How to keep the plums for the winter fresh?


Plum is a delicious, fragrant fruit. Harvest is harvested in late summer. They are laid for storage and make homework for the winter. With a fragrant, juicy fruit, it is worth treating carefully, to keep it for a long time. Incorrect storage leads to the fact that the tender fruit begins to deteriorate.

To avoid this, it is necessary to follow certain rules that will help to preserve the harvest for a long time. How to keep plums for the winter fresh? Will the plum sing after the tearing off? Questions worry about many gardeners. Let's look at this in more detail.


Table of contents

  • How correctly to collect a plum?
  • Is it possible to harvest green fruits?
  • Are fruits ripening after ripping off and how to help ripen?
  • How to keep the fruits at home for the winter?
  • How to store fresh plums?

How correctly to collect a plum?

Before harvesting the fruit for the winter, it must be properly harvested from the tree. It is worth following the following rules:

  1. Harvesting should be carried out only in dry weather.
    Moisture leads to the fact that the fetus quickly begins to rot. Therefore, dry fruits are stored longer.
  2. Watch for maturation. The collection takes place in several stages, as the maturation is gradual. Tear off the ripe plum from the branches, do not wait until it falls.
  3. If the harvest is planned to be stored for a long time, then it is recommended to cut it with scissors and immediately put it into storage containers. Preserve the wax coating, it protects from the adverse effects of the environment.
  4. During the harvest, carefully remove the fruit.Begin collecting from the lower extreme branches, then go gradually to the upper branches, moving to the trunk. The tree has a fragile wood, so do not bend the branches. If you plan to transport or store a crop, remember the cowardly tree can not be cut, otherwise the fruits will all be beaten. This method is suitable only if the fruits are immediately consumed as food.
  5. Maturation is not simultaneous, so the collection is carried out in several stages. Ripe fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, for jam, jam.
  6. For storage, take away without mechanical damage.
Freshly collected plums

Is it possible to harvest green fruits?

Let's see if the ripened green plum ripens? The collection takes place in several stages, but it happens that it is necessary to harvest the whole crop. Then you have to harvest the whole harvest. The unripe plum dies at home, but only at room temperature.

Never store unripe, ripped fruit in the refrigerator, the ripening process stops. The fruits lose their taste over time.

Are fruits ripening after ripping off and how to help ripen?

The collected unripe plums can be duly. Examine the harvest. Select healthy without spots, dents. You can bring to a mature state in several ways:

  1. Hold fruit for several days outside the refrigerator until they are ripe. But you can put the crop in a paper bag that will speed up the process. During the ripening, the fruit secrete ethylene gas. Therefore, placing berries in a paper bag, you will surround them with this gas, which will lead to rapid maturation.
  2. Do not store unripe plums in the refrigerator.Ripening will stop, and the fruit will become tasteless.
  3. If there is no rush in the ripening, then fold the fruits in a bowl on the table. They will need an extra day to ripen.
  4. Ripen fruit faster at room temperature. Do not put them in the refrigerator until they are fully ripe.
  5. Fruits can not be placed on the windowsill for fast maturation. The sun's rays will overheat the berry, and it will start to rot.
  6. Mature fruits smell sweet and fresh, they are soft to the touch.They may appear dusty shade, which indicates the ripeness. As soon as you notice this, they can be removed for long-term storage.
  7. Do not give the fruit a glimpse, otherwise it will start to secrete the juice, the skin will become soft, the flesh turns black.

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How to keep the fruits at home for the winter?

The freshness of only the collected fruits can be kept for several days if the ambient temperature is not above 25 degrees. This temperature is ideal for unripe fruits, they will ripen faster.

If the plums were stored at room temperature and did not begin to deteriorate, then I can extend their term in the refrigerator.

Preparation of plums for winter storage

How to store fresh plums?

  • It is forbidden to store in plastic bags, this leads to the appearance of rot.
  • It is better to store a large fruit in a carton box for eggs in the refrigerator. This method of storage will help to preserve the fetus for three weeks.
  • For storage in the refrigerator should be a temperature of at least 5 degrees.At a low temperature the flesh darkens, the taste and aroma is lost.
  • Despite the fact that you want to save the fruit, it is better to eat it as early as possible. This is due to the fact that over time, taste, appearance, aroma and pulp becomes less saturated.
  • You can freeze the fruit, but only beforehand it is necessary to extract the stone.
  • You can store on the balcony in a dark place in wooden boxes. The number of layers in the box should be minimal.

You can save the crop in such ways:

  1. In the fridge you can store plums for two weeks.
  2. In the cellar, a fruit with a bone can survive more than a month, but if during storage the fruits will be regularly inspected.
  3. Dried plums are stored for several months. The process of preparing the fruit includes several stages. Washing, blanching, drying in the oven.
  4. Storage in the refrigerator can also be increased up to three weeks. For this purpose, unripe and solid varieties of plums are suitable. Place the fruits in a refrigerator, hold for 15 hours at 0 degrees, then increase the temperature to 5 degrees. Due to this difference, the fruit will not lose its taste qualities and can last longer.
  5. Plums can be frozen. It is worth noting that it only needs to be frozen once, the fruit can not be repeated again. Choose for frost ripe, fragrant, without damage fruits, immature fruit will not be tasty when you unfreeze it. Before freezing fruits, they must be washed and dried. Remove the stone, spread the plum on a tray, freeze. Then add the frozen fruit to the container.
  6. Prepare the plum and in a sweet form.Therefore, prepare a plum jam, which is suitable for baking. You can store it for more than six months. For cooking, you need a ripe plum, sugar, pectin and lemon juice. Plum clean, a little boil, rub through a sieve, add sugar, pectin and a little lemon juice. Boil for half an hour. Arrange the finished jam in clean jars.

    Fresh plums collected in autumn

The longer you store the plum, the worse its taste qualities become, the richness of taste and the aroma of garden culture decrease.
  1. Correctly dried plums are not only delicious, but also useful. Prepare the prunes. It is better to use such varieties as: "Karlishev's Renoclod "Anna Shpet "Blue-fries "D'Ente". Drying is carried out in several ways.For drying use electric driers, but also in a usual oven it is also possible to get a product with good taste.Begin:
  • Select the largest fruits, remove the stems and bones, wash well.
  • Plum should be blanched a couple of minutes in a solution of baking soda. On the skin should be formed small cracks, which will help evaporate moisture.
  • Heat the oven to 50 degrees;
  • We will dry on a baking tray, which must be laid with paper. Spread dried plums on the surface.
  • Dry for at least five hours. Then let them cool down at room temperature.
  • Turn the fruit over and back in the oven with a temperature of 70 degrees, sustain another five hours.
  • Store the dried fruit in a ventilated room in boxes or wooden boxes.
  1. Many do not like frozen and dried fruits, so there is an alternative.Prepare marinated plums for the winter. Store the product for six months. You will need the following ingredients: plums, water 500 ml, 300 grams of sugar, cinnamon half a teaspoon, a teaspoon salt, allspice and black pepper. Wash the floss, pack it in jars. Prepare the marinade from all the ingredients after it has boiled add 100 ml of vinegar. Fill the marinade with fruits, put the jars sterilized for 15 minutes.

Plums are a fleshy, fragrant and tasty summer fruit, and also a fountain of vitamins and microelements. Proper harvesting affects the integrity of the plum. Save the fruit at home simply, choose for yourself an easy way to save the fruit.

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