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Probably many often see, passing by a country plot, apple treeswith many small apples of red color. But in appearance these trees do not look much like apple trees, because their branches are directed not to the sides, like many apple trees, but upwards. In addition, the leaves are elongated, carved, and the fruit in one outlet can reach up to 6 pieces. But this is an old variety of apples - Belfler Chinese. We will understand its properties, peculiarities of growing more.


Table of contents

  • Description of a variety of apples
    • Origin
    • general description
    • Characteristics of fruits
    • Ripening period and yield
    • Pollination
    • Frost resistance
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • Where to buy seedlings of a variety?
  • Regions of natural growth
  • Rules for planting seedlings
  • Care instructions
    • Trimming
    • Top dressing and watering
  • Diseases and pests
  • Reviews

Description of a variety of apples


Apple Tree Belfry Chinese

A variety of apples was produced by I. AT. Michurin in 1908.This variety is considered a hybrid of the Belfler yellow and Chinese large-fruited

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. Already from the beginning of 1947 a variety of apples of the Bellefler Chinese began to spread throughout all regions of the USSR. At the exhibition in 1934 I. AT. Michurin they were recognized as the largest and most beautiful.

general description

Apple-tree Belfller apple trees have the following characteristics:

  1. Trees are very tall;
  2. The crown is wide, rounded, with a strong density;
  3. Trees havepowerful skeletal brancheswith densely overgrown fruit trees;
  4. Leaves are dark green in colorwith a thick structure;
  5. On the surface of leaves there are strongjagged streaks;
  6. The edges of the leaves are raised, the tip is lowered;
  7. Place ovaries fruit- young twigs and last year's growth.
It is worth noting, at the time of flowering large flowers appear, their size in diameter is 3 cm, on long pedicels, which are collected in the form of inflorescences.

Characteristics of fruits

The apple-tree fruits of the Chinese bengal are of large size

Apples of the Belfler Chinese variety have the following qualities:

  • Fruits are large in sizeThe average weight of one ripe apple is 190 grams;
  • Fruit is round in shapeth, has a slightly elongated appearance;
  • The ripened fruit acquiresbasic yellow color;
  • Covering shade of the fetus pink, it is located on the surface of the peel in the form of strips or spots;
  • The flesh is white, sometimes a slight yellow tint may be observed;
  • FROMpulp texturefine-grained, fairly dense.

The storage period for torn apples is no more than 2 months, in the subsequent period they begin to deteriorate.

Note, apples can be ripped off when their peel is still yellow. However, during this period they should not be consumed, it is better to leave them lying down, so that they are fully ripe. For full maturation, they should be left lying in a slightly moist place for 14 days.

Ripening period and yield

The period of fruit bearing of trees comes eight years after planting. However, this variety does not have such a large number of fruits, compared to other autumn varieties of apples.On average, in the eighth year after planting, one tree can collect an average of 50-70 kilograms of apples. Approximately 15 years with a tree yield can reach up to 200 kilograms. The average age of fruiting in the breed of Belfler chinese is 18 years.


Chilblain Apple Tree requires external pollination

An apple tree of the Belfler Chinese variety belongs to varieties requiring external pollination. Therefore, pollinators should be planted nearby.As pollinators for this variety it is recommended to use apple trees of Antonovka variety, Cinnamon striped. Autumn striped.

Frost resistance

An apple tree of the Belfler Chinese variety refers to varieties thatweakly tolerate severe frost in winter. For this reason, it is not grown in many regions of Russia, only in areas where the climate is not severely harsh.

Council of gardeners, so that the apple tree of the cultivar Belfler Chinese can better tolerate severe frosts, it is necessary to attach the tree branch with a clothespin to a more frost-resistant tree.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Apple trees have a number of advantages:

  1. Large apples, having a beautiful appearance. The weight of one apple can sometimes go up to 500-600 grams;
  2. Assembledthe harvest can be stored for a long time. If stored at a reduced temperature in a dry place, it can lie up to 3 months;
  3. Excellent taste, due to which the fruits of this variety are considered dessert;
  4. Stable annual harvestwhich has not declined for 15 years;
  5. Despite the fact that apples are large, they almost neverDo not crumble from branches;
  6. Can be used in cooking.
Apple Belflter Apple trees bring a stable harvest

However, there are negative qualities:

  • Trees tall, which creates difficulties for harvesting;
  • Badly suffer severe frostsin the winter;
  • Havelow resistance to pest damage, various diseases;
  • Later fruiting. The first harvest after planting the tree comes only in the ninth year of life;
  • Smallterm of fruiting- 15 years.

Where to buy seedlings of a variety?

You can buy seedlings of apple varieties of Belfler in any market for the sale of planting material or in specialized shops selling seeds and seedlings of fruit and berry plants. Also, seedlings can be ordered through the Internet in many online stores.


Regions of natural growth

This variety is suitable for cultivation in the following regions of Russia:

  1. North-Caucasian- Rostov Region, Republic of Dagestan, Stavropol Territory;
  2. Central and Central Black Earth Region- Kursk, Voronezh, Belgorod regions.

In addition, this variety is grown in Ukraine and Armenia.


Rules for planting seedlings

Planting apple trees of the Belfler Chinese variety is similar to the planting of other varieties of Chinese.

Young trees are suitable for planting at the age of two or three years. Saplings of this age are best suited and less sick.

Planting is carried out in autumn in late September in the first half of October.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant apple seedlings

How to plant:

  • First you need topit. The size of the height and width of the hole depends on the size of the seedling;
  • Leveldistance between holesshould be 6 meters;
  • RequiredThe bottom should be filled with 1/3 of the fertilizer mixture, this will ensure better survival and accelerate growth;
  • Plant young trees14 days after the preparation of the wells;
  • Nearby needput a stick or a peg, to which the seedling will be attached after planting;
  • After 14 days you need toput a planting stock in the hole, preliminary having spread out all roots;
  • Required at the endthe tree is flooded with water. One seedling will require up to 3-4 buckets of water.

Care instructions


In the springtime in early March, when the temperature level does not drop minus 10 degrees, you can start cutting tree branches. Forming pruning of branches is carried out from the second year after planting of planting material.

Apple tree pruning scheme

Trimming rules:

  1. During primary circumcisionformative type, branches that compete with the base are removed, without introducing a stump;
  2. Branches that extend from the main branches at an angle of 30 degrees, at the base have an influx in the form of a ring.Above this ring, branches are cut off;
  3. It is necessary to cut all the old branches, as well as branches that cause difficulties for the normal development of the tree.
Places of circumcision is recommended immediately to cover with garden or paint on the basis of drying oil.

Top dressing and watering

Features of watering and top dressing apple cultivars Belfller Chinese depending on the seasons:

  1. In the springyou need to make a fertilizing, which consists of urea and ash;
  2. Summerthere is abundant watering of trees, in arid times;
  3. In Junetrees need to be watered with a solution of copper sulfate and boric acid;
  4. In the autumnmake a fertilizer mixture. As a fertilizer, you should use superphosphate (30 grams per square meter) and wood ash (2 cups per 1 square meter).
. . In the summer, the apple should be watered abundantly.. In the spring and autumn, apples need fertilization and fertilizing.

Diseases and pests

It is better to make the treatment before the buds swell. If spraying is done after the appearance of the first kidneys, then they just burn.

The drugs that are processed at the first stage:

  • Solution of copper sulfate 1%. For an apple tree at the age of 10 years, 2 liters is sufficient, then the level of the drug rises to 5 liters;
  • Nitrophene. For treatments, a 3% solution is used, 300 ml of the drug is added per 10 liters. For a young plant, a liter is required, for an adult from 3 to 5 liters;
  • Urea. 500 grams of urea is added to 10 liters of water. One tree is enough, a liter of solution.
. . Urea.. Copper vitriol.. Nitrofen.

After that, thesecond processing. It is done after bud blossoming, but before the first flowers appear - the end of March - the beginning of April.

For processing, use the following tools:

  1. Copper sulfate solution. For 15 liters of water, 1 kg of the drug is added;
  2. Bordeaux liquid 3%. It is necessary separately in 3 liters of hot water to dilute 300 grams of lime and 300 grams of copper sulfate. After that, 5 liters of cold water should be added to both parts. At the end, the lime solution is injected into the vitriol solution;
  3. Colloidal sulfur. 80 grams of the drug is added to 10 liters.
For young animals, up to 2 liters of these preparations will be required, for adult trees - from 3 liters to 4 liters.

After the first 21 days have passed since the first flowers appear,branches and foliage must be treated with solutions:

After flowering, apple trees need treatment
  • Benzophosphate. For 70 liters of water, 70 grams of the product is added. The season is used no more than 2 times. On young animals it is necessary, liter, on adults from 11 years - 4-5 liters;
  • Carbophos. For 10 liters of water, you need to add 60 grams of the product. For a tree up to 10 years, no more than 4 liters is required, for apples older than 10 years - up to 7 liters.


Elena:"I am in the Tambov Region, apple cultivars of the Belfller Chinese variety have been under cultivation since the times of the USSR. So we have one tree in this garden. The apple tree is tall, branches are not spreaders, on the contrary they grow straight up. At the time of ripening, the fruits are simply amazing. Apples juicy, sweet, the flesh has a pinkish tinge.

Tatyana:"I have been cultivating apple trees for a long time. There are no apple varieties on my site, and Antonovka, and Sinap, and Peter the First, and of course Belfler Chinese. In the care quite unpretentious. In the spring we try to fertilize chicken droppings. With scab and other pests we fight by means that are used for other trees ┬╗Sadovino

Karina:"My relatives in the south of Russia in the garden grow a tree cultivar Belfler Chinese. They have been growing for about 7 years. During fruiting, small apples appear on the tree, when ripe they become red. In my opinion, those who want to eat apples, plant this honeycomb is not worth it, although an amateur "Sadovino

Apple-tree apple trees are rather capricious plants that require special attention.During cultivation it is necessary to provide full-scale care. Fertilizing, pruning, watering, protection from frost, these are all the conditions that must be met when growing this plant. But as a result, you can get a good and high-quality harvest.

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