Choosing a circular saw for wood work in the workshop

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For each type of material or cut you need certain tools. The circular saw on a tree can be stationary and mobile, have various power and additional opportunities. There are many parameters that should be guided for the right choice.

Mobile or stationary saw?

The simplest parameter to evaluate, there are only 2 options:

  1. The fixed installation is a table, with an integrated saw blade on the tree, which protrudes about a third. Ideal option for business on cutting equal identical bars. Typically, such a machine requires a special electrical network( three-phase), so it is impossible to put it at home.
  2. An electric motor with a rotating mechanism, on which saw blades of different diameters can be mounted, is used for the operation of a hand tool. This tool is ideal for manual work. It allows you to perform a wide range of actions, but the performance of such work is low.

Below is a look at how to choose and buy a circular saw for wood. Stationary models are too different, so they must be disassembled separately.

Power saws

All tools can be divided into several categories of power:

  1. Power ranges from 500-1200 watts. They are used for cutting boards with a thickness of up to 45 cm. At the same time, the disc diameter cannot exceed 160 mm. Pretty cheap saws, which is enough for most homework.
  2. Power ranges from 1,200 to 1,800 watts. They are used to cut bars with a thickness of up to 60 cm. The diameter of the disc in such a tool can be increased to 200 mm. This saw can be called a semi-professional device.
  3. The largest instruments have power from 1800 to 2500 W.They are used for sawing logs with a diameter of up to 75 cm. Such a unit can also be used for cutting steel. Disks up to 350 mm in diameter can be inserted into it. Quite a big and heavy professional tool.

On the power depends on what the maximum diameter can be at the disk.

Performance indicators

Before you choose and buy a circular saw for wood, special attention should be paid to the operational characteristics of the tool:

  1. The distance that a saw can enter the tree is directly dependent on the diameter of the disc. The depth of entry is the most important parameter.
  2. The speed of rotation is the second most important indicator. It affects the quality of work and productivity. The higher the rotation speed, the fewer defects and microdamages remain on the tree.
  3. The angle cut is the angle at which the machine can work. In some cases, this possibility is irreplaceable. The usual allowable tilt for most tools is 45o, but there are saws that can cut at an angle of 60o.
  4. Autonomy. In some cases, you need to purchase a unit that can run on battery power. The power of such products is usually low, but the tool is able to cut wood for 20-50 minutes.
  5. Smooth start. Optional option when choosing, but very useful. Smooth start and stop of rotation save the tool, prolong service life.
  6. Block random start. This feature is necessary for greater security.
  7. The weight of the saw is an important parameter, as the tool has to be held on its own while working. The mass is directly related to the power of the saw, the higher it is, the heavier the unit. But you can still find powerful tools with low weight.

A circular saw for wood can only work with wood, for metal you need to purchase other equipment.

However, if necessary, the same tool can be used to cut plywood, laminate, chipboard, fiberboard, plastic, slate, plastic glass. Other materials can be processed that are comparable to wood in hardness and density.

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Professional or amateur saws

A professional tool is primarily characterized by high power and large disc diameter, which is permissible to put into a saw. This affects how thick a tree can be cut with an aggregate. But professional equipment differs not only in this, there are also a number of advantages:

  1. Cutting angle adjustment has a more precise setting in degrees, as well as a much more reliable tilt fixation.
  2. Many professional units have constructive solutions that dampen vibration, making work more convenient and accurate.
  3. The tool has fasteners for fixing on a special machine, thanks to which you can make more even cuts.
  4. Many professional tools, despite the high power and large volume of the motor, have low weight. This is achieved by light but durable alloys at the base of the design.
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Choosing a disk for the saw

The quality of the cut is very much dependent on which blade is inserted into the circular saw on wood:

  1. Carbide. Conventional plates, which are used in most cases. They serve for a long time, easily enter the tree and withstand the load.
  2. If you need to make a cut with a minimum thickness, then you need to purchase discs that have teeth with variable height and cutting tipped blades.
  3. For radial or pendulum sawing of wood, you need to buy the corresponding specialized wheels.
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Please note that the disks must be sharpened on professional equipment. High-strength carbide blades are sharpened with diamond tools. You can handle only standard discs with a file.

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