Acai Washing Machine Bugs( AKAI)

. Error code . Decoding and cause
. The codes are relevant for the AWM1400WF / AWM1400GF series, AWM1000WS / AWM800WS
Err 1

The Err 1 code means that the hatch locking device did not work.

How to fix a breakdown? It is necessary to disassemble the hatch and determine the reason: in the handle, UBL or guide. Broken item to be replaced.

Err 2

The Err 2 code does not drain water from the tank. Resetting errors in the washing machine in this case occurs after cleaning the drain system: first of all, the drain filter and the water drain hose.

In other cases, a drain pump or drain pipe may be to blame for the missing drain.

Err 3

If the display shows Erp 3 error, this may indicate a breakdown of the temperature sensor.

To remove the error, you need to disassemble the machine, remove the sensor from the heater, check it with a tester and replace it in case of a malfunction.

Err 4

If Err 4 showed up on the display board, a tubular heater could fail( or pierce the casing) - heater.

It is necessary to check the resistance( contact resistance and breakdown of the housing) and replace. In some cases, cleaning the heater from scale is sufficient with the help of special tools.

Err 5

With the Err 5 code, no water is poured into the system, which means blockage in the filler system. It is necessary to check the hose, filter and valve.

Perhaps there is simply no water in the system or too low a pressure - this is already the plumbing competence.

Err 6 When Err 6 is on, there is a problem with the AGR motor. It is necessary to replace the motor brushes or the motor itself.
Err 7 Err 7 caught fire - it means that excessive foam formation has been registered in the system. This suggests an incorrectly chosen washing program, an excess of powder in the cuvette, or an incorrectly chosen product.
Err 8 Error Err 8 Akai eraser shows when the tank is full. This may speak in favor of a breakdown of the water level sensor.
Und With the code "UND" spin laundry. There may be an imbalance of the drum due to improper distribution of the laundry. Remove the excess from the tank and restart the wash.
The following series of errors is characteristic of the Akai washing machine model AWD 1200GF
Err 1 As in previous models, the appearance of this code does not trigger the door lock( UBL).
Err 2 Waste water does not leave the tank.
Err 3 Temperature sensor failure.
Err 4 Heater malfunction.
Err 5 The machine does not supply water due to a failure in the filling system or insufficient pressure in the water mains.
Err 6 Engine Problem.
Err 7 The engine is malfunctioning due to excessive foaming.
Err 8 The washing machine drum is overflowing with water.
Err 9 With the Err 9 code, the temperature sensor for drying has broken.
Err 10 The Err 10 code indicates a problem with the water pressure( level) sensor.
Err 12 If the washer shows on the display Err 12, this means that the temperature sensor failed to operate while drying the laundry.
Err 13 With Err 13, the hatch lock does not work during program startup.
Err 14

Error Err 14 may indicate an imbalance of the drum, which is why there may be no spin in the machine.

What to do? Empty the drum and continue washing.

The AKAI Washing Machine is a rather complex mechanism consisting of several subsystems. Malfunctions may affect any of the details.

To ensure that the repair was provided in a timely manner, the user is warned about the breakdown of the CM self-diagnosis system. Electronic washing machine Akai displays on the board fault codes. If you know what the code means, what caused it and how to fix the damage, you can save a lot on repairs.

The error table lists the most common codes common to most Akai-grade AGR models.

The AKAI washing machine gives an error: causes and symptoms, repair and solution of the

problem. Knowing what the fault codes mean for Akai brand cars, you can always determine the failure in time. The main thing is to react quickly, often the washer can be repaired on its own without contacting a specialist.

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