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If the music centers are divided into midi, micro and mini audio systems with differently. At the forefront are put other options described in the article. Recall division music centers on the mini, midi and micro conditional, not always comes to power speakers, although the micro - obvious boundary. Taken into account the possibilities and workmanship. Not even the fact that the devices are distinguishable by price. What speaker to buy, if the confusion can be traced to the music center - face it.

Appointment speaker speaker

Not everyone understands why the speaker system. The point is simple - on any life event producers Stereo and Home Theater in principle can not please. The reason the dimensions of space, in the form, in the tastes of viewers. Advanced acoustic system is much more expensive than the best home theater stereo system together. Price imposes restrictions on the marketing policy.

acoustic set for home

acoustic set for home

It turns out, the manufacturer wants to sell a home theater is more expensive, but if equipped with the best sound system, wanting the commodity does not reach. Therefore, equipment manufacturers trust the person to make their own home entertainment center. Choice being based on the trade-off between capacity and demand. And often the best manufacturers are not the same in three segments:

  1. Home theater.
  2. Stereos.
  3. Acoustic systems.

The latter group has more related to professional music, this is not a standard household appliances. For equipment make stars of the brand: Apertura, Bowers & Wilkins, Heco. With difficulty, probably you will find home theater or music centers of these manufacturers. Meanwhile, among the speakers publishers presented widely, although it is difficult to find a product worth more than a million.

Among the speakers were hiding curiosities that go beyond the bounds of the average consumer opportunities. On the shelves of hard to find unusual as Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond dial, two million more expensive for a single column of a strange kind.

Dear Speaker: what to pay

We started to study Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond to study the item card. It seemed logical. Mention that Diamond - forgotten kvadrofonii system: speakers are a diamond in front, behind and on each side of the listener. Location is in stark contrast with the usual today in the home.


  • The kit includes two columns. At exorbitant cost is an important indicator.
  • As professional acoustic class HiFi system, Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond performed according to the scheme reflex.

phase inverters

In the literature written mass fuzzy phrases, it seems that the authors do not understand the meaning of written material. Vented speakers have been known since the 30s of the 20th century, but to enter into the life of ordinary people began with the advent of Elvis.

Acoustic system

Acoustic system

The bottom line: in columns with a subwoofer at a certain height sound (of course, bass) appears resonance. It turns out, the column goes shaking, the remaining speakers to work simply can not. It is clear that the negative phenomenon, it is required to get rid of. The site already written about cooker hoods with active noise suppression, it uses a similar approach.

The extracts standing microphone that receives sound of the engine, which is then inverted and emitted a small speaker. As a result, the noise level was reduced by 15 dB. Serious index extractor 56 dB buzzes like a tractor, but at 41 dB barely audible.

Inside the speaker housing is laid set of moves, dimensions are chosen so that at the resonance frequency fluctuation dynamics extinguished. Due to the volume of options is reduced, and a sharp increase in vibration happens. We get a vented column HiFi class. It is difficult to calculate the parameters and geometry of Sanchez silent company manufacturers, keeping the secret. The literature written that when using the method in the system there are two secondary resonance of a lower amplitude.

Home Acoustic

Home Acoustic

How to deal with them, each manufacturer decides independently. Such a three-band speaker system would be pleased with an extensive description. The conclusion from the above: the dynamics of the speaker of each of the three bands will not distort the overall sound.

advanced Features

  • Monopolar type column indicates that the dynamics of the sound directed in one direction. In the case of an open body wave goes simultaneously on two opposite azimuth. Wherein the phase is inverted at times up to the dipole.
  • Speaker type passive means that inside there is no amplification. There is just a playback device. Reportedly recommended power 5-1000 W amplifier. 1000 W - a lot. House said active speaker system looks too big, and the neighbors will be resent. Pyativattnaya speaker system for laptop will not be the best solution, not every portable device will give the desired output.
    Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond

    Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond

  • play range from the speaker Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond simply gorgeous. From 32 Hz to 28 kHz. There already exists an ultrasound, the lowest frequencies are heard more as a quick knock. Built-in crossover means that external filters for acoustic systems of this kind are not required.
  • emitter type is dynamic. recommend not to get hung up option, this is what is equipped with any portable speaker system with a few exceptions.
  • Three emitter translated into Russian speakers called on ustroystvaprihoditsya at least half the cost of the speaker. Regarding frequency crossover boundaries given above. This 350 Hz and 4 kHz. From the foregoing it is understood that stacked basses on the dynamics of 250 mm diameter to a first limit (2x). The center frequencies of 350 Hz to 4 kHz are reproduced with MF emitter 150 mm. The balance of the upper speaker. It sounds stupid? Such information is given on the item card. How to choose the expensive outdoor speakers on such information systems, is unknown.
  • Finishes selected three: cherry, pink, walnut, black piano lacquer. These types of wood are sold on a par with the valuable black lacquer looks great.
  • Weight 102 kg says that a good sound quality expected. Heavy columns contain sound guides inside-quality wood forms a complex cavity, and the speakers have a solid support behind so as not to distort the sound in the slightest degree.

In the illustrated example, the acoustic system capabilities specified class art.

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