What kind of sewing machine to buy

Let's run through the parameters of sewing machines today. Varieties are many, easy to get confused. It is surprising, for example, the generation of Bernina, who can sew and cut fabric. But in addition to purely specific functions, there is a mass of common ones, including differences. According to European standards, needle thickness is marked from 65 to 130, according to American norms - from 8 to 21. We will help you find the right one on the market and decide which sewing machine to buy.

Sewing machine

Characteristics of the sewing machine

Type of control of the sewing machine

At first it is proposed to determine the type of control:

  1. Mechanical sewing machines are driven by human physical force. Using a handle or pedal, the shaft rotates, controlling the hook and needle holder.
  2. The electromechanical type of control already applies to models with an engine. It needs a socket. By means of handles the sewing machine is set a certain mode.
  3. Electronic control is implemented using buttons. Usually, a touch panel is meant in the technique, in terms of Yandex-Market electronic sewing machines with the addition of mechanical buttons are also included.
  4. Computer control implies that the device has its own operating system. This allows you to perform the most complex work. For example, create copyright patterns, clearly indicate which threads are available to use.

Mechanical sewing machines carry a drive mechanism, a handle or a pedal that does not consume electrical energy.

Of the other types of control of the maximum functionality, the models with program control are endowed, revealing the semblance of intelligence. In other cases, simply select the type of line, selected parameters of interest. As for the electronic and electromechanical types of control, the superiority of the apparatus cannot be talked about, the method of giving commands to the sewing machine. But the first allows you to lay clear instructions. Now the reader is able to decide whether to buy a sewing machine for Janome with electronic control or Brother with electromechanical.

As for sewing machines with program control, some models are connected to a personal computer. The action does not apply to the type of control. With the computer transmit and receive information about artistic compositions. Probably, the favorite sewing machines receive commands remotely, at home it is rather overkill. Computer control is not connected with a personal computer. The sewing machine has its own display, an operating system has been installed, the simplest manipulators are available for entering information. Projects are transferred on a flash drive, a USB port is claimed on a PC.

What type of control to choose? We offer a brief look at the sewing machine( AstraLux 5100).The company's website indicates a forty-year presence in the world market and since 2004 in the CIS and the EU, according to the website linkedin.com, the company has “from 11 to 50” employees and was founded in 2004.The instructions for a sewing machine can be freely downloaded on the Internet by entering a captcha.

Sewing machine AstraLux 5100

The state of affairs:

  • The product card on the Yandex market is truthfully stated that the number of lines is 66. Everything is carefully drawn in the Russian-language manual.
  • A strange-shaped plug, one terminal thicker than the other, the form is not Russian. Before purchase, check for compliance with RF standards. As a minus, we note that it is not indicated what voltage the device is designed for.
  • Management, according to our concepts, mechanical. No touch panels, especially operating systems.
  • Double Shuttle, horizontal. Minus instructions for the lack of important details. We add that the double-obedience shuttle is good for home use, but for heavy use it is better to take a vertical one.
  • We praise intelligible tables on the choice of needles for a certain type of fabric. Written in Russian, novice hostess will understand. We recommend before buying a sewing machine for the home, carefully examine whether the unit will be able to perform the necessary operations. Note that needle numbers are given in both American and European formats regarding thickness. The table is given by type.
  • Recommendations were given for all types of lines - when to use, what is convenient, how to do it correctly. And there are illustrations.
  • The machine is able to sweep over the loop and sew lightning, spelled out with illustrations.

Stitching Fabric

A commendable choice for the novice hostess. It's great that the instructions are posted online. About computer control of the speech does not go. This sewing machine does not know how to independently make patterns with the desired color. Recommend the device to those who do not need delights. If you definitely want to sew letters, drawings, edit projects, we recommend you to look at Janome or buy a Brother sewing machine. Both companies introduced to the market sewing machines with true computer control. Unfortunately, the Yandex-market does not always correctly indicate the parameters in the product cards, look for phrases in the description like “computer connection”, “port for flash media” and so on, then check the information on the instructions. We will not hide, each manufacturer has an individual graphic editor, choose.

Embroidery elements in

typewriters. Old manual models allowed adjustment of stitch length and frequency. Today's sewing machines allow:

  1. Line with curly stitches: triple, elastic, hidden seams. Just do not list, scroll through the instructions. It is reasonable to choose the required. Individual manufacturers disassemble the use of elements in detail.
  2. Buttonhole. Modes are different. From the automatic embroidery of the element to the manual passage of each side. Consider how often you need to do this kind of work.

    Drawing a pattern with an

  3. sewing machine. Program-controlled sewing machines can apply a pattern of pictures that are in memory. Moreover, a talented seamstress will be able to concoct a drawing with the help of a special program( for example, on a computer).The ornament includes a number of colors, the knitwear will be a little inferior to the store.
  4. Individual sewing machines can sew buttons, determine the size of accessories. It's comfortable.
  5. Sewing machines can cut fabric. Technology developed by the company Bernina. Sewing machines specified manufacturer is very expensive.
  6. Double needle allows flat and decorative stitches.

It is difficult to list features in a single review; you need to read about innovation on corporate sites and try it on yourself.

Spare parts for sewing machines

If necessary, it is possible to buy a motor for a sewing machine and deliver, although it is not an easy task. Prices for engines are sometimes high. The option of assembling one sewing machine out of two looks attractive, which can be done by repair services. If necessary, inquire about the availability of nearby warranty centers, ask for spare parts. I do not want to go far away to buy a belt for a sewing machine.

Expensive shuttles. In terms of tuning and reliability, models with a vertical double-pusher shuttle are praised. However, such sewing machines are already suitable for handicraftsman for tailoring products, home users will be deterred by the price. Good Bernina appliances are commensurate in value with small metalworking machines.

From what has been said, it is clear that the availability of spare parts plays a big role.


Sewing Machine Today on the market it is difficult to get a simple mechanical sewing machine. Twist the handle has become unfashionable. Each model will present a lot of options for stitches, program-controlled models are not uncommon, and the tricked ones have their own operating system and, using the image editor, will easily allow you to perform creative ideas.


Sewing Machines Among the products of the Swiss company Bernin, a rare one costs less than 15,000 rubles.

No wonder the name of Bernina, which appeared on the market in 1932, consonant with the name of the highest point of the eastern Alps. In terms of sewing machines, the corporation, founded by Gegauf, is trying to take top in technology. Not a single conveyor of the corporation is constantly equipped with the latest equipment, employees undergo training. Discipline is a key concept in achieving brand success.

The details are meticulously projected according to numerous patents of the descendants of Geguf and the designers of the enterprise, manually adjusted. Workers sit and grind, trim, bring to mind. Special stands have been developed for scrolling individual knots, movie cameras remove hundreds of thousands of stitches for analysis, each product is tested in the enterprise. That is why Bernina received the right to proudly declare high quality and demanded a price for sewing machines. The management of the company firmly states that the highest value is considered by qualified personnel. And professionals need decent salaries.

Modern machine Bernina

The idea to create a sewing machine for the edges of the edges was born in the Geghauf family at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries. The brand is over a hundred years old. In the 1900s, the company is already working on the release of instruments a team of 80 people. The brand is rapidly gaining a place in the sun, thanks to the hard work of inventive genius. A bunch of patents taken on manufactured sewing machines. For example, the model 830 2009 includes 15 innovative patented technologies.

These are the first presser legs, as on the Stalinist units. Most of the Bernina models on the market are represented by the name Bernette. This is an abbreviation of the name of the Alps mountain and the name of the head of the company, the grand daughter of Gegauf. Let's say a few words that expensive sewing machines can do.

Sewing machine with embroidery function

Possibilities of expensive

sewing machines All ladies like to do needlework, but not everyone knows how. Modern-style sewing machines simplify the process so much that a child can handle the task. In the fully automatic mode, the technique sews colored threads along the canvas to the specified pattern with the desired stitches. In 2001, Bernin’s sewing machines went under the wing of the Windows operating system. In 2006, Touchscreen was added to the innovations. Managing your hands is always more convenient. On the training video, the woman deftly wields the cursor, including using the Drag & Drop method, when she exposes the desired pattern colors.

If we take into consideration the Bernin sewing machines, in the devices a lot of attention is paid to libraries of symbols and elementary compositions. Meet the models:

  1. Moscow( Moscow).
  2. Milan.
  3. London.
  4. Sevilla.

In English there was a clip about the Color Circle option. In it, letter A, richly decorated with knit, was edited.

The Circle Color option allows you to edit the colors of the threads in the composition. Each drawing consists of a series of elements; in real-time, the seamstress looks at what happens when you move the palette in the chosen direction. The name The color wheel comes from the idea: the gamma is displayed on a kind of roulette, which by rotating the cursor, we achieve a smooth change. Varies brightness. As a result, the tailor gets the color numbers, the corresponding threads need to be laid in the womb of the Bernin sewing machine.

In addition to the letters, the simplest elements are stored in the device’s memory. For example:

  • flowers;
  • trees;
  • birdies.

Everything described beautifully drawn, it is possible to edit the elements, saving in new projects. Laid the possibility of creating your own ornaments. Developed a program for a personal computer to simplify the process. A distinctive feature of the new series of Bernina is the ability to digitize real fabrics and patterns.

For this, a piece of matter is scanned, then a special program translates the image into a vector format understood by the sewing machine. Of course, the colors of the threads are taken into account. This ensures the simplest copying of alien patterns. It is hardly possible to find the Bernina E16 on the Yandex market, please note that models with several needles are already on sale. This speeds up the sewing machine operations.

Sewing machine with the possibility of 3D embroidery

In 2013, Bernina supplies customers with software for 3D embroidery. The online training videos are in English. From what we have seen we report that 3D means decorative figured embroidery, as on jeans of the time of 90. Each manufacturer tried to vary the inscriptions with the words, Bernina now knows how to do the same. On a training video, a volunteer drew a star of five diamonds with a common vertex. Between the elements turned out neat grooves.3D means that the figure turned out to be convex.

Is it worth taking an expensive

sewing machine? Even a beginner can work with expensive devices. Sewing machines operate in an automatic mode, computerized. Enough having the skills to handle OS Windows and the ability to thread. Most expensive sewing machines are equipped with a double-fitted vertical shuttle that is hardy and does not require adjustment. Such a tarp will take, jeans, silk - before what Gulls pass. It is impossible to find today on the market purely mechanical sewing machines. Produced devices are connected to the outlet, consume the energy of electric current.

If you have the inclination to turn the handle or press the pedal, it is wiser to buy an old Zinger sewing machine. The devices have been working for centuries. German quality after all. Electric sewing machines do not use old swinging shuttles - the level of vibrations is greatly increased, leading to a decrease in the resource of machinery. In addition, the double-fit shuttle works faster, this is important. It is difficult to buy spare parts for Singer sewing machines, they are expensive. It is easier to get a used instrument, where the necessary part is intact, rather than buy a new shuttle for a sewing machine. Note. Even harder to buy a pedal for a sewing machine, the team unit is too large, rarely breaks, it is impossible to get. Parts better to use the original. Even the use of a third-party needle threatens to break down. The reason: accessories for industrial sewing machines have a flask without a cut.

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