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Any owner of wheeled vehicles considers the pump an automobile compulsory companion. Many repair and tire shops offer their services, but they still need to be reached. To pump the wheel in transit - to save rubber, to ensure traffic safety.

Types of Tire Pumps

The main assistant of the driver has always been considered a compact foot pump equipped with a manometer. The device can be diaphragm and piston. But at subzero temperatures, the membrane loses its elasticity, so the pump is used for automobile piston pumps more often. The device includes:

  • the body;
  • piston rod;
  • a support platform;
  • lever type mechanism.

The advantage of a foot pump in front of electrical devices is independent of energy sources. It works from muscular strength, does not have electronics, which is priceless in extreme situations. In comparison with a hand pump, it has a large piston chamber, the pumping is carried out by the foot, the lumbar belt does not strain.

An electric car pump is called a compressor differently. The working mechanism can be diaphragm and piston. Based on technological indicators, membrane devices are gradually being pushed out of the market. The electric compressor has a motor and a piston system. In this case, more reliable devices with direct drive from the engine, without converter adapters, are considered. The necessary equipment for any type and brand of the automobile pump is a manometer.

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Correct choice of car compressor

The choice of the compressor depends on its technical parameters specified in the passport. At the same time, for guaranteed inflation of tires, it is necessary that the parameters of the electric car pump are 10% higher than the pressure in the chamber.

Technical data specified in the compressor's passport:

  • created pressure, maximum;
  • performance;
  • type of pump;
  • method of connecting the motor to the energy source;
  • length of cord and air hose;
  • materials of assemblies, connectors;
  • optional equipment and type of manometer.

The compressor is selected for a particular type of wheel. Performance will ensure the required air injection rate. Compression in heavy vehicles, buses differs from light cars.

A short cord is usually installed on budget models. In the future, there will be many difficulties with it. If a powerful pump is used for the car, it is connected directly to the battery with clamps, and the cord is required even longer.

The length of the air hose should be one and a half times longer than the diameter of the wheels, otherwise the compressor will need to be kept on weight during operation.

It is important to choose a nozzle with a thread, not a nipple. It is easier to use in winter or connect an adapter. It is better to choose a piston car pump, the price of which is larger compared to a membrane device. The piston mechanism is more reliable, will last longer and the invested funds will pay off. The manometer should be selected with two scales and corresponding to the pressure created by the pump. Then the scale of divisions will be more accurate. Cheap compressors are better to buy in a metal case. The larger the number of additional attachments and accessories in the pump, the higher the value of the commodity unit.

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The most popular automotive compressors

A car enthusiast has plenty to choose from for automobile electric pumps. Decent specimens are found among Russian, Chinese and foreign models. But in the TOP 2016 in the first positions on the ratio of price-quality priority given to domestic models:

  1. The trademark "TANI" belongs to the Moscow company. The manufacturer specializes in the development and production of accessories and accessories for cars.
  2. The leader of the rating was the model "Kachok piston. The drive is coaxial, the model works directly from the battery. The device creates a compression of 7 atm., Injection rate 35 l / min. A compact device is stored in the glove box. The price of the automobile pump is 2500 - 3000 rubles.
  3. "Golden Eagle compressors of this series, motorists consider the best, despite the higher price. The series covers several models according to the size of the tires - R14 - R The units create compression up to 14 atm. with a capacity of 98 l / min. The pump is powered through the cigarette lighter. The case and the main parts are metal, teflon seals. The disadvantage is not the best manometer. It is worth a car pump , 00 rubles.
  4. Compressor "Tornado" produces several enterprises. The best think of Moscow, produced by the eponymous company. The best device AC 580 works from the cigarette lighter, provides 7 atm. and it costs only 1000-1200 rubles. Chinese devices are more expensive, they quickly overheat.

When buying, you should carefully study the documentation, choose a model of the Russian manufacturer.

Of foreign models, quality and affordable are pumps that have long and reliably won the market.


Black & Decker Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of special tools. The company is constantly improving the model, paying great attention to the modern filling and appearance. Presented by the Black Decker ASI300 is a lightweight, tilted display and the ability to connect to a network voltage of 220 and 12 V. Below -20 With the pump for the car working poorly. The cost of the product is 5000 rubles

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Hyundai electric compressors do not need advertising. Users select a series of HY, designed for different performance. Attracts in the product accessories:

  • high-precision manometer;
  • function "Autostop when the specified pressure in the tire is reached, the device is switched off;
  • The cooling system represents aluminum fins.

The cost of a reliable device is low, only 2500 rubles. Manufacturers are focusing on the production of budget models.

Knowing the basic criteria for equipment selection, well-known brands, it is easy to choose a pump that meets specific requirements.

Video - recommendations for choosing a car pump

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