace the node. The manual for the operation of the chainsaw The calm 180 will become a reliable helper. It is in it you can find the methods of installation and the sequence of operations for repair:

  • oil supply systems;
  • bringing the carburetor into operation;
  • repair or replacement of oil pump.
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In addition, the home master can shorten the stretched chain and sharpen it.

If the saw chain remains dry during operation or if oil is leaking, then a malfunctioning and repair of the Chainsaw Lubrication System 180 is required. In this case, inspection of the oil lines and the tightness of the connection with the connections are made. The oil filter must be cleaned. If there are slight mechanical damages on the hoses, the sealing can be restored with a sealant.

The carburetor makes itself felt difficult when starting the saw, the running tool does not gain momentum, stalls when throttling. The cause may be wear of the cuff on the piston, as a result, sucks air when discharged. To repair the carburetor remove and get to the cuff on the accelerator, parsing the node in the sequence:

  • Remove the cover with the membrane by unscrewing the screw;
  • remove the circlip;
  • detach the air damper, remove the throttle valve;
  • pull out the accelerator with a spring;
  • replace the tiny piston with the cuff and assemble the carburetor in the reverse order.

The malfunction may be due to the ignition system. After checking the efficiency of the candles and cleaning the carbon, carry out carburettor adjustment, feed system and clean the injections. The carburettor is a complex knot and the running gear depends on its adjustment. If there is no confidence and skill, it is better to use the services of a specialist. Often, work on poor-quality gasoline, with the oil not recommended, is the root cause of all problems.

In order to help the resource master, there is information on how to repair the Steel 180 chainsaw with your own hands, for example, the video will show the sequence of disassembly.

To diagnose the lubrication system can be found here:

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Features of saw chains

The working mechanism of the saw is a chain. The production of saw chains is carried out according to a special technology:

  1. The cutting element is made of high-carbon steel, and the use of chrome plating or application to the cutter of the winning layer. The more complex the manufacturing technology, the higher the cost of the chain.
  2. The holes of the hinges are ground to reduce friction and extend the service life.
  3. Rivets are only hardened by special technology.
  4. On the teeth are marked on which you can determine the wear and make a uniform sharpening.
  5. After linking the links into a chain, the product is stretched to ensure dimensional stability during operation.

A well-developed automatic chain lubrication system increases the service life. New saws should be selected according to the characteristics specified in the instruction manual for the Chainsaw 180.

It is necessary to know, chains with a winning surfacing cost 3-5 times more than usual, but it is impossible to sharpen them with your own hands while repairing chainsaws. Employed by such a tool more often employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

For prolonged maintenance-free period it is necessary to use the oil recommended by the tool manufacturer. A special mineral composition is used, which prevents chain grinding. It is inadmissible to use oil, intended for the additive in gasoline for saws Stil.

It is often asked whether it is possible to perform longitudinal cuts with a saw. The power of the saw makes it possible to work on cutting wood only across the fibers.

In the mass of its reviews on saws are calm good. There are complaints about the insufficient power of the instrument. It is necessary to choose an assistant for tasks. Easy and affordable Chainsaw 180 is designed for periodic use. For working on felling and cutting wood there are special products. At home, such an option is not justified. The tool is much heavier and sawed by small planks they are not with the hand.

The price of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is quite different. The most inexpensive base model of a usual complete set. The cost of the device depends on the country of the manufacturer. German or American product is more expensive than Chinese for known reasons.

Review of the chainsaw calm 180

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