UC, 9C error in Samsung washing machine

Washing machine Samsung sometimes issues error codes UC, 9C, 9E1, 9E2, which talk about problems with electricity.

These codes appear on different Samsung models and signal one problem. Partial differences in small things are possible.

To know how to fix the problem and remove the error, you first need to understand the reasons for the failure of the SMA Samsung.

Content of the material:

  • 1When an error occurs
    • 1.1What are the error codes on the scoreboard
  • 2Why an error occurs
  • 3How to fix the problem
    • 3.1What to do if the previous steps did not help

When an error occurs

To determine what the UC error means, it is necessary to find out when it is shown on the display. The washing machine Samsung produces an error:

  • After the start of washing, when the hatch is locked, and you press the start button;
  • After the first set of water;
  • After heating TEN;
  • During the spin, when the drum is just starting to spin.

A 9C error on the scoreboard may appear at any other time during operation. The solution of the problem depends on the correct definition of the cause.

What are the error codes on the scoreboard

Error 9E1, 9E2, 9C, UC indicates problems related to power supply. If the styralka collides with an increase or decrease in voltage, then during the washing process it shows an error.

On the display of the washing machine, error 9E2 lights up when the abnormal voltage is fixed for 30 seconds.

Samsung's models of wastelands, released before 2012, did not react at power surges from 175 to 270 V. Today models are produced that have ultra-sensitive network filters. Therefore, with the question of how to correct the problem when the indication of 9E1 occurred, many residents of small settlements encountered it.

At a short-term power surge, the UC code disappears by itself. The washing machine continues the washing program automatically.

Why an error occurs

When the display of the washing machine showed 9E2, the reasons for this are:

  • Malfunctions in the socket;
  • Use of improper or poor-quality extension cable;
  • Sharp voltage jump;
  • Not corresponding to the standard voltage in the network;
  • Short-term failure in the control unit of the machine;
  • Problems in the control module.

When a UC error is lit, it can often be eliminated on its own. Sometimes it is required to involve the master in the work, because there was a breakdown.

How to fix the problem

The fault can be reset simply by resetting the styrler - after that it will be determined whether the fault code will reappear. For this you need:

  • Disconnect the Stiralk by pressing the appropriate button and taking the cord out of the socket;
  • Wait 5 minutes;
  • Plug in and restart the washing machine.

If the machine then works and no longer issues a UC code, then it was a short-term voltage failure. If the code lights up again on the display, then you need to look for a reason further to fix the problem.

What to do if the previous steps did not help

To eliminate the displayed UC code, you need:

  • Check the electrical network and its voltage. For this purpose it is better to contact an electrician;
  • Install the voltage regulator, which allows to compensate for voltage drops;
  • Check the electrical outlet and electrical wiring for service;
  • Remove the extension cord (if the machine is connected to the network through it) and connect to the outlet directly. The outlet should be protected against moisture, so that you do not get electrocuted.

If, after all checks, the washing machine continues to indicate a power failure, it is in the faulty control module. And here without a call the master can not do.

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