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Electric drill is a multifunctional tool with electric drive, which produces work as a result of the twisting and reciprocating motion. However, universality is not always a convenient property for the tool. Therefore, each series of the line of drills is designed for a certain type of work, but all of them are associated with the use of rotational movement of the working body.

Classification and varieties of drills

The whole tool, depending on the version, can have different power, operate in a certain speed range. The device of the cartridge, the diameter of the drill, the additional function of blows to one point - the features of the instruments of this class.

Based on the technical characteristics, the electric drills are distinguished according to the functions performed:

  • shock;
  • screwdriver, wrench, screwdriver;
  • angular;
  • mixer;
  • universal;
  • ordinary.

The impact drill combines two actions. She uses a drill to form a hole. At the same time, when working with a solid material, stone or brick, axial movement is simultaneously reported to the drill. Drilling with simultaneous longitudinal destruction accelerates the work. However, it is impossible to use such a tool on fibrous wood - a split of the canvas will result.

Angle drill is used in cramped conditions where it is not possible to use a linear tool. Rotation is transmitted from the engine through a reducer and a chuck in which a drill is attached. If the gearbox with the cartridge is located with the letter G, the torque is transmitted at an angle and then the drill body itself is parallel to the wall on which the hole is drilled.

Work with a screwdriver in safety goggles. Legs should stand on a stable platform, it is dangerous to make drilling from the ladder.

Low-power devices with a smaller number of revolutions are used, like drills, screwdrivers. A drill with a special attachment instead of a screwdriver is used to twist nuts and screws. This is a tool for furniture collectors, used in small domestic work. If you need to drill a hole in the tree, the screwdriver will cope.

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The drill mixer has special nozzles for mixing paints and mortars in the construction of garages, arbors and other buildings on the site. Replacing the attachment for mixing with a drill, the drill is used for woodworking. A low-power tool is not designed to work with solid materials, it does not have a shock function.

All electric drills are divided into network and battery tools. In the conditions of using the tool in an apartment, the best option would be a network model of an electric drill. Batteries are used to work on the road, at height, in new buildings. Modern batteries have a large capacity, the package comes in 2 items. While one is recharging, the other provides work.

How to determine the class of the tool

First, let's see what is offered in the budget category. Russian models are cheaper, because they do not pay customs fees. To the same group of products are little-known European models and manufactured in China. On Russian models, cartridges for drills can not stand competition with eminent manufacturers. And Skill and Sparky products are of high quality, the acquisition will be successful.

Professionals buy expensive electric drills, under the brand DeWalt and HILTI. Dear products of the company "Metabo" are comparable with them in quality. The rest of the stamps belong to the middle class of tools.


Screwdriver device

The electric motor transfers the rotation of the shaft through the reducer to the chuck where the working tool is fixed. All other details and functions serve to ensure the operation of this bundle.

The presented drill electric screwdriver is a modern example of the technique of the well-known manufacturer. The tool can work from the network and battery. For expensive models in the box in the box there is a charger. The battery is charged in 60 minutes, there is an accelerator, which will lead the screwdriver into the working state during the smoke break - 15 minutes.

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The right tool choice

All electric drills are produced by leading companies in amateur and professional execution. The ruler of household tools is designed for application from case to case. Therefore, manufacturers use more plastic parts, reduce the number of useful functions, use a different type of battery.

Household tools are easier and cheaper. For home use, it is cheaper to buy a network appliance. Rechargeable batteries do not like prolonged inactivity and come into disrepair from the lack of recharging at a critical time. It is recommended to work with household tools no more than 4 hours a day with interruptions for cooling the shell and bearings. When choosing a device, you need to know if a drill with a high speed is more suitable for drilling a tree. Stone and brick are drilled at reduced speeds. Screwing screws require the lowest speed, but there must be a reverse. This will quickly remove the fasteners by changing the rotation of the screwdriver.

Before you choose an electric drill screwdriver you need:

  • determine the scope of the tool;
  • preliminary determine the cross-section of the holes in order to pick up the cartridge;
  • check cable length and quality;
  • Read reviews of the selected instrument and ask the country the manufacturer;
  • carefully check the equipment when buying a drill.

A powerful tool, such as an impact drill, is produced only in professional performance.

If you need to deal with the destruction of old concrete structures, you will have to choose a drill punch as the most suitable tool. The direct impact function prevails over the rotation.

The difference between a professional tool

Drills for professional work have significant differences. Nozzles that make an amateur instrument multifunctional, professionals have no honor. Targeted use tool with two speeds. But comfortable grip reduces fatigue. Despite the use of durable and wear-resistant parts, the weight of the tool is reduced. The tool is adapted to work in conditions of high dust or humidity.

Caring for the tool will extend the service life. Never break the wire, make sure that the insulation is secure. After finishing the work, clean the available places with a brush, remove the drill for storage in a dry place. If the unit was brought in winter from a cold room, it should take at least 2 hours to work.

Famous manufacturers have received a patent for the color of the body of their brand products with a division into professional products and amateur ones:

  • company Sparky produces a purple tool;
  • firm Metabo - the body is dark green;
  • the company Kress took for the amateur sector tools - black, for the professional - gray color;
  • Concern Bosh for lovers of instrument colors in green, for professionals - in blue.
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The companies Sparky, Bosh, Metabo, Rhythm and Interskol have become established and are known in this sector of production.

What is better to buy, network or battery

It would seem that for an amateur always the best choice is a network drill screwdriver. But the trouble with the Russian lines is in unstable tension. For this reason, not only drills break. The output will be the use of a voltage regulator.

On the other hand, the networker is uncomfortable, tied to the outlet. Even if you put an extension cord, in damp weather on the street work will become dangerous. In addition, at the place of connection with the body, the wire breaks, the contact is broken.

Rechargeable models are more expensive. The battery should be monitored and recharged in time. The best are lithium-ion batteries, they are more powerful, they hold the charge longer. For household use, nickel-cadmium elements with charging above 1, V. are available at a price.

Here is a general concept to help, how to choose an electric drill screwdriver. More details on the operation of the device, its technical characteristics are written in the operating instructions.

Choosing an electric drill - video

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