Error E1, 4E, 4C in the washing machine Samsung

E1 error in the washing machine Samsung can appear both at the start and during the final rinse of linen. The easiest way to identify a failure when turning on: after starting, you cannot hear the characteristic sound of a set of water.

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  • 1 What do the indicators and error codes on the
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  • 3 How to fix minor problems
    • 3.1 Problems that require the intervention of an

specialist What do the indicators and error codes on the

error error? EC and 4C describe a common problem: for some reason, the machine does not fill the water.

A screenless trash screen will inform you of a problem with a wink of all the lights and the lit “Cold Water” indicator. The old model of the Samsung machine with a display will display E1 on the scoreboard.

What to do to make an independent diagnosis of

Before fixing a car or ordering repairs, try to check it yourself. Sometimes the failure of the washing machine is caused by external causes.

  • If the machine issues an E1 error, check to see if the water supply in the building is turned off.
  • Make sure that the tap on the water riser in the washing machine is fully open. Sometimes the usual care is enough to solve the problem.

There is no interruption in the water supply, but the Samsung washing machine shows E1.We will understand what to do next.

Lit 4E, the problem manifested itself for the first time - try to restart the electronic unit. Turn off the machine for a couple of minutes from the network - the control module glitch disappears.

. If the error reset has not occurred and the E1 continues to glow, proceed to check the hardware of the CM.

How to fix minor problems

Small items could damage or clog the cleaning filter, causing an E1 error. You can fix this problem yourself.

  • Locate the filter( it is located at the junction of the hose and housing).
  • Shut off the water supply, detach the hose, remove the mesh.
  • If contamination is low, wash the filter. From the scale on the mesh will save citric acid solution( the grid in it must be kept for about an hour).

A current may not flow to the control unit of the washing machine. Ensure the integrity of the wires and reliability of their attachment.

The machine produces a set of water, but then it drains it( the temperature of the incoming liquid does not matter)?This happens when mounting faults occur when the tank is located above the sewer drain point and the compensating loop is not laid on the hose.

Proper connection will remove the error.

Problems that require the intervention of an

specialist. If the measures taken did not bring results and the Samsung machine still shows an error, then a qualified repair will be required.

The table will help you navigate the causes of fault codes.

Fault Possible causes What to do
The washing machine does not fill up the water well or does not fill it at all. Displays on the display E1, 4E or 4C. The inlet valve has become unusable. Change part.
When starting the washing program, an error of 4 С or similar codes appeared. Defective control unit. Sometimes a malfunction is resolved by rewiring the circuit. In case of complex damage to the module, the unit needs to be replaced.
At the beginning of the washing machine gives an error EC. Problem in the pressostat. Most likely, the hose is displaced, blocked or damaged mechanically. If there are problems with the water level sensor itself, the indicator 1E is more often displayed. Hose must be replaced or repaired.
Water does not flow into the washing machine, 4E is displayed shortly after launch. Wires are damaged between the electronic unit and the water inlet valve. Wiring needs to be reconnected or changed loop.
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