We buy a water heater with a heater for a summer residence

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Summer life, except for a lot of positive emotions, is inconvenient, due to the lack of hot water at any time. If drinking water is delivered in cylinders, and the water in the water pipe happens by the hour, it remains to buy a heater for giving a tanker with a heater. Once simply a washstand was equipped with a crane and a heating element, that's the whole device.

Varieties of liquid fuel tanks

It is clear that it is difficult to call a modern water tank with hot water for everyday needs. The device has:

  • aesthetic design;
  • water level indicator;
  • heating thermostat;
  • blocking from "dry inclusion".

Depending on the place of installation, the tank can be hinged, or completed with a washbasin and a cistern under the sink, a sort of Mojdodyr washbasin with a heater.

For household needs, hygiene procedures, a larger tank can be installed on a raised platform, then the water comes under pressure and allows the use of a shower.

With apparent simplicity, the device requires the organization of safe operation, the possibility of emptying and convenient filling. Since the heater is electric, it has a separate socket located in the immediate vicinity and having a splash-proof design. Filling the battery tank occurs when the power is off. The best material of the heater for filling with a heater is plastic, it does not conduct electric current, absorbs noise and keeps heat for a long time.

In order to save electricity, you can get a comfortable temperature from a tank installed in the open air on a clear, sunny day. To do this, the tank must be painted with black paint and do not have a heat-insulating layer. Above, the water is covered with a transparent film or glass. In inclement weather, water is heated by electricity.

Metal devices are more expensive, but they are more resistant to temperature changes and winter storage in a room with a deep minus. A stainless steel heater will last for many years, if it does not become a vandal prey in an unprotected area. An additional advantage of a stainless steel tank heater is the absence of rust in the water even after a week's absence of the owners at the dacha. The same property of neutrality with respect to water and dissolved oxygen has polymers for making dishes.

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To solve everyday needs of summer residents of the day off, it will be necessary:

  • washbasin with faucet and sink;
  • Shower, equipped with a tank with natural or forced heating.

Water heater device

The design of a liquid electric water heater for prefabrication is thought out to the smallest detail:

  1. The water from the bucket does not pour into the tank, it passes through a separate pocket of the soot and fills the tank according to the principle of communicating vessels.
  2. The tank has an inner and outer contour, with an air gap between them. Instead of air foam foam can be used.
  3. The level of heating of the water in the tank to a comfortable one is regulated by the built-in thermostat.
  4. The drain level is located above the heating elements, leaving them always under water.
  5. An indicator is provided that shows that the heater is connected to the mains and in working condition.

The described design of the water heater device for a summer cottage belongs to the device from the company Alvin, but this is the most rational design, which should be oriented.

Such a heater for domestic use is used for washing dishes and as a washstand. It is not difficult to make an electric heater for a dacha with a shower. The tank should be larger and installed, creating a drain under pressure.


A flat liquid water heater with a shower can be installed on the ceiling under the roof, the water is poured into it by an ordinary summer hose. The device practically does not occupy space, it can be equipped with a hidden, hidden from the eyes, corner. The square capacity is equipped with protection devices, a 2 kW electric heater is used. In principle, you can use a less powerful heater, it is unlikely in the summer time in the shower you need water with a temperature of 60 ° C.

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The company Alvin offers his solution to the dacha problem. Inexpensive and aesthetical water heater Alvin with a shower volume of 20 liters is made as a thermos, the water in it does not cool for a long time. It will not be difficult to remove the shower liner, and the container will be suitable as a washstand. In the EVBO-20/2 model, a TET of power, kW, is used, there is a built-in battery and a pump to create pressure in the hose when taking a shower. The cost of the device, thousands of rubles.

Heater by own hands

The heater for giving a tanker with an electric heater can be made by hand, or you can buy it for all heat engineering calculations, equipped with sensors and relays. Such devices are inexpensive, they have a good heating element and a well thought out design. As an option, a container under the water with a lid and a crane will look something like this. Of the many instruments, this is the power to make a craftsman.

The water heater for dacha and for a rural house is made of galvanized sheet metal. The washbasin "Arctic" is designed for 15 liters of water and is not complicated in execution.

It is safe to use the shower when the heater is switched off. Water is a good conductor of energy, damaging the heater can lead to electric shock.

First it is necessary to choose a suitable inner tank of heat-resistant plastic or metal with a convenient wide mouth. In this case, the plastic must be food, and the metal is resistant to oxidation.

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It will take a tap with a fence tube and sealing connections to it. It is not difficult to buy a heater with a built-in thermostat to set a comfortable temperature.

The most difficult to create a tie-in tap and heater will perform strong connections. In a metal tank, you can use welding, for a plastic container you need to cut a hole for a 16 mm crane, and To put on it a drive on which from two parties through consolidating linings and washers to fasten from within a nut, outside crane. Similarly, a seal is created under the heating element, only a hole is required per inch with a quarter or 40 mm.

For the heater, it is first necessary to install a coupling, and in it with the installation of seals to put the heater. Before installing the heater, make the connection from the wires and the plug so that you can power the structure. After installation of the crane and thermal equipment, it is necessary to check the integrity of the installation at full capacity.

The installation of a plastic vessel can be made using a metal frame. Having made suspensions, they should be covered with insulating material, so that the water remains hot for a long time. It can be applied in several layers of mounting foam.

For an aesthetic appearance and durability, the entire structure should be worn with a metal body made of simple, polished or galvanized sheet metal. A simple sheet from above should be painted, so that corrosion in 2 years did not eat beauty. By the same principle, it is possible to make a water heater with your own hands for a shower.

Water heater for a shower in the country - video

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