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What is a hand cultivator? This device for the cultivation of the earth with the help of mechanical devices and strength of hands. How diverse is the work of caring for beds and flower beds, as well as many hand tools created by their own hands and in an industrial way. It is considered to be cultivators for manual application of soil rippers, with a grip of no more than 20 cm, on a long or short handle.

Why we need cultivators

Even the most technically saturated area will not be well-groomed, if it does not pass the hand of a man with a narrow tool that will loosen the ground next to plants and flowers, break the soil crust and uncover, tear the roots weeds. This tool is called a manual cultivator and its purpose:

  • loosen the soil, removing it from the crust and saturating the air with oxygen;
  • cut the furrows under the planting of plants, and then sprinkle the new plant;
  • to save cultural plants from the neighborhood of weeds;
  • Perform a smoothing of the surface with the breaking of lumps - to break through.

This is not all the functions of cultivators. A tool with a comfortable grip, sometimes with handles and a wheel, serves to treat the land on an equal basis with cultivators on electric or gasoline traction.

Varieties of cultivators working organs

Always in work a manual cultivator for a summer residence, such as in the photo.

Among the many shapes and sizes of tools, they are classified into several types according to the form and functions of the working organ. Thus, forks with curved horns, winding the roots of the ubiquitous wheatgrass, were invented relatively recently, and they called the Tornado for the effect of combating malignant perennials.

Of the new tools, you can note the plane cuts of the engineer Fokine, with a three-sided sharpening of a narrow strip of tool steel. They have a rectangular handle, an adjustable angle for operation, and can extract any weed from the narrow crack. Loop shaped such rippers - polochniki cut roots at depth and do not overturn the top layer of soil, keeping on the surface mulch. Toothed hand cultivators, on the contrary, are needed for loosening the top layer.

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Rotary cultivators are used for loosening, weeding. They are effective, require little effort to propel the astrologer. Miniature arrowheads on curved rods are excellent rippers, they are often installed on self-made tools with wheels on manual traction.

So, according to the form of the working organ, cultivators divide;

  • flat cutters and loops;
  • jagged, with a flat, sharp and swept end, from one to seven links;
  • Rotational, with a set of rotating asterisks;
  • Straight vertical rods - rake tools.

Some models combine two functions, for example a rotary hand-held cultivator with a loop stitch.

The well-known manufacturer of the preparation EM-1 Baikal for soil improvement, has created a tool for soil cultivation. Plate flat cutters of different widths, assembled into a set. Their difference - the band is sharpened on both sides and the work efficiency doubles. The handles to these plane planes are selected separately. The goal is to prune the roots of the weeds that will destroy effective microorganisms.

Any summer resident dreams that he always has the right tool at his fingertips. Therefore, they buy, and create their own designs based on known forms, but changing the size, height of the handle, the width of the grip.

How to make a manual cultivator with your own hands

Everyone can attach a nozzle to the handle. We propose to build a manual cultivator with our own hands from an unsuitable bicycle and improvised means. The wheel is best taken from a teenage tourist bike with a wide rim. Only the front wheel with a fork is used. The working part on the frame can be made in any way - teeth in 2 rows, asterisks or a flat loop. The main thing is that in the homemade hand cultivator the frame should be solid with bolting of the stiffeners, joints with handles made of simple or glued wood. Instead of wood, you can use lightweight tubes made of non-ferrous metal. A convenient and light ripper is indispensable for processing wide row spacing, trunk circles of trees.

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Another no less effective hand tool will be a manual rotary cultivator. The main nodes in the drawing:

  • sprocket working elements or disks - 1;
  • axes for fastening of working asterisks - 2;
  • bushings for collection of the node - 3;
  • connecting brackets, large and small - 5, 4;
  • frame stem, passing into the pipe and connected with the transverse handle 8.

The discs are spherical, they are created by formation. But with the same success it is possible to take advantage of manual "hedgehogs and with their help to collect a working organ. A detailed drawing of a hand cultivator with your own hands will help you.

Among the designs of self-made flocks there are full-fledged motoblocks, created on the basis of chainsaws and other motor vehicles. The value of these self-made devices for the owner is that he used improvised tools and created the tool for his needs. On the other hand, the cost of factory models does not always allow you to buy a cultivator from a well-known reliable manufacturer. How else can you assemble a hand-cultivator with your own hands, watch the video:

We get acquainted with cultivators of factory manufacturing

If a farmer does not have the opportunity to create an inexpensive efficient assistant himself, it was done by Ukrainian engineers. Without an engine, with one wheel and handles, a simple design makes it easier to work on the site. One of the 6 work units is attached to the socket. Therefore, the device is called a universal manual cultivator. The earth-shaker is 6 in 1.

The device weighs, kg, the handling is good, with the cultivator the female hands can easily cope. The details shown in the photo represent the working tools:

  1. Hiller, which is the main working tool. Cutting the furrows, raking the potatoes is done with the help of a hiller. But it comes complete with a disc ripper, which performs the same function as a hiller.
  2. A cutter with installed "razor" knives, which cuts the roots of weeds, is adjusted along the width of the rows with the plants.
  3. The cultivator is used for loosening, cutting grass. This tool adjusts the axial slope and the depth of lowering to the ground.
  4. There is a plow, it serves to cut furrows when sowing seeds in the ground.
  5. Loosen the ground when forming a crust with asterisks that are included.
  6. In the set there is a furrower, with a marker in it. The knot is used in sowing.
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The factory design does not stand work on heavy wet areas. Therefore, in the responses of the masters there is advice, to strengthen the wheel mounting frame and to strengthen the handles with two rigid crosspieces. Handles need to be slightly extended and made more comfortable.

It is worth paying attention to the design of the Vinnitsa masters. It was called without any frills - Hand cultivator "Universal earth shaker 5 in 1". The product costs 450 UAH, in translation to Russian money 3000 rubles.

On the supporting frame, the following tools can alternately be mounted:

  • hiller;
  • intercourse;
  • a plow with a marker;
  • razor;
  • cultivator.

As a result, there is a frame with a size of 64x30x30 cm with an attached device. A brighter instrument will become an indispensable assistant in planting and hilling, weeding and loosening the garden.

We are used to getting a harvest by hard work. Principles of intelligent agriculture offer another. Do not dig the soil without the need, this breaks its structure. Do not loosen the top layer deeper than 5 cm for the same reason. Do not weed the beds till the last weed. Mulch the soil more often and more and plant useful microorganisms in it. Labor will become easier, and harvest more.

The cutter will clean the top layer of vegetation, cut the roots and shoot the furrows with an arrow. To raise the ground, to nourish with air, there is a ripper and cultivator. They will destroy the crust after watering or rain. The supplied markers help to adjust the width of the attachment of the nozzles. A plow and a furrow holder are irreplaceable spring tools.

The hand cultivator includes parts made of high-quality steel. A sturdy keel-shaped opener determines the depth of tillage. Handles are easy to handle and durable. The set of tools is optimal, and the dimensions are such that the cultivator will pass into any compartment.

Manual cultivator model - video

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